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ComfyGo X-9 24V/20Ah 250W Folding Electric Wheelchair

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(800) 674-3815

Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

ComfyGo X-9 24V/20Ah 250W Folding Electric Wheelchair

ComfyGo X-9 24V/20Ah 250W Folding Electric Wheelchair

$1,799.00 $2,198.00

Choose Your Color | Battery | Inventory

ComfyGo X-9 24V/20Ah 250W Folding Electric Wheelchair

ComfyGo X-9 24V/20Ah 250W Folding Electric Wheelchair

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$2,198.00 $1,799.00
You Save: $399.00 19%

Choose Your Color | Battery | Inventory

ComfyGO X-9 24v/20Ah 250W Folding Electric Wheelchair with Two Motors, Auto-Recline and Auto-Leg Lift, 17-Mile Range

Go Anywhere with this Stylish Compact Powered Wheelchair!

Enjoy going to places and doing more with the ComfyGO X-9 Electric Wheelchair, sporting a compact folding frame and automatic reclining backrest and leg lifts. It has a powerful drivetrain designed for everyday use. This wheelchair has a folding aluminum frame that readily folds to bring it anywhere. You can transport it in your car and bring the wheelchair to your work or school. 

Be comfortable as you go around with the padded seat wrapped in dense foam and soft fabric. It has a durable frame fit for most average-weight users. The X-9 is designed for users that need more assistance and those with lower body and back problems. It is recommended for the elderly and individuals with physical impairment due to paralysis, spinal cord injuries, physical injuries, neurological conditions, stroke, or other conditions.

A Responsive Ride 

You want something comfortable to ride. The ComfyGO X-9 power wheelchair has two large motors and 360-degree joystick control. There is a motor in each rear wheel, so it will go where you point it. The wheelchair has smooth, precise movement and can easily cross most hard surfaces. 

The electric wheelchair is ideal for use inside and outside the home. The wheelchair only measures 36.5 inches wide and 25 inches long, so it fits most indoor spaces. It has a weight capacity of up to 286 lbs. and is among the best power wheelchair for sale today.

Usable and Rideable Indoors

The ComfyGO X-9 Wheelchair is a safe and comfortable mobility device. It is ideal for users dependent on wheelchairs or who tend to find scooters clumsy. The wheelchair has a small footprint, so it moves easier between obstacles and is suitable for compact spaces. In addition, the backrest can recline, and the leg rests can elevate at a touch of a button. 

The top speed of the wheelchair is 4 miles per hour or just under 6 kilometers per hour, so it is safe to use in indoor spaces. The X-9 wheelchair is approved for use inside cruise ships and airplanes. 

Way Better than Ordinary Manual Wheelchairs

A durable power wheelchair is a must if you do a lot of things inside and outside the house. You can accomplish more things and truly enjoy your day despite any disability. Users of electric wheelchairs report reduced pain and comfort and thus have a better quality of life.

When choosing a powerchair, you want something that has a great degree of usability. A well-designed wheelchair comes with a simple design and controls. Nice models have excellent stability plus a bunch of safety features. Only purchase them from reputable manufacturers. 

Enjoy Fabulous Comfort

We want you to be comfortable so you can accomplish your daily tasks. The ComfyGO X-9 comes with a spacious, fabric-covered seat and backrest. You can sit on it the entire day and feel no soreness at all. 

The wheelchair comes with large footplates and low ground clearance for easy access. It features a high-performance electric drivetrain for use indoors and outdoors. It measures just 36.5 inches long and only 25 inches wide, so the wheelchair can easily fit through doors and navigate cramped spaces. Purchase the ComfyGO X-9 250W Electric Wheelchair at Mobility Paradise!

  • The ComfyGO X-9 250-Watt Folding Electric Wheelchair is the best power wheelchair for indoor and outdoor mobility. You can go anywhere with its two motor-design attached to each rear wheel for excellent reliability and power. It comes with elevating leg rests and a reclining backrest that anyone will find easy to operate. This advanced wheelchair has a weight capacity of 286 lbs., making it much better than the competition. 
  • It features a folding frame that folds readily so you can transport it in your car, plane, or SUV. The backrest can fold forward, making it easy to store or bring into a car. The entire frame weighs just 110 lbs. so it can be lifted by two persons.
  • The ComfyGO X-9 Folding electric wheelchair comes with 24-volt 250-watt motors, each on the rear wheels, so that you can use it on various surfaces. The front casters are large enough so the wheelchair can easily travel over grass, gravel, carpeting, pavement, or concrete. You will find it usable indoors and outdoors.
  • Feel comfortable! The power wheelchair comes with a spacious 18-inch by 17-inch seat. The seat itself is covered in dense foam and breathable fabric. The backrest has a motor, so it can recline to a comfortable angle. In addition, the leg rests can also elevate, which is useful for those with leg issues.
  • The ComfyGO X-9 Wheelchair is a stylish ride featuring a painted metal frame that contrasts nicely with the fabric seat. The wheelchair comes with 12-inch inflatable drive tires and 8-inch solid casters. It comes with a 360-degree joystick, a battery-charge indicator, and a USB charging cable for your phone.
  • Enjoy freedom! The ComfyGO X-9 250-watt power wheelchair can comfortably travel up to 17 miles (28.8 kilometers) with the included 20 ah battery, so it has enough power to get you somewhere. Use it for mobility at your workplace or school, or leisure. It is a functional power wheelchair for anyone. 

Enjoy More Freedom with this Gorgeous Power Wheelchair!

Are you looking for a properly-designed power wheelchair you can bring on the go? Want something reliable and easy to use indoors and outdoors? Look no further with the ComfyGO X-9 250-Watt Folding Electric Wheelchair, featuring a compact, portable design that you can quickly bring anywhere. The power wheelchair is powered by two 250-watt electric motors powering the rear wheels, which have adequate power and torque for everyday use. The unit comes with a motorized backrest, and elevating leg rests. 

Fold and Bring It Anywhere!

The wheelchair folds in seconds like an ordinary wheelchair, so you can roll it and bring it in the car or SUV to use elsewhere. Now you can ride in a wheelchair at work or school. Because it has two motors, the ComfyGO X-9 wheelchair can easily cross hard, firm surfaces, including grass, carpeting, stone, or pavement. The wheelchair has a somewhat high ground clearance and can carry weight up to 286 lbs. Use it to stroll the supermarket, airports, public areas, office complexes, or do things around the home.

Excellent Dimensions

When assembled, the ComfyGO X-9 250W Compact Folding Electric Wheelchair measures 36.5” inch L x 25” inch W x 48.5” inch H. The seat dimensions are 17” inches L x 18” inches W. The scooter weighs 110 lbs with batteries. The unit comes with 12-inch rear drive wheels and 8-inch front casters. The scooter comes with a charger and a 12 Ah lithium battery. It is highly recommended to charge the power wheelchair on a daily basis. The wheelchair is delivered fully assembled upon delivery. Make sure to carefully inspect and test the wheelchair before using it for the first time.

Avoid Harm from Cheap Power Wheelchairs!

More often than not, surplus or cheaply made devices are not reliable and safe. They are not designed for sustained use or often have poorly-made electronics. You cannot depend on them. If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. Some cheap models lack even basic safety features. Lastly, most are not comfortable. 

You use a power wheelchair to achieve more mobility. Only choose models with years of presence in the market and certifications. You depend on your life on these devices, so choose only the best. 

Enjoy More Mobility with ComfyGO!

Studies show that most users of mobility vehicles experience a higher degree of mobility, plus improved self-confidence and quality of life. Power wheelchairs and mobility scooters help facilitate social interaction since they make users more independent and capable of doing desired activities. 

If you want a reliable wheelchair that provides utmost comfort, get one from ComfyGO. We are an industry leader in our field for well-designed, innovative mobility products. Our designs are made by our in-house engineers and are all rigorously tested. Our goal is to provide the best mobility devices in the market to improve the lives of our customers. In addition to our designs, we provide top-notch customer service. It is the best mobility scooter you can buy, so purchase the Comfygo X-9 250W Folding Electric Wheelchair here at Mobility Paradise now!



Seat Area Width 18" (455mm)
Seat Area Depth 17" (435mm)
Seat Height (From the Ground  20" (500mm)
Armrest Height (From the Seat 9" (235mm)
Backrest Height (From the Seat 32.5" (830mm)
Max Loading Weight 286 Lbs (130 kg)
Overall Product Dimensions 36.5" x 25" x 48.5"
Folded Product Dimensions 30" x 19" x 29"
Net Weight Without Battery 86 Lbs (39.5 kg)
Net Weight With Battery 92 Lbs (42 kg)
Battery Weight 6 Lbs (2.5 kg)
Battery Charge Time 4 to 6 Hours
Battery Type 12Ah Li-ion / 20Ah Li-ion
Airline / Cruise Approved Yes
Range 10 Miles (15 km) 17 Miles (25 km)
Speed (0.62 Mph to 3.7 Mph ( 1 to 6 Km/h) Max 4 Mph
Motor DC 24V / 250W X 2 pcs
Climbing Angle Max Degrees
Degree Of Protection IPX3
Turning Radius ≤ 47 inches (≤ 1.2m)
Folding Manual Folding
Reclining Automtic Reclining
Leg Rests Joystick Controlled Independent Automatic Leg Rest
Headrest Included
Cupholder Optional – Additional Cost
Phone Holder Optional – Additional Cost
Tire Pump Included
Wireless Remote Control Not Supported
Headlight / USB Charger Optional – Additional Cost
Adjustable Height Backrest No
Front Wheels 8 inch (200mm), solid
Rear Wheel 12 inch (300mm)
Weight 110 Lbs
Dimensions 38 × 21 × 31 in
Color Blue, Gray, Red
Range Battery Up to 10+ mile (12AH li-ion battery), Up to 17+ mile (20AH li-ion battery)

Order a ComfyGo X-9 24V/20Ah 250W Folding Electric Wheelchair today from Free shipping + free gifts on all of our ComfyGo Folding Electric Wheelchairs. Buy today and get a discount, free shipping, and a free gift!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael D.
Chair performance is excellent

The Chair came quickly and was just as advertised. Very happy with the product!

Tony K.
Great purchase!

This chair is great and lightweight. It gets me to spots I never thought possible. I've had it out on loose/fine graveled trails with no problem. Also, get ready for people to ask you where ya got it.

Patrica K.
Best Investment Ever!

Great purchase. Lasts very long on one charge. Quick and easy to maneuver!

Michael A.
Good wheelchair!

Bought this for my 83-year-old dad. easy to put together, seems to be very good quality. Dad is happy, which is the important thing.