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Vive Health 110V Large Massage Lift Chair

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$679.99 $524.99
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(800) 674-3815

Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

Vive Health 110V Large Massage Lift Chair

Vive Health 110V Large Massage Lift Chair

$524.99 $679.99

Choose Your Color

Vive Health 110V Large Massage Lift Chair

Vive Health 110V Large Massage Lift Chair

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$679.99 $524.99
You Save: $155.00 23%

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Vive Health 110V Large Massage Lift Chair LVA2017LG


  • Stand With Ease

    Great for the elderly and those who have knee, hip and back issues, the power lift chair moves upward while slightly tilting forward to make is easier to exit the recliner

  • Comfortably Reclines

    A power recline feature allows the chair to reclined in any position to promote optimal rest and relaxation

  • Quiet And Smooth Operation

    Equipped with a powerful motor, the large lift chair smoothly and quietly lifts and reclines the chair

  • Five Massage Modes

    The power lift chair features five massages modes in three areas for targeted relief

  • Oversized Style

    Comfortably padded, the large lift chair features a wide 28” seating area and is upholstered with an easy-care, dark brown fabric

  • Easy To Set Up

    Includes a pre-assembled base and backrest for easy, tool-free setup



  • For assisting individuals in rising from a reclined or seated position


  • Do not purchase if you have a pacemaker, as magnetic interference could occur.


  • Standard 110V wall plug


  • Overall height: 38”
  • Length when not reclined: 35.5”
  • Length when fully reclined: 63”
  • Total width (Outside Armrest to Outside Armrest): 28"
  • Seat width: 20.5"
  • Seat depth: 21"
  • Seat height from floor: 17.75"
  • Weight: 100lbs


  • Upholstery: polyester-nylon blend


  • Dark brown

Care Instructions:

  • Before cleaning the power lift chair, first, unplug the lift chair and the massage unit
  • Clean the upholstery with a damp cloth and a mild detergent
  • Using a dry cloth, blot the material to remove excess moisture and allow to air dry completely before reconnecting to a power source
  • Do not use abrasive or volatile cleaners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the recline feature motorized too?

  • Yes! The large power lift chair remote allows you to recline the lift chair, stopping at any position for personalized comfort.

Are the lift chair controls only on the remote?

  • Yes, the large lift chair controls are on one remote-control and the massage controls are on a second remote control. A convenient side pocket holds both remotes for easy access in any position.

What is the weight limit for the power lift chair?

  • The Vive power lift chair safely supports up to 350 pounds.

Does the large lift chair lay flat when reclined?

  • The Vive large power lift chair is not completely flat when fully reclined but gently angled providing up to 63” of space to rest and relax.

How wide is the lift chair seat?

  • The lift chair seat measures 20.5” across and 21” deep. From the outside of the armrests, the total width of the lift chair is 28”.

How far from the wall does the chair need to sit?

  • For safe use, the Vive power lift chair should be positioned at least 20” away from any wall.

Does the lift recliner chair swivel?

  • No, due to the lifting mechanism the lift chair does not swivel or rock.

What are the five massage modes?

  • The Vive large power lift and massage chair features five massage modes. These modes include a normal vibration massage, an auto-massage that provides random pulsing massage to all areas, a wave mode, press mode that provides a rapid tapping motion and a pulse mode that provides a deep tapping motion.

Can I adjust the intensity of the massage chair?

  • Yes! The Vive lift and massage chair offers two levels of intensity which can be set on the massage remote control.

How long does each massage session last?

  • Each massage mode provides a 15-minute massage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kristi G.
Affordable comfort, ships quickly in one box

Being pregnant, this chair is a seriously great investment. It's comfortable, doesn't hurt my back, helps me relax. I recommend this for anyone who's looking for an affordable rocking recliner.

Shantel J.
Worth the price

Comfortable, easy to assemble. Does the job and it’s made well.

Claudia L.
Wonderful Lift Chair!

Perfect recliner for my handicapped dad. He just loves it! Works great, he’s able to raise his legs while still sitting upright. Just right for watching tv, reading, or just relaxing.

Aide S.
Great value!

My mother loves it! Her old one died and we ordered this hoping it would lay back for her to sleep, and lift her up to use the bathroom, and it does! Thanks for a very good chair!

Tawana W.
Excellent chair

Got the chair for my Mom after she fractured her lumbar and getting in/out of bed was total torture. She can sleep in the chair and doesn't have to go through the pain of getting in and out of bed. Very comfortable. Assembling was a breeze.