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Best Exercise Equipment

With the onset of the pandemic, more and more people have shifted to a healthier and more active lifestyle. The problem, however, is that, during the quarantine period, many businesses, including fitness gyms, have been forced to close. The result is that many people were forced to do everything at home like yoga, and other forms of exercise that do not require any equipment.

Initially, this may seem fine. However, this may seem lacking, especially if you’re used to having exercise equipment. The good news is that there are so many exercise equipment that you can purchase for home use.

In this blog, we’ve listed the best exercise equipment that you can get for your home to build your gym. Whether you’re looking for cardio, weights, or something for endurance training, you’ll be sure to find it in Mobility Paradise!

Why You Should Get Your Own Exercise Equipment


In today’s busy world, even working at home tends to become exhausting. This is perhaps the reason why many people just choose to stay at home and rest. Plus, add it to the fact that we’re living in uncertain times where we’re encouraged to have minimal contact with others as much as possible. While our vaccination efforts are paving the way back to our normal lives, we can never be sure of every movement we make. This is true especially for those living with the elderly who are high-risks who need to be careful at all times. However, one thing is for sure, taking care of your health has never been more critical.


When you go to the gym, you’ll have to pay for your monthly dues or annual membership, and once you stop your membership, you lose access to everything. This is something that you don’t need to worry about when you get your exercise equipment. The best part is that you won’t even have to worry about paying your monthly dues at times when your schedule prevents you from going to the gym. So, it gives you the perfect combination of cost-efficiency and convenience.


If you’re a homebody or an introvert, one of the best ways that you can jumpstart your fitness journey is within the comfort of your home. Perhaps, going to the gym can be the most challenging task that you can think of, not because of the thought of being exhausted but because of having to face crowds. While this is something that most people take for granted, you’ll be surprised to find out that many people have anxiety in going to the gym. Still don’t believe us? Check out the post-op surgery patients who’ll need therapy; they choose not to go to the gym because they feel intimidated by the gym crowd. If you understand what we’re saying, then we know that having home gym equipment can be such a blessing for you.


If you want to make your lifestyle better, investing in healthier choices will be a good jumpstart. You don’t have to be grand upfront; you can start small with a few dumbbells and an exercise mat. From there, work your way up as you get to know the drills that you love doing. Perhaps if you love cardio, then buying an elliptical trainer would suit you best.


Many post-op surgery patients need physical therapy or rehab. They can do this through massages and by exercising. While enrolling in a gym may seem fine at first, you won’t be pleased to know that you’d have to line up just to get your turn for a piece of specific equipment. This may be such a hassle for many, which is why we’re confident that buying your exercise equipment can be of great help. Trust us; you’ll thank us later!

On a lighter note, you can think about it this way – when you’re in a gym, you can be easily annoyed when there’s a long queue for a piece of specific equipment. When you make that investment and get your exercise equipment, you can use it whenever you want without waiting for another person.

Best At-Home Exercise Equipment

Best Bike Desk

Lifespan Unity Bike Desk

Whoever said you can’t mix exercise and work? Nowadays, more and more people shifted to work from home setup. While many employees think it’s for the better, some find it challenging to draw the link between work, working out, and attending to personal stuff. The good news is – there’s a Lifespan Unity Bike Desk to help you out!

The Unity Bike Desk is a simple way for adults to add movement while working from home or other activities like streaming Netflix. With its built-in desktop and seat height adjustment, you can sit comfortably while getting your work done. Its minimal-resistance pedals allow you to move throughout the day so you can prevent having a sedentary lifestyle.

Best Exercise Bike

Lifespan R5i Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you need leg therapy, then this R5i stationary recumbent bike is an excellent choice. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and durability, perfect for post-op surgery patients who want to take it slowly without much pressure on their legs. This stationary bike has an oversized molded seat bottom, ventilated seat back, full armrests, and extra lumbar support. Another cool feature is that it comes with integrated heart rate sensors, which allow you to monitor your heart rate constantly throughout your workout without needing to move your hands or wear a chest strap. If you’re moving to eco-friendly choices, you’ll be happy to know that this self-generating exercise bike produces its power, so you won’t need any electricity to run it.

Best Budget Exercise Equipment

Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100 Commercial Body Stretching Machine

If you want to start small but get the most done, check out this Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100 Commercial Body Stretching Machine. This exercise equipment will make stretching a lot more fun as it revolutionizes stretching by allowing users to safely and effectively perform a comprehensive set of stretches all in one place.



Best Cross Trainer

Lifespan E5i Commercial Elliptical Trainer

If you’re looking for a superb cardio experience, then don’t miss out on this E5i Commercial Elliptical Trainer. This elliptical trainer comes with high-quality commercial-grade components, including sturdy double rollers set on twin rails and a commercial drive system. Also, this elliptical trainer runs entirely off of self-generated power, so you won’t have to worry about securing any electrical outlet for it to function. Talk about hardcore human power, right?

Best Endurance Exercise Equipment

Lifespan Indoor Rowing Machine RW1000

If you want to focus on getting more cardio, muscle gains, and heightened endurance, then this Lifespan Indoor Rowing Machine is the perfect buy! Beneath its smooth, gliding rower resides explosive fitness capabilities. This home gym equipment improves your cardiovascular health, helps you gain lean muscle, and aids in losing weight with its dynamic and impact-free rowing. It comes with an intuitive console, padded handgrips, a comfortable 14” injected-foam seat, and oversized swivel foot pedals to help you work out with no fuss.

Best Treadmill for Home-Use

Lifespan Folding Treadmill TR2000

How about starting with basics with this LifeSpan TR2000i Interactive Touch Screen folding treadmill. This fantastic treadmill boasts a roomy belt surface for comfortable walking, jogging, or running and has eight compression shock absorbers to protect your knees, back, and joints from impact. It comes with Quick Draw technology, which allows you to set and program your workout instantly. Just set your target speed and incline and start running in no time! This treadmill is perfect if you have limited storage space as you can just fold it once your workout is over, allowing for compact storage.

Best Exercise Equipment for Arms and Legs

Jacobs Ladder 2 Light Commercial Climbing Stair Machine JL 2

If you want to get more muscular limbs, then this Jacobs Ladder 2 is something you wouldn’t want to miss! This fitness equipment is designed to bring the power of a packed gym to your own home. This climber equipment comes with a 40˚ angle, offering a natural climbing motion that takes stress off the lower back, hips, and knees while working both your arms and legs. You also won’t lose track of your progress as it comes with a digital tracker for the elapsed time, how many feet were climbed, rate of speed, and calorie burn.

Best Strength Exercise Equipment

Ropeflex Oryx RX2500 Dual-Station Vertical Rope Pulling Machine 45-1005D

If you think climb stair machine is too easy for you, check out the Ropeflex Oryx RX2500 Dual-Station Vertical Rope Pulling Machine. This exercise equipment is perfect for those who are looking for more challenging strength and endurance routine. With this home fitness equipment, the benefits of climbing rope are no longer the exclusive province of elite athletes.

This safe and effective rope-pulling group exercise is available to athletes, students, fitness enthusiasts, and even for injury-rehabilitation purposes. You also won’t have to worry about the risks and inconvenience of hanging a rope from the ceiling. It comes with a seat for added stability and safety and is removable for wheelchair accessibility. It also features an intelligent, progressive resistance™, which adjusts to the needs of its users.

Still haven't found the right one?

Nothing met your criteria? Then how about checking other health and wellness items that you can bring to your home including lift chairssteam showersmassage tables, saunas, and massage chairs.

But if you want to boost your mobility while being more active, then you should consider getting an electric bike. You can also check out electric scooters,and mobility scooters for other powerful alternatives. 

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