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Maya Bath Anzio Platinum Freestanding Steam Showers 208

$7,990.00 $4,990.00
You Save: $3,000.00 (38% Off)
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Maya Bath Lucca Platinum Freestanding Steam Shower 204

$7,790.00 $4,799.00
You Save: $2,991.00 (38% Off)
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Maya Bath Arezzo Platinum Steam Shower 200

$7,490.00 $4,499.00
You Save: $2,991.00 (40% Off)
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Maya Bath Siena 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower 117

$7,799.00 $5,995.00
You Save: $1,804.00 (23% Off)
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Maya Bath Catania Platinum 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower 105

$8,990.00 $6,699.00
You Save: $2,291.00 (25% Off)
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Maya Bath Superior Platinum 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower 103

$9,599.00 $6,999.00
You Save: $2,600.00 (27% Off)
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Maya Bath The Superior Platinum Red 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower 104

$9,599.00 $6,999.00
You Save: $2,600.00 (27% Off)
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Maya Bath The Superior Platinum Black 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower 102

$9,599.00 $6,999.00
You Save: $2,600.00 (27% Off)
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Maya Bath The Superior Platinum White 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower 101

$9,599.00 $6,999.00
You Save: $2,600.00 (27% Off)
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Steam Showers

Steam Showers are the next big thing in bathroom essentials – and they’re more than just luxury! If you’ve always wanted to upgrade your bathing experience to something that gives you a shower spa ambiance, then this is a must-have!

Shower trends have always existed for the longest time – from rain showerheads to a shower that comes with ambient lighting - these constant trends are simply not going away anytime soon. This one, however, is not your ordinary shower trend. Introducing – steam showers!

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What are Steam Showers?

Steam showers have gained popularity in recent years as more and more people are bringing to their homes the experience they usually have with spas. Since convenience is now more critical than ever, people are investing in things that will help improve their lifestyle within the comfort of their home – one of which is a steam shower.

A steam shower looks like an ordinary shower – it is stand-alone without a tub. But what sets it apart from the other showers is that it can produce steam that creates a soothing, warm, and relaxing environment without running hot water continuously. Aside from giving you a spa ambiance, a steam shower offers lots of health benefits, from de-clogging your sinuses to relaxing your sore muscles and more.

In terms of built, steam showers come with glass enclosures that help trap the steam within the booth. There are spacious steam showers that even come with benches if you’re looking to maximize your steam bathing experience.

Benefits of Getting a Steam Shower for Your Home

Steam bathing offers tons of benefits, especially for your health. To give you a better overview of how it can boost your health and wellness, we’ve listed the top benefits of steam bathing.


What’s good about steam bathing is that it boosts your respiratory health, thereby promoting optimal breathing. This is perfect if you constantly suffer from nasal allergies and experience a clogged nose. Steam bathing may also aid in sore throats and provides temporary aid in all other respiratory symptoms.


If you want to take your skincare to another level, investing in a steam shower can be a good choice. Steam bathing opens up your pores, lubricates, and hydrates dry skin. Plus, you get hydrated and rejuvenated skin every after shower, leaving you with flawless skin!


Did we mention that steam bathing can be the best post-workout recovery that you can have? Steam bathing relaxes your tired muscles, which leaves you with a better and more invigorated feeling overall. Plus, the heat that you get from steam showers can penetrate as deep into your muscle tissues, which can help relieve the muscle soreness that you feel after working out.  This is also the reason why many gyms offer steam showers for their members.


Steam bathing can also boost one’s immunity. This is because steam or warm water is a good stimulus for generating leukocytes, which are your cells that fight various infections. Further, frequent steam showers can help improve your blood circulation, thereby giving you a healthier body.


Aside from the physical health benefits that a steam shower can offer, steam bathing can also help one’s mental health, especially when under stress. Steam bathing is known to decrease your cortisol level. Cortisol is the hormone that triggers or regulates your stress levels. So, when your cortisol level drops, you also feel more relaxed and in control. Plus, a few minutes in the steam shower can ease your mind and can help you focus.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Steam Shower

Yes, we know that steam showers can be intimidating at first since it sounds like a great luxury – and yes, they can be expensive. However, with all the benefits that it can offer, there’s no doubt that it will live up to your expectations. Now, if you’ve already decided on getting one, we’ll help you choose the perfect model that will suit your needs. Aside from its price, there are many other things that you should consider before buying your steam shower. These are:


If you want a steam shower, your bathroom has to have adequate space where it can fit. This consideration will significantly affect your decision on whether you’re buying a standard size or a more spacious one. This will also define if you can purchase a steam shower that can accommodate two persons inside.


Like any other shower, steam showers can be slippery, which makes their users prone to accidents. The good news is that there are steam showers that come with safety features so that the probability of any accidents happening remains at a minimum, if not zero. For instance, there are steam showers that have fog-free features, grippy handrails, adjustable showerheads, emergency alarms, and automatic safety buttons. It’s essential to look for these safety features before buying a steam shower, so you’ll feel safe and secure while enjoying your steam bath.


Steam showers in themselves are already high-tech. However, there are some other cool features that you might want to go with your steam shower. For instance, how about adding mood lighting or aromatherapy to your steam bathing experience? Or what about elevating your experience by listening to your favorite music while inside the shower? Or perhaps you’re too clean of a person who would love to have a steam shower that has an ozone sterilization system? These are just some of the cool features that many steam showers, so you can be sure that every dollar you spend will be worth it.

Best Steam Showers for Your Home

Maya Bath Lucca Platinum Freestanding Steam Shower


If you’ve always wanted a luxurious steam shower for your home, but you can’t spend a fortune, then check out this Maya Bath Lucca Platinum Freestanding Steam Shower. While it’s one of the most practical options, you’ll still feel luxurious with its design, so you can be sure that this will be the highlight of your bathroom. This steam shower comes with sleek white or black glass rear paneling and a clear glass front. This model combines all the health benefits associated with steam showers with high-tech features, including a built-in Smart TV, Bluetooth control panel, overhead spotlighting, rainfall shower, six recessed body jets, seating, shelving, and thermostatic water control. Imagine getting a 12” smart TV inside your shower; how cool is that?

Maya Bath Arezzo Platinum Steam Shower


If you think budget steam showers look boring, think again. This Maya Bath Arezzo Platinum Steam Shower combines modern European styling with a chic white or black backing, which can easily be the centerpiece of your bathroom. This 37” x 37” steam shower is compactly designed to fit into most bathrooms, including a removable bench seat, stainless steel fixtures, and finished with safety tempered glass. And when we say it’s not boring, we mean a steam shower that comes with a 12″ inch Smart TV, acupressure massage, hands-free telephone, computerized LCD control display, surround sound speakers, automatic safety shutoff, and more!

Maya Bath Siena 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower


If you’re still not pleased with the first two, then how about we upgrade you with one that comes with two shower heads and two headrests? This Maya Bath Siena 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower comes with double shower heads and headrests, making it the perfect choice for couples who want to enjoy steam bathing together. This unit offers tons of entertainment options as this Steam Shower is MP3 compatible and has FM Radio with audio frequency input, a high-quality speaker system, and of course, the TV and telephone. Aside from that, you get the signature features, including a built-in heater pump, 16 whirlpool massage jets, ten acupuncture massage jets, and emergency alarms.

Maya Bath The Superior Platinum Red 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower


If you want the ultimate spa experience within the comfort of your home, then you don’t want to miss out on the Maya Bath The Superior Platinum Red 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower. This steam shower offers the best combination of shower enclosure, steam shower, and hydro massage whirlpool bathtub all in one. Suffice to say, this superior combination of steam shower and jetted tub is probably the best steam bathing experience that you can ever have. This state-of-the-art steam shower comes with the best features available in the market, including a digital TV, touchscreen control panel, Bluetooth compatibility, 5KW steam generator & thermostatically controlled water temperature. This steam shower is undoubtedly the best and most luxurious steam shower that you can ever wish for.

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