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Do you always find it troublesome to take your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair with you because it just won’t fit in the trunk of your car? If yes, then this product is perfect for you.

About ScootaTrailer Carriers

ScootaTrailer Carrier is one of the best transporters of mobility scooters. With a ScootaTrailer Carrier, you can easily transport mobility scooters securely without worrying about them getting damaged. It’s a hitch-mounted trailer that works perfectly even for heavy-duty mobility scooters weighing up to 600-lbs. For better protection, you can add an optional aluminum top cover so you can keep your mobility equipment safe from all kinds of weather.  

Top Features of a ScootaTrailer Carrier

ScootaTrailer Extra Large Power Chair & Mobility Scooter Car Trailer

The ScootaTrailer weighs only 400-lbs. and 475-lbs. including the aluminum top option.  There’s also no need to worry about being compliant under the law as the ScootaTrailer meets DOT approval in all 50 states and Canada. For a better overview regarding its specific dimensions and features, make sure to check it out here.

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