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AmeriGlide 1015 Infinite Position Lift Chair

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Vive Health 110V Massage Lift Chair LVA2017

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AmeriGlide 325 Infinite Position Lift Chair

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Mangar Health Eagle Inflatable Patient Lift Chair

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Mangar Health Camel Inflatable Patient Lift Chair

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AmeriGlide 325M 3-Position Lift Chair

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Vive Health 110V Large Massage Lift Chair LVA2017LG

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AmeriGlide 442PW 3-Position Lift Chair

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AmeriGlide 442L 3 Position Lift Chair

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AmeriGlide PR340 Heat and Massage Lift Chair

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For any elderly who suffers from reduced mobility and balance issues, having a supportive patient care product is undoubtedly the perfect option to help them towards full recovery or for a better quality of life.

There are various mobility equipment to choose from, including electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, or electric scooters to address reduced mobility. On the other hand, medical equipment like lift chairs helps the patient transition safely from one position to another.

In this section, we'll walk you through the basics of a lift chair and the benefits that you can get from it. We've also listed the top lift chairs that you can get exclusively here in Mobility Paradise.

What is a Lift Chair?

Lift chairs are generally mistaken as a typical recliner seat. However, the primary purpose of a lift chair is to provide comfort and aid people who find it challenging to move from a sitting position to a standing position due to weakened muscles and joints. However, the main difference is that lift chairs can raise in the angle of a semi-standing position to allow the user to sit down a lot easier. Essentially, with a lift chair, you get the perfect combination of comfort and medical care, preventing your joints and muscles from feeling much pressure, especially when taking a seat from a standing position.

Like a recliner seat, you can easily adjust lift chairs in various positions, depending on your preference. You can adjust to a flat position and modify those in different angles to experience maximum comfort. It’s also padded all over, which gives you enhanced seating comfort.

How does a Lift Chair work?

To understand how a lift chair works, just imagine yourself standing and about to take a seat. Now, with a lift chair, instead of you making all the effort to sit down and bend your knees 90°, the chair will do the work by being raised to a level wherein you can just lean on it and let the chair be in a seated position just by clicking the controls.

Things to Consider When Buying a Lift Chair


Before buying your lift chair, take into consideration the functionality that it offers. For one, will you be drinking or eating while sitting on it? If yes, then perhaps choose a leather upholstery instead of a fabric for easy cleaning.


If you are spending most of your time sitting on the lift chair, then make sure to put this factor on top of the list. You should only get a lift chair that offers utmost comfort even with prolonged seating or even when sleeping, so you get the most out of your money.  


To ensure comfort, you also need to get the correct width that will accommodate your needs. For instance, if you have a pet who always stays beside you, you should get a lift chair with ample space for you and your furry friend. This is where you should also consider the available space in your home. If you live in a tiny home, you want a compact lift chair that can fit well into the room while avoiding obstruction in common areas.


Aside from seat width, you also need to choose the right size or capacity that you need. Each chair is designed to carry a certain amount of weight, so you need to ensure that your chosen lift chair can hold your weight.


Since a lift chair is like a recliner seat, it offers several positioning options. However, if a lift chair offers more positioning options, it doesn’t necessarily mean better. You’ll also take into consideration its usability. For instance, if you won’t be using a lift chair for an extended period, then better to have a two-positioning lift chair. However, if you’ll be using it for longer hours, getting a 3-position or infinite position list of chairs should be the right choice.  

Best Lift Chair for Your Home

Pride 3-Position Lift Chair LC-105

For those looking for the most affordable 3-position lift chair, check out this Pride 3-Position Lift Chair LC-105. This 3-position lift chair can easily carry users up to 325-lbs and comes with a back sewn soft pillow to ensure comfort. In terms of dimensions, it has a width of 32.75-inches with a measure of 18-inches from the floor to the top of the seat. Of course, you get a one-year warranty to ensure that you get the best value on your purchase.



Golden MaxiComfort Infinite Position Lift Chair PR515SME

If you’re looking for a lift chair that can offer you tons of great features, then this Golden MaxiComfort Infinite Position Lift Chair PR515SME should be your top choice. This lift chair has infinite recline positions, making sitting comfortable even when using it for extended hours. It comes with a padded biscuit back type for full back support and comfort. As for the carrying capacity, users weighing up to 375-lbs can use this lift chair without worrying about damaging it. This luxurious lift chair has an overall height of 44-inches, an overall width of 35.5-inches, and a floor top seat height of 20-inches. The best part is that you get a lifetime warranty for the chair frame.

Golden MaxiComfort With Twilight Lift Chair PR515MLA

One strong contender in the lift chairs segment is this Golden MaxiComfort With Twilight Lift Chair PR515MLA. This lift chair comes with a PowerPillow and power lumbar support, which provides enhanced comfort and positioning options. This luxurious power lift recliner boasts two incredible patents combining the extremely popular MaxiComfort Cloud™ positioning and Twilight Technology that provide superior comfort and quality. With this lift chair, you get to enjoy zero gravity and unlimited seating positions while enjoying your favorite TV show.

In terms of capacity, this lift chair can carry up to 375-lbs. It measures an overall height of 46.5-inches and 39.5-inches in width. Lastly, you get to enjoy a lift of 21.5-inches from floor to top of the seat.

Golden EZ Sleeper Powered Headrest / Lumbar Control Infinite Position Lift Chair PR761

If you’re looking for a sophisticated yet straightforward-looking lift chair, then check out this Golden EZ Sleeper Powered Headrest / Lumbar Control Infinite Position Lift Chair PR761. The EZ Sleeper features a modern and sleek design with maximum functionality with its infinite recline positions. Users will undoubtedly be happy purchasing this EZ Sleeper, as it comes with an advanced power positioning lift recliner. Golden's patented 5-motor system provides unique positions along with power lumbar support and power headrest.

With this lift chair, you can easily elevate your feet above the heart while experiencing a feeling of weightlessness. Its Twilight Technology positions help ease pressure points and encourage proper posture by supporting the spine’s natural shape. In terms of capacity, this lift chair can carry patients weighing up to 375-lbs.

Golden MaxiComfort Infinite Position Lift Chair (Extra-Wide) PR535M-26

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty lift chair that comes with an extra-wide seat and higher weight capacity, then don’t miss out on this Golden MaxiComfort Infinite Position Lift Chair (Extra-Wide) PR535M-26. This lift chair sports a classic seat design with the upholstered fabric, perfect for homes and other care facilities. As the name suggests, this lift chair has infinite reclining positions, allowing you to choose the best position that suits your comfort.

The Golden MaxiComfort Infinite Position Lift chair boasts two comfort zones. Zone 1 is focused on the lower body area, and Zone 2 focuses on the upper body, which gives you plenty of position options. In addition, you can adjust the backrest and footrest independently or together; of course, you can move the entire chair forward and upward to help you easily transition from sitting to standing position. This fantastic lift chair can carry heavyweight users up to 500-lbs and comes with an overall width of 37-inches.

Golden DayDreamer MaxiComfort Lift Chairs PR-632

For patients who require utmost comfort, this Golden DayDreamer MaxiComfort Lift Chairs PR-632 should be your top choice. With a 375-lbs weight carrying capacity, this lift chair offers its users utmost comfort and flexibility. It comes with a dual-motor system, which allows you to adjust both the seat and the backseat. It’s also the first to incorporate cutting-edge PowerPillow technology, allowing the headrest to be moved. In addition, you get a whole body chaise pad with ample room for leg extension, so you’ll get maximum comfort.

In addition to the main features, this lift chair also includes an adjustable lumbar standard. It also has a hand control that operates both positioning motors, the headrest and the lumbar. This new hand control design also has four programmable positioning buttons.

Finding the Best Lift Chair

Do you need more help in finding the best lift chair for you? Just leave us a message and we'll guide you on the best lift chairs that fit your needs and preferences. Our team is equipped with full knowledge and skills in providing the customers with an excellent customer experience, so just leave us a message and we'll get back to you instantly!

Didn't find what you're looking for?

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