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Strongback 24HD Heavy Duty Wheelchair

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Strongback 24HD Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Strongback 24HD Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Are you looking for a wheelchair that combines exceptional support with unmatched durability?

Experience Unparalleled Comfort and Mobility

The STRONGBACK 24HD Heavy Duty Wheelchair by Strongback Mobility is designed to offer superior comfort and support while ensuring ease of mobility. Its ergonomic design improves posture, making it the first lightweight wheelchair capable of supporting up to 375 lbs.

Your Best Investment in Mobility

Investing in the STRONGBACK 24HD means choosing a wheelchair that ensures the comfort and safety of your loved ones. With an easy folding design and robust frame, this wheelchair is built for convenience and longevity. Its lightweight frame, at just 27.8 lbs excluding wheels, makes it easy to transport, while the impressive 375 lb weight capacity ensures it accommodates a wide range of users.

Trusted Innovation in Mobility Solutions

Strongback Mobility is renowned for its innovative and ergonomic designs. The STRONGBACK 24HD continues this legacy with its award-winning, patented backrest that provides unmatched postural support. The brand's commitment to quality and user comfort is evident in every aspect of this wheelchair, from its ergonomic features to its sturdy construction.

Enhance Independence and Well-being

By choosing the STRONGBACK 24HD, you’re empowering your loved ones with a reliable solution that enhances their independence and quality of life. Whether it’s daily errands or outdoor adventures, this wheelchair ensures they remain active and engaged. The wheelchair's ergonomic design, including a patented backrest and angled hand grips, ensures superior comfort and control, making every journey more enjoyable.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

The STRONGBACK 24HD Heavy Duty Wheelchair boasts a lightweight frame, making it easy to transport and maneuver. Despite its light weight, it has a high weight capacity of 375 lbs, ensuring it can accommodate a variety of users. Its ergonomic design includes a patented backrest and angled hand grips for superior comfort and control. Safety features such as integrated drum brakes, swing-away leg rests, and anti-tippers ensure maximum safety for the user. Additionally, the wheelchair's easy folding design and quick-release wheels make it convenient for storage and transport.


  • Detachable, reinforced swing away leg rest and foot plates
  • Large 7” castor to pass obstacles
  • Ergonomic hand rims
  • Optimum Centre of Gravity for HD users
  • Easy folding design
  • Seat depth 19” / 48 cm
  • Seat width 22” / 56 cm
  • Comfortable desktop length armrest
  • 31" / 80 cm wheelchair width for home use
  • 2 way locking and running drum brake for additional safety
  • Swing up and detachable tipping assist/anti tippers for user safety
  • Double crossbar for additional stability
  • QR 24” rear wheels with ergonomic rims
  • Net weight 27.8 lbs / 12.6 kg
  • Total weight 35.9 lbs / 16.3 kg
  • Robust frame for users up to 375 lbs / 170 kg
  • Aerospace grade aluminum
  • Integral clothing guards
  • Patented backrest for unmatched postural support
  • 12 degree seat angle for increased comfort
  • Ergonomic, angled hand grips for great attendant control


24HD Heavy Duty
Wheel size 24 in
Seat width 22 in
Seat width 56 cm
Seat depth 19 in
Seat depth 48 cm
Seat height 20 in
Seat height 50 cm
Seat angle 12°
Total width 31 in
Total width 80 cm
Total length 43 in
Total length 109 cm
Total height 35 in
Total height 88 cm
Backrest height 18 in
Backrest height 45 cm
Backrest angle curved from -10° to +24°
Net weight 27.8 lb
Net weight 12.6 kg
Minimum usable weight 31.8 lb
Minimum usable weight 14.4 kg
Total weight 35.9 lb
Total weight 16.3 kg
Maximum load 170 kg (375 lb)

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