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Top 10 Best Electric Wheelchairs: A Beginner's Guide

It's a good thing we have electric wheelchairs. Gone are the days when we were limited by the constraints of manual wheelchairs.

The bad thing? There are so many brands and styles out there that you no longer know what's good and what's not. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the top 10 electric wheelchairs.

Best Electric Wheelchair Reviews

Shoprider 6runner 14 Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair: Best Overall

Product Dimensions: 42” inch L x 26” inch W x 49” inch H

Max Weight: 450 lbs

Max. Speed: 5 mph

Range: 21.3 to 23.8 miles

At five mph, we wouldn't categorize the Shoprider 6runner 14 Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair as fast. But it's still the fastest on our list and rightfully wins the status.

It has a maximum weight limit of 450 lbs, which is still the highest on our list. And as if that's not enough, the wheelchair will travel roughly 24 miles on a single charge– the second longest on our list.

You may not like its simple design, and you are justified to get grumpy about its expensive price tag, but it's undeniable that the 6runner is the best electric wheelchair you'll come across.

I don't know about you, but I don't mind spending extra for top-tier quality.

What We Like:

  • Stupendous quality
  • Suitable for heavy riders
  • Relatively fast
  • It has an incredible range of 21 - 23 miles on a single charge

What We Don't Like:

  • Expensive
  • The foothold is slightly small

EWheels Ew-M45 Folding Electric Wheelchair: Best Heavy Duty 

Product Dimensions: 38” inch L x 23” inch W x 37” inch H

Product Weight: 59 lbs

Max Weight: 400 lbs

Max. Speed: 3.7 mph

Range: 15.5 miles

When your weight is heavier, you can count on EWheels Ew-M45 Folding Electric Wheelchair to support you unconditionally. It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs, which is second only to the Shoprider 6runner.

The wheelchair's top speed is only 3.7 mph, but it makes up for this with its 15.5-mile range. It is easily foldable and can be folded in a few steps. This makes it ideal for travel.

Style isn't the greatest strength of the EW-M45, but that's because it strictly focuses on performance. It is surprisingly light for such a heavy-duty wheelchair. 

What We Like:

  • Simple but functional
  • Lightweight and easily foldable
  • Ideal for travel

What We Don't Like:

  • Not fast

Merits Health P101 Folding Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair: Best Rear-Wheel

Product Dimensions: 38” inch L x 23” inch W x 37” inch H

Product Weight: 117 lbs

Max Weight: 300 lbs

Max. Speed: 4 mph

Range: 16 miles

Rear-wheel wheelchairs are excellent for outdoors. The Merits Health P101 Folding Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair is the best rear-wheel wheelchair on our list. 

It's not the most stylish equipment around, so don't expect it to turn heads on the streets. But the P101's performance is commendable.

Its two DC motors give it twice the capability and power of most devices. It has a motor on each rear wheel, making its performance excellent. It folds quickly and will fit easily in your trunk or hatchback.

It's also worth mentioning that the wheelchair's batteries are spill-proof, shock and vibration-resistant. Safety is a top priority.

What We Like:

  • Ideal for heavyweight users
  • Powered by two motors
  • Easily foldable for easy transport and storage

What We Don't Like:

  • Not stylish

Zip'r Mantis Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

Product Dimensions: 42.3” inch L x 26” inch W x 51” inch H

Product Weight: 189 lbs

Max Weight: 300 lbs

Max. Speed:  4.90 mph

Range: 15 miles

When not counting on the EW-M45, Zip'r Mantis Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair is here to save the day. This is another incredible heavy-duty electric wheelchair.

We love its 360-degree joystick control that is easy to use and is within arm's reach. The wheelchair has a 22-degree turning radius, making it suited for indoors and tight spaces. And with its faux leather seats and recliner backrest, comfort won't be a problem.

The only downside is that as a “heavy-duty” wheelchair, it's really heavy. If you plan on traveling a lot with your wheelchair, you may want to opt for a more lightweight scooter than the Zip'r Mantis.

What We Like:

  • It turns easily in tight spaces and is suitable for indoor use.
  • Comfortable seating and backrest
  • Supports up to 300 lbs of weight

What We Don't Like:

  • Very heavy

Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser Lx Foldable Electric Wheelchair: Best Comfortable

Product Dimensions: 34” inch L x 24” inch W x 36” inch H

Product Weight: 55 lbs

Max Weight: 270 lbs

Max. Speed: 4 mph

Range: 15 miles

Charge Time: 5 hours

It's not the fastest and doesn't travel the longest, but few wheelchairs can match the comfort of the Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser Lx Foldable Electric Wheelchair. 

This electric wheelchair is for those who prioritize comfort above everything else. It features a Comfortrest cushioned seat, padded four-position backrest, three-position footrests, and right and left adjustable leg guards.

There is also a set of contoured padded armrests for your arms. The wheelchair's maximum weight capacity is 270 lbs. There are wheelchairs that can hold heavier weights, but this should be more than sufficient for most people.

What We Like:

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Can support up to 270 lbs of weight
  • Relatively lightweight

What We Don't Like:

  • Not very stylish

Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser Dx Foldable Electric Wheelchair Best Travel-Friendly

Product Dimensions: 34” inch L x 24” inch W x 36” inch H

Product Weight: 55 lbs

Max Weight: 270 lbs

Max. Speed: 4 mph

Range: 15 miles

Charge Time: 5 Hours

When you are an avid traveler, your wheelchair should be the least of your burden. A close cousin to the Geo Cruiser LX, Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser Dx Foldable Electric Wheelchair is one of the most travel-friendly electric wheelchairs available.

Its compact and portable design allows you to fold and unfold the unit in seconds. You should also be able to fit in the hatchback or trunk of most cars, SUVs, buses, trains, and boats.

Comfort is also a key feature of the wheelchair, visible in its cushioned seat, padded backrest and footrests, and adjustable leg guards.

The Geo Cruiser DX is travel-friendly, cruise-ship-ready, and airline-approved—bon voyage.

What We Like:

  • Compact and portable design
  • Can be folded and unfolded easily in seconds
  • Airline-approved and cruise-ship-ready

What We Don't Like:

  • Nothing

ComfyGo Folding Electric Wheelchair: Best For Outdoors

Product Dimensions: 31” inch L x 17” inch W x 31” inch H

Product Weight: 67 lbs.

Max Weight: 265 lbs. (120 kg)

Max. Speed: 4 mph (6 kph)

Range: 13 miles (20 km) for standard range & 25 miles (40 km) for long range

Charge Time: 6 to 8 hrs

When you turn on the long-range, you can travel 25 miles (40 km) with the ComfyGo Folding Electric Wheelchair. This powerful and quiet machine is perfect for outdoor trips and excursions. 

Sure, it takes around 8 hours to charge fully, but you can get everywhere you need to go in a day at a reasonable four mph max. 

The wheelchair has a small footprint and moves easily between obstacles. This makes it suitable for compact spaces.

And when not traveling outdoors with it, the wheelchair is usable indoors for those who tend to find mobility scooters clumsy.

What We Like:

  • Impressively long range.
  • Suitable for compact spaces
  • Ideal for both indoors and outdoors

What We Don't Like:

  • It needs around 8 hours to charge fully
  • A bit too compact for some user's liking

Zip'r PC Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair

Product Dimensions: 

Product Weight: 160 lbs

Max Weight: 300 lbs

Max. Speed: 4 mph

Range: 15 miles

If you want something with superb usability, the Zip'r PC Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair fits the description pretty well. You can disassemble it and transport it in your car. Plus, it is also TSA-approved, and you can travel with it on planes and cruise ships.

Its 360-degree joystick control is responsive and easy to use. And with its excellent dimensions, the wheelchair will fit easily in most settings.

The wheelchair comes fully assembled upon delivery. Remember to charge it daily for optimal performance.  

What We Like:

  • TSA-approved and travel-friendly.
  • Responsive and easy-to-use controls.
  • Will fit in most environments

What We Don't Like:

  • Heavy

Karman Healthcare Xo-505 Standing Electric Wheelchair: Best Standing Wheelchair

Product Dimensions: 45” inch L x 28” inch W x 56.5” inch H

Product Weight: 50 lbs

Max Weight: 250 lbs

Max. Speed: 4 mph

Range: 25 miles

Standing wheelchairs are a thing? Yes, they help you grab the cookie jar from the top shelf without asking for help. The Karman Healthcare Xo-505 Standing Electric Wheelchair is one of the best to do it.

What you get when you purchase this wheelchair is a full sit-to-stand power function, a mid-wheel drive, a full control display, power reclining, and an elevating legrest.

In other words, you get to be the boss without moving from your wheelchair. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

What We Like:

  • It comes with a full sit-to-stand power function
  • Impressive design
  • It has a long single-charge range

What We Don't Like:

  • Expensive

Vive Health Compact Folding Electric Wheelchair: Best Affordable

Product Dimensions: 39.5” inch L x 26” inch W x 38” inch H

Product Weight: 95 lbs.

Max Weight: 220 lbs. 

Max. Speed: 4 mph

Range: 12 miles

Vive Health Compact Folding Electric Wheelchair doesn't come with all the ergonomic features of premium wheelchairs. But that's only because the company wanted to design something simple, functional, and highly affordable. 

This wheelchair is as simple as it gets without compromising performance. It is foldable for easy transport and storage. It has a battery-charge indicator, a 360-degree joystick, and a USB charging cable for your phone and gadgets.

It weighs 95 lbs with batteries and has its armrest and footrest adjustable. If you're tight on budget, this is a wheelchair that you'd be proud to have.

What We Like:

  • Highly affordable.
  • Simple and functional
  • Lightweight, foldable, and easily portable

What We Don't Like:

  • It doesn't have the features of premium models

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Wheelchair

Here are a few features to consider when selecting the best electric wheelchair.

Indoors Or Outdoors

Where will you use your wheelchair mostly, indoors or outdoors?

Most electric wheelchairs are designed to be usable both indoors and outdoors, while some are intended for only one.

Wheelchairs for indoor use focus on maneuverability. They should be able to make tight turns easily. Check for a tight turning radius, ideally between 20 and 30 degrees.

Wheelchairs for outdoor use are more popular. They try to balance everything; they should be comfortable for long distances, their tires handle rough ground, and they should be powerful enough for the task ahead.

Wheel Drive

There are front-wheel and rear-wheel drive electric wheelchairs. Both are popular, and both have their pros and cons. While it's often a matter of personal choice on what to settle for, here's what to know about the two.

Rear-wheel drives have the best outdoor performance. But they have a big footprint with a large turning radius and are thus less maneuverable. 

Front-wheel drives are suited for indoors. Unlike their counterparts, they have a small turning radius and footprint. Plus, their curb climbing is smoother, and they offer better traction.


Setting a budget for your electric wheelchair helps you narrow down your options. As expected, expensive models come with more features. But there are also lots of affordable electric wheelchairs that perform equally well.

Mobility equipment can be expensive, no doubt about that. That's why we've partnered with Bread Pay to introduce the Pay Over Time program. Pay for your equipment in small installments instead of one lump sum amount.

Weight and Portability

Each electric wheelchair will indicate its weight capacity. This is the maximum weight it can hold. Above that, it won't perform optimally, plus you risk damaging it.

There are heavyweight electric wheelchairs that are designed specifically for heavier users. Remember, allowing some leeway when considering user weight is wise.


Electric wheelchairs have profoundly impacted the lives of countless users. They have transcended the boundaries of mobility problems, offering the utmost autonomy and newfound independence.

Mobility Paradise has a massive collection of top-rated electric wheelchairs for people with different needs and preferences. Select what's best for you, and feel free to contact us with any concerns. Live life on your terms. 

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