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Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair

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Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair

Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair

$1,617.99 $1,945.99

Choose Your Model | Color

Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair

Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$1,945.99 $1,617.99
You Save: $328.00 17%

Choose Your Model | Color

Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair with Sun Canopy and Reclining Seat

Go and Have Freedom with this Outdoor Pushchair!

Stroll outdoors and have the freedom to go anywhere with the Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair, featuring a durable and foldable design that you can bring anywhere. This is a more advanced three-wheel pushchair with features to cater the needs of special needs children. It is specially designed to be pushed over various terrain, as well as pushed when brisk walking or jogging. The pushchair is also foldable and can be carried anywhere. The Axiom Improv is available in three sizes, and one of the best pushchairs for sale today. 

This pushchair is designed for comfort of the seater and the caregiver while still remaining usable on various surfaces. The Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair uses breathable fabric construction on a durable metal frame that remains comfortable even when you are on the run. The frame is made from lightweight steel and comes with height-adjustable handlebars so you can push the chair with just one hand. The Axiom Improv push chair stroller is highly recommended for parents and caregivers caring for special needs children. This is also ideal for parents or caregivers who want to bring their kids when they are strolling or on the run. The Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair is available in gorgeous blue and red colors.

Let your child enjoy the outdoors! The Axiom Improv has a roomy, padded fabric seat that guarantees comfort on the longest strolls. The seat has an H-harness for secure seating and comfort. The seat back can recline a bit for added comfort. The entire pushchair is constructed from extra-durable (1000 denier) phthalate-free polyester washable fabric that is hygienic and easy to clean, which is convenient in case of leakages. The Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair comes with a three-wheel design with air-filled tires that can cross over smooth pavement or on rocky ground with ease.

Having a well-designed stroller pushchair is a great idea when you want to stroll the outdoors with your special needs child. It is much, much better than prams or strollers. Purchase the Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair at Mobility Paradise!

  • Now jog in your neighborhood park or hit a hiking trail with your child with the Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair! This stroller pushchair is made of rugged and breathable fabric for comfort on a lightweight steel frame. The push chair can be folded into a long package that can easily fit in the car boot or pickup trucks.
  • The Axiom Improv comes with a roomy, padded seat lined with breathable, wicking fabric that is great for hours of excursions. The back of the seat can recline for added comfort, and comes with a five-point H-harness for added security. There are firm cushions on the seat that you can remove if needed. There is a recessed aluminum footplate with side ports and foot straps for added support on the legs. The push chair also has a rotating sun canopy with port windows too!
  • Go anywhere with this pushchair! The Axiom Improv is equipped with a set of 16-inch quick release mag wheels with air-filled tires, which has excellent performance on hard surfaces and on uneven ground. The three wheels are fixed for reliability and still remain compact. The wheels can be easily removed for a more compact storage.
  • This push chair comes with two brakes. There is a hand-operated brake (with a parking button) on the handlebars for quick stops, and a spring-loaded foot brake so the pushchair can remain stationary when needed. Use the hand brakes when you want to slow down when jogging. Use the foot brake in the same manner you use a parking brake on your car. 
  • The Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair comes with additional features, such as a wrist strap on the handlebar, a large storage basket under the seat, and a zippered pocket on the back of the seat. There is also a retractable sun shade that is great to use during sunny weather. 
  • The Axiom Improv comes with a sleek and streamlined design that looks gorgeous and different compared to traditional prams or strollers. Go explore the outdoors and bring your kid along when you exercise with the Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair!

Enjoy the Outdoors and Have Peace of Mind!

Do you want a safe and secure seat for your child? Want something that you can bring around and use anywhere? Look no further with the Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair, featuring a sleek design and lots of convenient features. This is designed for toddlers, children, or special needs children, and it features a breathable, padded seat that is comfortable for the seater. There is the aluminum footrest and a five-point harness to keep the child secure, so you can push the stroller at brisk walk or at jogging pace. You can use this pushchair on the pavement, curbs, sand, gravel, grass, or the beach, so consider this as an all-terrain buggy!


The Adaptive Star Axiom Improv features an improved design that makes it more convenient to use. The frame is made of durable steel with aluminum handlebars that adjust in height, so you can easily push or carry the chair around. The chair comes with three 16-inch magnesium rims and durable air-filled tires which are large enough so you can push the chair on smooth or uneven ground. You can use the Axiom Improv to bring your kid around the neighborhood, the park, the beachside, or hiking trail. You cannot do that using a pram or with a traditional stroller.


There is a hand-operated brake on the handlebar and a foot-operated parking brake so you can keep the push chair stationary. You can fold the Axiom Improv and put it in the car boot or the back of your pickup truck and carry it anywhere. The wheels can be easily removed as well. Now you can bring your child to your adventures.

Perfect Dimensions

The Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair has a weight capacity of 200 lbs. (90 kilos). The width of the seat measures 18 inches. The wheels (front and rear) measure 16 inches. All the models have a 17-inch leg length. This model is available in three sizes:

  • The size 1.5 measures 61” inches L x 24” inches W x 43” inches H, with a 12” x 15” seat.

  • The size 2 measures 63.5” inches L x 24” inches W x 46” inches H, with a 15” x 17” seat.

  • The size 3 measures 63.5” inches L x 27” inches W x 45” inches H, with a 18” x 17” seat.

When folded, the push chair measures 51” inches L x 17” inches W x 14” inches H. The folded pushchair with the wheels removed measures 46” inches L x 22” inches W x 13” inches H. Make sure to inspect the pushchair and test every function before first use. Please refer to our measurement chart before purchasing the chair.

Don’t Go for Surplus or Cheap Pushchairs

Many cheap pushchairs are neither reliable nor safe, so buying one is often hit or miss. They are not designed for sustained use because of bad design or use of substandard materials. Some lack even the most basic safety features. 

If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. You cannot depend on them. Lastly, most are not comfortable to use. Choose safety and real performance. Only choose brands that have years of presence in the market. 

Explore the Outdoors with Adaptive Star!

By having a proper push chair, you can have more exercise and explore the outdoors more than when you have an ordinary stroller. That means better health for you and your child. Of course, you want something that is properly designed and with durable construction.  

If you want a well-designed push chair that meets high quality standards, only choose Adaptive Star! We have been designing mobility solutions since 2009, and we pride ourselves for using out-of-the-box approaches to help people with special needs. All Adaptive Star products are designed and constructed in the United States. We always wanted to give families an opportunity to give their children more freedom. Buy the Adaptive Star Axiom Improv Push Chair here at Mobility Paradise now!


1.5 2 3 4
5 Point Harness Y Y Y N
Seatback Recline Y Y Y N
Washable Fabric Y Y Y N
Water Bottle Holder 2 2 2 N
Storage Pouch Y Y Y N
Sun Canopy Y Y Y N
Basket Y Y Y N
Folding Y Y Y N
Quick Release Wheels Y Y Y N
Footrest Adjustable Y Y Y N
Height Adjustable Handle Y Y Y N
Positioning Accessories Y Y Y N
Colors 2 2 2 N
Hand Brake Y Y Y N
Rear Foot Brake Y Y Y N
Safety Wrist Strap Y Y Y N
Warranty Y Y Y N


  1.5 2 3
Weight Limit 100 LBS 150 LBS 200 LBS
Seatback Height 28" 28" 31"
Seat Depth 12" 15" 15"
Seat Width 15" 15" 18"
Lower Leg Length 17" 17" 17"
Assembled Size 61X24X43 63.5X24X46 63.5X27X45
Folded W/Wheels 48X24X19 51.5X24X19 51.5X27X19
Folded W/Out Wheels 40X191/4X12 43.5X19.25X12.25 43.5X22X12.25

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  • Improv 2 / Navy - AI2N
  • Improv 2 / Red - AI2R
  • Improv 3 / Navy - AI3N
  • Improv 3 / Red - AI3R

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alicia S.
Great stroller

I bought this stroller for my special needs daughter who has poor endurance and had outgrown her BOB running stroller. I love the stroller and it fits her well. I highly recommend the swivel wheel attachment for the front wheel. It makes it easy to maneuver. The fixed wheel is harder to turn the stroller and I worried about it in crowds (Disney). The swivel attachment resolved that concern. Customer service was great. There was a tear in the Velcro strap to the undercarriage basket when it arrived. Customer service immediately sent me a replacement and followed up! Im very happy with the purchase and company.

Tammy R.
This chair is great!

This chair is great for a bigger child. It folds up easily. Thanks,