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BestCare BestLift Hydraulic Patient Lift PL400H

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BestCare BestLift Hydraulic Patient Lift PL400H

BestCare BestLift Hydraulic Patient Lift PL400H

$626.00 $783.00
BestCare BestLift Hydraulic Patient Lift PL400H

BestCare BestLift Hydraulic Patient Lift PL400H

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$783.00 $626.00
You Save: $157.00 21%


BestCare BestLift Full Body Hydraulic Patient Lift 400 lb. Capacity PL400H

Make Lifting Easier with this Hydraulic Full Body Lift!

Lift patients easily and anywhere with the BestCare BestLift PL400H Full Body Patient Lift, featuring an ingenious robust steel construction and a hand-operated hydraulic lift for safe lifting of patients from floor or over high beds. The lift is easy to pump with one hand, and can fully lift the patient from the floor to the hospital bed, or to a wheelchair, comfortably and with dignity. It enables a single caregiver to do the patient lifting alone, without the need of having plenty of physical strength or needing help from others. This device helps improve patient care and comfort while freeing up staff and manpower for other tasks.

Lifting patients requires two or more people, and there is a big risk of falls or slips. Even the caregivers risk having back injuries. The BestLift Patient Lift allows you and caregivers to do safe transfers to promote care and hygiene. This model is hand operated, so you can do lifting outdoors or in other areas without the need of an electric outlet. It is very useful for homes, caregiving homes, nursing homes, hospitals, diagnostic centers, emergency centers, and in private homes. 

This model comes with an ingenious six-point spreader bar for extra comfort and stability, and rated for use for heavy and pregnant individuals weighing up to an incredible 400 lbs. This simple but ingenious device is a much safer alternative to manual lifting. 

The BestCare BestLift PL400H is a full-body lift, being able to lift up sitting or lying-down patients with ease. The unit comes with appropriately sized slings (separate purchase) for that purpose. The lifter has a wide range of motion, allowing the lifter to lift a patient from the floor to a high bed, or from the high bed to a wheelchair. The lifter has a minimum lifting height of 27 inches and a maximum of 68 inches high.

The BestCare BestLift comes with a hydraulic lifter that is very responsive to use and allows precise lifting without using electricity or batteries. Now one caregiver can do the lifting to a patient, easily and comfortably. Say goodbye to laborious pumping! 

Save your back and have more energy to do more things that could be otherwise wasted from undue lifting. It is the best lifting device for patients, so purchase the BestCare BestLift Full Body Hydraulic Patient Lift here at Mobility Paradise!

  • The BestCare BestLift PL400H Full Body Patient Lift is a very durable and well-designed body lifter made for professional caregivers and healthcare workers in the health care setting and home use. It features a very durable steel construction and a hand-operated hydraulic lifter for lifting patients comfortably and with dignity. The lift is battery powered, so you can use it even without an electric outlet.
  • Features a durable stainless steel construction with a maximum weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. (182 kilos), so the lifter can be safely used for heavy and pregnant patients. Comes also with four heavy-duty casters with two locking casters so you can roll it around. 
  • The BestLift PL400H comes with a hand operated hydraulic lift that does the job for you safely and reliably. Just work on the pump to operate the lift. Operation is not physically taxing, and is more comfortable than lifting by hand. The lift is precise and has a wide range of motion so you can do the lifting from the ground to the high hospital bed.
  • The whole lift can be disassembled and assembled easily for transport without need for special tools. The whole rig comes with lock nuts and bolts with pin rings, and you only need hand wrenches to assemble or disassemble the lift. You can disassemble the lift and bring it elsewhere using a car or a pickup truck.
  • The hand operated lift comes with heavy-duty caster wheels (4” on the rear and 3” on the front), so you can roll the lift around. The casters make the lift easy to roll around even if loaded, and you can roll the lift up ramps when needed. Two of the casters in the back come with brakes so you can keep the lift stationary when needed. 
  • The BestLift PL400H Full Patient Lift comes with features such as a six-point spreader bar and a reinforced foot pedal. You can choose to have a weighing scale with the lift (separate purchase).
  • Use appropriately sized slings with the BestLift Full Body Patient Lift (purchase separately). BestCare slings are very durable and fits most BestCare branded lifts including on this model. Comfortably lift patients without hurting your back with the BestCare BestLift PL400H Hydraulic Patient Lift!

Give the Best Care with the BestCare BestLift!

Do you do a lot of patient lifting as part of everyday work? Do you want a lifting device to help improve care and comfort to patients? Save your back and do care tasks faster with the BestLift PL400H Full Body Hydraulic Patient Lift, featuring an ingenious steel frame and a hydraulic lifter so you can lift patients safely and comfortably. This model has a hand operated lift, so you can use it anywhere without being near an electric outlet. If you want, you can purchase a retrofit electronic control system so the lift operates electronically.

Use it outdoors or in the emergency setting. With the help of slings, you can use the BestLift to lift patients from the stretcher to the bed, or from the bed to a wheelchair. Because it is electric, you can lift the patient on your own without straining your back or requiring additional helpers. This device is very helpful in improving patient care while freeing up manpower to do more tasks.

The BestLift PL400H Battery Lift comes with a frame made of durable steel guaranteed to last. There are four heavy-duty casters so you can roll the lift and up ramps when needed. The whole rig can be assembled and disassembled using common hand tools, so you can transport and use it elsewhere. 

Perfect Dimensions.

The assembled BestCare BestLift PL400H Patient Lift measures 40” inches L x 33” inches W x 68“ inches H and weighs 82 lbs. (37 kilos). The maximum lifting capacity of the lift is 400 lbs. (182 kilos).

Improve Patient Comfort and Dignity.

The BestCare BestLift PL400H Patient Lift is useful in improving the comfort of the patient and the caregiver. Use it to lift the patient from a stretcher or litter to the high hospital bed, or from the bed to a chair or wheelchair, or transfer the patient from the wheelchair to bed. This lift is useful for hospitals, diagnostic centers, caregiving facilities, private residences, nursing homes, and retirement homes.

Don’t Go for Cheap Lifts!

Many cheap body lifts are neither reliable nor safe, so buying one is often hit or miss. They are not designed for sustained use because of poor craftsmanship or poorly-done electronics. Some cheap electric lifts do not have basic safety features.

If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. You cannot depend on them. Lastly, they are not comfortable to use. Choose safety and real performance. Only choose brands that have years of presence in the market and have certifications. 

Give the Best Care with BestCare! 

Safety, comfort, and affordability has been the goals of BestCare. The company has been designing and manufacturing ingenious top-notch patient lift and transfer devices since 1993. We make sure our products are reliable and trouble free. 

As testament to our quality, BestCare Manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and IS0 13485 compliant. Our quality management system and our entire line of products have been certified by SGS and each of our lineup bear the SGS Listed Mark, a symbol of the highest quality attained. Our products are widely adopted in hospitals, nursing homes, and homes. Get amazing deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase this BestCare BestLift Full Body Hydraulic Patient Lift PL400H here at Mobility Paradise!


    • Maximum capacity: 400Lb / 182Kg
    • Base legs length: 40”
    • Base closed external width: 26”
    • Based open external width: 33”
    • Mast height: 49”
    • Base height: 4.8”
    • Min. lifting height: 27”
    • Max. lifting height: 68”
    • Net weight: 82Lb / 37Kg
    • Shipping weight: 93Lb / 42Kg


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