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Strongback SEATA Ergonomic Rollator

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Strongback SEATA Ergonomic Rollator

Strongback SEATA Ergonomic Rollator

Are you looking for a rollator that offers unmatched comfort and support for your daily mobility needs?

Experience the Ultimate in Comfort and Mobility

Introducing the SEATA Rollator by Strongback Mobility, the world’s most comfortable lightweight rollator with a full-sized seat and ergonomic back support. Award-winning and innovative, the SEATA Rollator promotes an upright walking position and provides an extremely comfortable seating experience, ensuring proper posture and reducing back strain.

Your Best Investment in Mobility

Investing in the SEATA Rollator means choosing a device that combines superior comfort with practical functionality. With its lightweight frame and robust design, this rollator is perfect for daily use, ensuring ease of movement and stability. The seat flips up for stable and secure walking, and the wider wheelbase provides increased stability and durability. It is a practical and reliable choice for enhancing mobility and independence.

Trusted Innovation in Mobility Solutions

trongback Mobility is renowned for its commitment to quality and ergonomic design. The SEATA Rollator continues this tradition with its patented STRONGBACK ergonomic back support, which ensures the user’s comfort and proper posture. The brand’s dedication to innovative and user-friendly solutions is evident in every aspect of this rollator, from its foldable backrest that doesn’t obstruct views while walking to its versatile storage bag.

Enhance Independence and Well-being

Choosing the SEATA Rollator empowers users to maintain an active lifestyle with confidence and comfort. This rollator supports upright walking, reducing back strain and promoting overall well-being. The larger wheels (9-inch front and 12-inch rear) provide a smoother journey, making it ideal for various terrains and enhancing the user's independence. Height-adjustable ergonomic handles ensure a perfect fit, accommodating users of different heights.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

The SEATA Rollator is packed with features designed to provide maximum comfort and safety. The patented ergonomic back support and soft, stain-resistant nylon fabric with additional lumbar padding ensure a comfortable seating experience. The dual running/locking brake system offers increased safety and control, while the one-sided caster forks prevent the rollator from getting hooked on door frames and walls. Its lightweight frame and foldable design make it easy to transport and store, while the versatile storage bag can be used above or under the seat.


  • Patented STRONGBACK Ergonomic Back Support
  • Foldable Back Rest - No Obstructed Views When Walking
  • Seat Flips Up for Stable and Secure Walking
  • Wider Wheelbase - Side to Side and Front to Back - for Increased Stability and Durability
  • Larger Wheels: 9” Front and 12” Rear Wheels - for a Smoother and More Comfortable Journey
  • One-Sided Castor Forks - Safer From Being Hooked on Door Frames and Walls
  • Dual Running/Locking Brake System - For Increased Safety and Control
  • Height Adjustable Ergonomic Handles - Adjusts From 30” to 39” Tall
  • Soft, Stain-Resistant Nylon Fabric with Additional Lumbar Padding - Adjustable!
  • Versatile Storage Bag - Included! Can be Used Above or Under the Seat


Model SEATA Rollator
Seat Width 19 in 48 cm
Seat Depth 15 in 38 cm
Seat Height 20 in 50 cm
Seat Angle 12º
Front Wheel Size 9 in 23 cm
Rear Wheel Size 12 in 29 cm
Overall Width 27 in 68 cm
Overall Length 30 in 77 cm
Overall Height 30-39 in 76-99 cm
Backrest Height 19 in 48 cm
Backrest Angle 25º
Size Folded 30 x 10 x 31 in 7 x 25 x 80 cm
Total Weight 20 lb 9.3 kg
Maximum Load 260 lb 118 kg


User manual SEATA Rollator

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