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ComfyGo Z-1 24V/12Ah 250W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

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(800) 674-3815

Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

ComfyGo Z-1 24V/12Ah 250W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

ComfyGo Z-1 24V/12Ah 250W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

$1,149.00 $2,298.00

Choose Your Color | Inventory

ComfyGo Z-1 24V/12Ah 250W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

ComfyGo Z-1 24V/12Ah 250W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$2,298.00 $1,149.00
You Save: $1,149.00 50%

Choose Your Color | Inventory

ComfyGO Z-1 24v/12Ah 250W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter,13-Mile Range, Airline-and Cruise-Approved

Enjoy Powerful Mobility with this Compact Four-Wheel Scooter!

Experience the future now and be more active with the ComfyGO Z-1 Mobility Scooter, featuring a compact and lightweight design that you can safely use on cruise ships and airlines. Be comfortable as you go around with the padded seat wrapped in foam and fabric. It has a durable frame fit for most average-weight users. 

The ComfyGO Z-1 is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and you can easily bring it anywhere and for travel. It has an incredible weight capacity of up to 330 lbs. and is among the best compact mobility scooters for sale today.


Portable Design for Travel

This model is small, lightweight, and can be brought indoors without a hitch. The ComfyGO Z-1 is ideal for use inside and outside the home. It can traverse firm ground and even on lawns, and is a truly portable ride for travel. You can fold the seat bring it to the airport or on the bus. It is pretty convenient!

If you want a compact scooter that is comfortable and usable, the ComfyGO Z-1 Electric Scooter is for you. This scooter is made for functionality. When assembled, the scooter measures just 42 inches long and only 24.5 inches wide, making it one of the most compact on the market. The scooter has a 17.5-inch wide mini seat. This scooter can easily fit through doors and be used inside cramped spaces. 

A Comfortable Mobility Device

You love using the ComfyGO Z-1 to reach spaces. It is a decent ride with some comforts, featuring a comfortable curved saddle seat covered with smooth PU leather. The tiller is also adjustable to put them comfortably within your arm’s reach to fit your frame. The ComfyGO Z-1 scooter is available in gorgeous red and blue colors.

Made for Excellent Performance

The ComfyGO Z-1 Folding scooter can be used indoors and outdoors to give you more freedom. The four-wheel design offers a stable ride and more maneuverability. It has a 59-inch turning radius and a spacious platform for added legroom. The scooter has an electric motor directly attached to the rear axle, making it very reliable and sealed from outside elements.  

Be More Capable

Having a travel mobility scooter is a must if you are doing many things inside and outside the house. You can accomplish more things and truly enjoy your day. However, you want something that offers stability and a good degree of usability. It has a range of up to 13 miles. Purchase the ComfyGO Z-1 Mobility Scooter here at Mobility Paradise!


    Seat Area Width 17.5 Inches / 450 mm
    Seat Area Depth 17 Inches / 430 mm
    Seat Height 21 Inches / 530 mm
    Armrest Height 9 Inches / 230 mm
    Backrest Height 15.5 Inches / 395 mm
    Max Loading Weight 265 Lbs. / 120 Kg
    Overall Product Dimensions Length: 42 Inches / 1060 mm Width: 24.5 Inches / 625 mm Height: 38 Inches / 970 mm
    Folded Product Dimensions Length: 30.5 Inches / 780 mm Width: 18 Inches / 460 mm Height: 30 Inches / 765 mm
    Net Weight without Battery 50 Lbs. / 22.5 Kg
    Net Weight with Battery  57 Lbs. / 25.5 Kg
    Battery Weight 7 Lbs. / 3 Kg
    Battery Charge AC 100-240V, 50Hz,1.5-5A
    Battery Charge Time 6 To 8 Hours
    Battery Type 12Ah Lithium Ion 24V
    Airline / Cruise Approved Yes
    Range  Up To 13+ Miles / 20 Km
    Max Speed 4 Mph / 6 Kmh
    Front Wheels 10 Inches / 254 mm Solid Tire
    Rear Wheel 16 Inches / 405 mm Inflatable
    Motor  2 * 250W (Total 500W)
    Climbing Angle Max Degrees 8
    Degree of Protection IPx3
    Turning Radius ≤ 33 Inches / 838 mm
    Folding Manual Folding
    Reclining No
    Adjustable Height Backrest No
    Raisable Armrests Yes
    Headrest Optional – Additional Cost
    Cupholder Optional – Additional Cost
    Phone Holder Optional – Additional Cost
    Headlight / USB Charger Optional – Additional Cost
    Tire Pump Optional – Additional Cost
    Wireless Remote Control No
    Frame Color Option Black, Blue, Red
    Cushion Color Options Standard
    Packaging Dimensions Length: 31 Inches / 780 mm Width: 17 Inches / 420 mm Height: 31 Inches / 820 mm
    Packaging Weight 66 Lbs. / 30 Kg

    Product Video

    * Distance between the armrests.

    ** Weight is for standard range (12AH) battery. 

    *** Varies based on weight, incline, speed factors.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Nellie T.
    Worked great!

    We bought this scooter for my sister to use while living in an assisted living facility. It worked great.

    Lyle C.
    Great looking scooter!

    We were able to assemble in a short time. Been out on it a few times and loved it.

    Cathleen K.
    Happy husband!

    My husband absolutely loves this. It gave him the option to do more things!

    Becky J.
    Excellent Scooter!

    This scooter has greatly improved the quality of my mother's life. It has given her the independence to travel and feel secure! Easy to use and lightweight enough to put in the back of the car. Charges overnight. I am purchasing another for my mother-in-law.

    Diane T.

    Worked out great for my disabled friend!