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Mangar Health Raiser Inflatable Lifting Cushion

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(800) 674-3815

Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

Mangar Health Raiser Inflatable Lifting Cushion

Mangar Health Raiser Inflatable Lifting Cushion

$649.00 $769.00

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Mangar Health Raiser Inflatable Lifting Cushion

Mangar Health Raiser Inflatable Lifting Cushion

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$769.00 $649.00
You Save: $120.00 16%

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Mangar Health Raiser Inflatable Lifting Cushion

The Raiser Lifting Cushion is designed to support and lift someone that is seated, helping them to get up and out of their chair. The cushion is easy to use and is self-powered using the Airflo 12 compressor, meaning everything is done at the push of a button.

The inflatable lift is incredibly light and portable, making it suitable for use on multiple chairs at home or in a Care Home as an alternative to a riser recliner chair. It’s portability means that it’s easy to pack up and take anywhere with you – whether that is on holiday or to a friends house.

Perfect for those living in their own homes that require assistance when standing up from a chair using single handed care techniques, the Raiser Lifting Cushion is designed to fit the shape of a standard chair and won’t require any replacement furniture. It will fit comfortably under a seat cushion or throw, so even if you’re not using the seat the Raiser can easily be left in place.


  • Other than easy routine cleaning and disinfecting, the Raiser Lifting Cushion is maintenance free.
  • The Raiser is small so can easily be stored away when not in use, or can be used while travelling.
  • Powered by the Mangar Health Airflo 12 battery powered compressor.
  • Can be used underneath or on top of a cushion or blanket.
  • Inflates and deflates at the push of a button.
  • Can also be used to lower someone into a seat.


  • Max User Weight: 30st / 190kg / 420lbs
  • Inflated Height: 23 cm
  • Inflated Width: 43cm
  • Inflated Length: 43cm

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Options and SKU Numbers

  • Raiser without Airflo - HMA0100
  • Raiser with Airflo - MPCA200500

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is it made from?

  • The lifting cushions are made from a polyurethane coated nylon fabric, which is a hydrophobic material and does not absorb fluids.

How often should the lifting cushion be serviced?

  • We recommend servicing your lifting cushion every 12 months.

Can I over inflate my lifting cushion?

  • No. The Airflo Plus will stop once full pressure is realized.

Can I lift someone supine (lying down) on the lifting cushion?

  • Yes. This lift with the Mangar Elk is performed in conjunction with a scoop or transfer board. Our Camel and Eagle lifting cushions can lift someone from a lying or sitting position.

How do I clean my lifting cushion?

  • The lifting cushions should be cleaned when inflated. Sponge clean with a detergent solution and dry thoroughly before storing in a dry place. The lifting cushions are ultrasonically welded so there is no stitching or gaps when germs can collect. To disinfect use a disinfecting solution or alcohol impregnated wipe.

What happens if I get a puncture?

  • The incidences of puncture are rare. If a puncture does occur, then only the section of cushion with the damage would be affected – the remaining three will still operate. The lifting cushion will not burst like a balloon and there is no risk of injury to the patient from a rapid descent. If the puncture is small, then the cushion 

What sort of ground can lifting cushions be used on outside?

  • The lifting cushions can be used on any type of surface but do look out for broken glass or sharp stones which could puncture the cushions. We advise putting a small tarpaulin or mat underneath the lifting cushion in these circumstances.

What lifespan does the lifting cushion have?

  • We expect lifting cushions (excluding batteries) will last seven years in a professional setting and 10 years for domestic use.

What is the highest and lowest outside temperature I can use my lifting cushion in?

  • The maximum temperature is 95F (35C) and lowest 41F (5C).

How many lifts do I get from one charge?

  • Depending on the weight of the person, on average you will be able to complete 4 lifts per charge with the Camel, 8 transfers with the ELK and 6 transfers with the Eagle.

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Customer Reviews

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Melody L.
Well worth the money

It works great! This has saved me from back, and possible injuries to my parents when trying to pick them up after a fall!