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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Heavy-duty Mobility Scooter

Electric scooters are a useful and easy way to get around for those who are mobility impaired. Whether you use a mobility scooter due to age, surgery, or medical needs, a heavy-duty electric mobility scooter can keep you active, mobile, and in touch with neighbors and friends. 

When considering a heavy-duty electric mobility scooter, you’ll want to know the range, ease of transport, and ideal usage. Where will you use your mobility scooter? 

How will you load up your mobility scooter if need be? Heavy-duty mobility scooters can be huge and bulky and often require at least two strong adults to lift into the back of a truck or SUV. 

Lastly, how far will your heavy-duty mobility scooter go? What kind of range do you need, and how long are your trips/outings? These factors must be considered. Let’s review three best-selling heavy-duty mobility scooters and see what makes them unique!

EWheels EW-10


The EWheels EW-10 is from the iconic and much-respected brand EWheels and is a cute, moped-like scooter that’s great for cruising outside and for neighborhood visits. It’s a well-made and practical ride that can last you a lifetime. It’ll get you up to 40 miles on a charge and can go up to 15 mph. 

It’s a large, heavy scooter at 209 lbs and is best stored in a garage or a large shed when unused. It’s great for rides in the park or on quiet back roads with a low-speed limit. The three wheels will give added stability and safety as you ride, and a convenient seat storage compartment can store goods and supplies. 

Vive Health


The Vive Health is a rugged and well-built mobility scooter that’s perfectly at home in a grocery store or a mall. It has more of a classic mobility scooter design, ample foot room, and four wheels for maximum stability while shopping.

It has a range of up to 12 miles on a single charge and goes up to 3.7 miles per hour, making it ideal for indoor use and use in crowded places. The swivel seat allows you to get in and out of the scooter, and the 88 lbs. Vive Health is lighter than other heavy-duty scooters. A single strong person should be able to help load and unload this scooter for you with little help. 

Afikim Afiscooter Breeze


On the other end of the spectrum, we have the humongous and elephantine Afikim Afiscooter. The Afikim is more like an ATV than a traditional mobility scooter and is excellent for outdoor use. 

This four-wheel monster scooter will get you up to 28 miles on a single charge, has a car-like ride, and is ideal for more rugged terrain, outdoor use, and around-the-park riding. It goes up to 9 miles per hour and is a slower ride, but its grippy ties and full suspension system do great on various surfaces. 

It weighs 342 lbs, and there is no way anyone can safely lift the Afikim into anything. Just park it in your garage or shed, and you’ll be good to go. It’s a fantastic beast of a ride that can help get you mobile, enjoy the fresh air, and run while running errands, too. 

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