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Strongback Mobility 24 Flip Portable Wheelchair 1019

$1,699.90 $849.95
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Strongback Mobility Excursion 12 Transport Wheelchair 1003

$1,379.90 $689.95
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Strongback Mobility 24 Portable Wheelchair 1006

$1,499.90 $749.95
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Motion Composites HELIO A7 Ultralight Folding Wheelchair HEWC03

$4,590.00 $2,295.00
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Motion Composites HELIO C2 Ultralight Folding Wheelchair C2WC05

$7,580.00 $3,790.00
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Motion Composites Veloce Ultralight Folding Wheelchair VEWC07

$9,595.00 $4,795.00
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Walk'n Chair All Terrain Folding Wheelchair

$1,971.00 $985.50
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Strongback Mobility 24+AB Portable Wheelchair 1006AB

$1,599.90 $799.95
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Strongback Mobility Excursion 12+Ab Transport Wheelchair 1001AB

$1,479.90 $739.95
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Strongback Mobility Excursion 8 Transport Wheelchair 1002

$1,259.90 $629.95
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Moving from one point to another can be challenging, especially for those who have a physical disability. Thanks to wheelchairs, these people now have a quick solution to their mobility needs.

However, the main downside to this is that it’s bulky and requires significant space when traveling and storage.  If that’s your primary concern, then getting a Folding Wheelchair is the perfect solution.

Why Folding Wheelchairs?

Folding Wheelchairs are flexible and compact. Its mechanism allows for easy collapse and easy mounting, so you can just set it back up in a minute. In terms of storage, you won’t have to trouble yourself in securing a space since folding wheelchairs can fit just right in the tightest spaces – whether it’s a small closet, under your desk, and even in your car’s trunk. So, in terms of transportability, storage, and convenience, Folding wheelchairs is undoubtedly a good choice.

Who Should Get a Folding Wheelchair

Folding Wheelchair is an excellent alternative to a bulky wheelchair if:

  • You’re living in a tiny home and a wheelchair takes significant space
  • You want to lessen dependence on other people by being able to transport yourself from indoor to outdoors
  • Those looking for a compact and lightweight utility
  • You want a simple and straightforward utility for mobility

What to Expect in a Folding Wheelchair


If you’re an on-the-go individual, then you’ll benefit significantly from a folding wheelchair. Whenever you’re constantly moving from one place to another, there are the tiniest things that one tends to overlook, which for some people matter a lot. For instance, many people overlook the importance of having adjustable armrests in wheelchairs, making it easier to move from the wheelchair to a car or airplane seat. Some people will need assistance from a bunch of people just to do this.

With a folding wheelchair, most of the components are adjustable and foldable, making for convenient and seamless transfers.


Wheelchairs are generally heavy. Many people think that heavier wheelchairs make a heavy-duty wheelchair. However, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. Folding Wheelchairs are incredibly lightweight, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not made of heavy-duty materials. Folding Wheelchairs are built with high-grade materials but are designed to make life easier for their users by being lightweight. When you experience using a folding wheelchair, you’ll undoubtedly realize that one can be heavy-duty by still being lightweight.


Since it’s foldable, you can already expect maximum flexibility with a folding wheelchair. Whether you’re bringing it with you for traveling or using it for your daily errands, there are tons of ways that you can benefit from a folding wheelchair. Plus, moving around with a folding wheelchair will provide you with independence, especially when traveling.


You still get the maximum support with a folding wheelchair as that of a regular wheelchair in terms of stability. Also, to set the record straight, not because you have a folding wheelchair means you have lower capacity and all because that’s not true. Folding wheelchairs perform better if not a hundred percent the same as that of a regular wheelchair.

Best Wheelchairs

Strongback Mobility Excursion 12 Transport Wheelchair 1003

To start simple, here is the Strongback Mobility Excursion as the first choice. This wheelchair comes with an 18-inch seat that boasts a carrying capacity of up to 300-lbs, just enough for any adult of average built. It sports a compact and lightweight built that only weighs 22lbs, making it a convenient choice if you’re constantly on the move.

For comfort, it comes with swing-away detachable footrests, ergonomic grip handles, and comfortable desktop-length armrests to provide you maximum comfort and convenience. If you want to examine it further, check out this Strongback Mobility Excursion Transport Wheelchair.

Strongback Mobility 24 Portable Wheelchair 1006

If basic is not your thing, let’s move upward with this Strongback Mobility 24 Portable Wheelchair. Like the Strongback Mobility Excursion 12, you get the same convenience when it comes to transportability – but you get more with its additional features.  This wheelchair folding comes with a patented Strongback ergonomics with easily adjustable posture support in the backrest. As for the size, you have the flexibility to choose one with a small seat (16-inches), a regular seat (18-inches), and a large seat (20-inches), which makes it the right choice if you’re looking for a wheelchair that’s not too tight nor too wide – but one that you’ll fit comfortably in. You can check out this Strongback Mobility 24 Portable Wheelchair for more.

Strongback Mobility Excursion 8 Transport Wheelchair 1002

If storage is your primary consideration and you’ll stay most of the time indoors, then this Strongback Mobility Excursion 8 Transport Wheelchair should be a good choice. This folding wheelchair is likewise equipped with the features of Strongback Mobility Excursion 12, with a patented Strongback ergonomics with easily adjustable posture support in the backrest, compact foldable design, ultra-lightweight built, and extra grippy handles. Its main difference is that it only comes with 8-inch wheels, making it the perfect choice for indoor use.

Walk'n Chair Folding Wheelchair

If we’re talking about flexibility, then the best choice would probably be this Walk'n Chair Folding Wheelchair. This folding wheelchair has a dual purpose – either use it as a wheelchair or as a rolling walker. As a folding wheelchair, it’s equipped with adjustable footrests and handles that allow you to customize the setup according to your comfort. If we’re talking about safety, you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with a brake lock system to ensure better stability and security. Plus, it’s also functional with its spacious basket where you can put your essentials.

This folding wheelchair is the perfect choice for both physical rehab and ambulatory care. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about passing through rugged terrain as it can pass through any kind of terrain, including dirt trails, grass, gravel, sand, and even snowy roads. Of course, you benefit from its flexibility and foldability, making it the top choice for on-the-go individuals who want to go out and explore constantly. So, if you’re looking for a foldable wheelchair that you can use as a walker as well, then this Walk'n Chair Folding Wheelchair is a must-have!

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