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Otamic Icon II 3D Massage Chair

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(800) 674-3815

Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

Otamic Icon II 3D Massage Chair

Otamic Icon II 3D Massage Chair

$3,499.00 $6,998.00

Choose Your Color

Otamic Icon II 3D Massage Chair

Otamic Icon II 3D Massage Chair

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$6,998.00 $3,499.00
You Save: $3,499.00 50%

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Otamic Icon II Luxury Massage Chair with SL Track, 3D Massage, Zero Gravity, Intelligent Voice Control, and Computer Body Scan

A Premium Full Body Massage Chair for Your Home!

Get relaxed and fully rejuvenated with the Otamic Icon II 3D Luxury Massage Chair, a high-tech massage chair featuring an advanced set of roller and air massage on a space-saving reclining platform. It is one of the best massage chairs you can buy today. You can easily select the massage style you want by simply speaking to it!

Have Your Own Getaway!

Enjoy a massage spa anytime at your home. This high-tech massage chair has plenty of features to satisfy your refined taste. It massages your whole body from the neck down to the shoulders, arms, back, lower back, calves, and feet for a total body massage experience like you have never experienced before. Feel rejuvenated and activate pressure spots on your shoulders and back down to the calves. Have your very own relaxing spa in your home.

Advanced 3D Rollers

Spending time in a power massage chair is highly recommended for stress, after exercise, back and shoulder issues, or improving sleep. Get those troublesome knots eased out with the Otamic Icon II 3D Massage Chair. This specially-designed massage chair sports an intelligent 3D massage function that moves and adjusts in-depth for comprehensive coverage and deep or light massage selection. This feature is not seen in other massage chairs that rely on fixed rollers alone. 

Lumbar SL Track Rollers to Massage the Entire Back

In addition, the Otamic Icon II massage chair comes with the most state-of-the-art SL-track roller system that follows the contour of the neck and your entire back. In addition, this massage chair also massages the arms, calves, feet, and down to the heel. If you are sitting or on your feet for the entire day, you will love using this chair for back relief and relieve foot pain. 

A Luxurious Full Body Massage Chair

To make our massage chair more welcome in your home, we designed the Otamic Icon II Full Body Massage Chair to have a modern look that blends with home decor. Our chair has a distinctive streamlined look with a luxurious faux leather upholstered seat. This massage chair is available in beautiful definitive taupe, jet black, and paragon brown color schemes.

Comes with Body Scan System and Voice Control

The Otamic Icon II Massage Chair comes with an intelligent body scan that scans and maps the key areas of the shoulders and back to detect the optimal pressure for the massage. Aside from the massage rollers, the model also has air pressure massage. There is intelligent voice control and remote control to change the massage styles and intensity on the fly. 

Comes with Nine Auto Massage Programs

This particular unit comes with up to a total of 17 different massage programs (auto and manual), so you can have your favorite massage in this chair. Have the freedom to choose the exact massage style and pressure you and your housemates want! The Otamic Icon II 3D Luxury Massage Chair will have a place in your home. You can spend a few minutes on the massage chair several times a day or sit on the chair for a few hours as an indulgent treat after a hard week of work. 

No special attention or procedures are needed before use. Just sit on it, push the controls, and start experiencing relief. The massage chair comes with a complete set of instructions, and the controls are very straightforward to use. Purchase the Otamic Icon II 3D Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair here at Mobility Paradise now!

  • Experience a deeply relaxing massage in the privacy of your home! The Otamic Icon II 3D Full Body Massage Chair is a true embodiment of form and function, giving you and your family healthful rest and rejuvenation after a long day at work or school or after exercise. This affordable full-body massage chair comes with advanced SL-track rollers and a system of 44 airbag massagers to work on your neck and shoulders down to your feet.
  • Do you often have tired shoulders and back at the end of the day? The Otamic Icon II 3D reclining massage chair got that covered, featuring the advanced SL-track massage rollers with extensively engineered roller articulation to perform deep tissue massage movements like a masseur’s hands, with five intensity levels. Those rollers perform advanced clapping, rolling, tapping, and rolling functions. In addition, those rollers are placed on tracks that run the entire length of your spine, from the neck area down to the glutes. The lumbar area also has a light heat function to help ease back discomfort. Enjoy a deep massage that spans your entire back!
  • The Otamic Icon II Massage Chair has various automatic and manual massage programs:
  1. Boss Nursing
  2. Gentle Treatment
  3. Body Care
  4. Extension
  5. Sport Refresh
  6. Working Relief
  7. Rest & Sleep
  8. Neck and Shoulder
  9. Waist and Spine

  • The Otamic Icon II 3D also has eight manual massage programs. There is kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync, 3D shiatsu, percussion, and pressing. 
  • Control all the aspects of the massage chair with the remote control. The Otamic Icon II also comes with intelligent voice control. Simply say "switch to voice mode" to activate the voice control features. No need to fumble with the remote all the time!
  • Do your legs and feet often sore at the end of the day? The Otamic Icon II got that covered with the thigh, calf, and foot air cells that do compression. The footrests come with rollers for a satisfying foot massage! 
  • The unit has a special zero-gravity position that lets you lie supine (lying horizontally face up) that eases the pressure off your spine and for the desired gravity massage. The zero gravity raises the legs higher than the heart for improved blood flow. 
  • The Otamic Icon II 3D Massage Chair is a beautiful piece of furniture that will surely have a place in your home, featuring a modern, streamlined look. The chair has a luxuriously smooth hardshell body and a soft, faux leather upholstered seat.
  • The massage chair comes with Bluetooth speakers to play tunes from your phone and a wireless phone charger. Nothing beats the comfort of having a proper massage in the comfort of your own home. Purchase the Otamic Icon II 3D Massage Chair and experience the comfort you always deserve!

Relax and Have a Wonderful Spa-Massage in Your Home!

Do you want to experience a full and satisfying rest at the end of the day? Are you suffering from health issues and want some relief? Ease painful muscles and be rejuvenated by having a massage in the Otamic Icon II Massage Chair. This luxurious massage chair comes with complete auto and manual massage functions, plus full-body air massage and foot massage. You can easily change the massage intensity and style with the remote and voice control.

Massage Your Sore Back, Glutes, and Calves

The Otamic Icon II uses advanced SL back rollers and a system of 44 airbags. This massage chair improves blood flow, decompresses the spine, activates the muscles, and has sole and heel foot rollers for a satisfying foot massage. Use it to massage the shoulders, arms, forearms, wrists, upper back, lower back, and glutes. The thighs, calves, and feet sections also have their own massage functions that are very desired at the end of a hard day at work. 

Get the Exact Massage Style You Want!

The Otamic Icon II Zero Gravity Massage Chair comes with nine auto massage styles. Each time you sit, the chair performs a body scan to determine the optimum pressure you need. In addition to rollers, the chair comes with full-body massage airbags and can recline to the zero gravity position for a more relaxing massage without putting pressure on your spine. Have an easy time selecting the massage style you want with the remote and side panel.  

Perfect Dimensions

Once set up, the Otamic Icon II Luxury Massage Chair measures 63 inches L x 29.5 inches W x 48.5 inches H. When fully reclined, the chair measures 71 inches L x 35 inches H and only requires to be an inch away from the wall. This model comes with overheat and power surge protections.

Important Tips

The full-body massage chair requires home assembly. The massage chair has a working time of 20 minutes. The rated voltage is 110-120v 60hz. Make sure to keep the chair free from obstacles and also remove foreign objects on the seams before reclining. To clean, simply wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth with a small amount of mild soap.

Be Restored and Feel Better with Otamic Massage Chairs

Having a massage chair in your home is an investment that will surely pay itself many times in terms of convenient comfort. With many problems many people are facing, proper rest and rejuvenation are essential so you can face another day. 

Otamic is one of the brands owned by Osaki, the trusted name and a world leader in massage chairs. We are based in the state of Texas, USA, and we offer an enormous catalog and nationwide service at affordable prices. Our brand is known for making the best massage chairs in the market and giving top-notch customer service. We also offer a wide range of handheld massagers, foot massagers, fitness machines, and back relief products. Get amazing deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase this Otamic Icon II 3D Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chairs here at Mobility Paradise!


  • Product Name: Otamic 3D Icon ll
  • Rated Voltage: 110 - 120V~
  • Rated Frequency: 60Hz
  • Rated Current: 1.6A
  • Dimensions (WXLXH): Upright: 29.5" x 63" x 48.5"
  • Reclined: 29.5" X 71" X 35"
  • Weight: Net: 235.9 lbs
  • Gross: 268.9 lbs
  • Maximum Body Weight of User: 260 lbs
  • Intelligent Voice Control
  • 3D Massage Mechanism
  • Smart Body Scan System
  • Ergonomic SL-Track
  • 44 Air Cells Full Body Air Massage
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Space Saving Technology
  • 9 Automatic/ 8 Manual Programs
  • Heating On Back & Calf
  • Automatic Extendable Footrest
  • Bluetooth Speakers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sara R.
We like our massage chair

I bought this to replace a cheap back massager that mounts to a kitchen chair (though it still gets used because of the convenience). This is a really nice chair. You set it in place and plug it in and it's ready to go. It has several programs but I personally don't feel that they're that different from one another. It was crated and packaged very well. There are a lot of these products on the market. I'm glad I went with this one and I would recommend it.

Joan K
For better sleep!

Great massage chair. It is comfortable and it helps me relax and sleep better. I recommend it.

Andy J.
Made a great decision!

I looked at massage chairs for months and couldn't make a decision. I finally decided on the Otamic Icon, and I was so nervous. Delivery was fast, and it came in one box. My husband attached the footrest - it took about 10 minutes to put it together. I like deep massages, so this chair is amazing! The foot massage is constant and definitely squeezes hard. So far, I love everything about this. The setup on the remote is for 20 minutes. At this point, I have absolutely no complaints!