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Portable Wheelchairs

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Strongback Mobility 24+AB Portable Wheelchair 1006AB
SAVE 41%
SAVE 41%
Strongback 24+AB Portable Wheelchair
$1,599.90 $949.00 Sale
Strongback Mobility 24 Flip Portable Wheelchair 1019
SAVE 41%
SAVE 41%
Strongback 24 Flip Portable Wheelchair 1019
$1,699.90 $999.00 Sale
Strongback Mobility 24 Portable Wheelchair 1006
SAVE 41%
SAVE 41%
Strongback 24 Portable Wheelchair
$1,579.90 $939.00 Sale
Vive Health Foldable 4-Wheel Wheelchair Rollator
SAVE 38%
SAVE 38%
Vive Health Hybrid Wheelchair Rollator
$349.99 $215.99 Sale
Strongback Mobility 22S +AB Folding Wheelchair 1017AB
SAVE 47%
SAVE 47%
Strongback 22S +AB Folding Wheelchair 1017AB
$1,779.90 $949.00 Sale
Motion Composites HELIO C2 Ultralight Folding Wheelchair C2WC05
SAVE 50%
SAVE 50%
Strongback Mobility 22S Folding Wheelchair 1017
SAVE 47%
SAVE 47%
Strongback 22S Folding Wheelchair 1017
$1,699.90 $909.00 Sale
Motion Composites HELIO A7 Ultralight Folding Wheelchair HEWC03
SAVE 50%
SAVE 50%
Motion Composites Veloce Ultralight Folding Wheelchair
SAVE 50%
SAVE 50%

Freedom on the Go: Mobility Paradise Portable Wheelchairs Collection

Forget the limitations, ditch the confines, and embrace a world where boundaries dissolve into boundless possibilities. Welcome to Mobility Paradise's curated collection of portable wheelchairs, where independence isn't confined to fixed structures, but dances with you on every adventure. Imagine spontaneous outings, effortless navigation, and rediscovering the joy of exploration, one folding frame at a time.

Unfolding Freedom, One Lightweight Design at a Time:

Portable wheelchairs aren't mere mobility aids; they're freedom enablers. Picture effortlessly folding your companion into a compact bundle, the world suddenly opening up like a never-ending map of possibilities. Imagine hopping into a car without an extra hand, conquering curbs with a flick of the wrist, and gliding through bustling markets with the agility of a seasoned navigator. Our collection boasts a symphony of lightweight designs, from sleek aluminum wonders to sturdy yet foldable frames, each crafted to empower your journey at every step.

Comfort, Your Constant Companion on Every Path:

The journey is as important as the destination, and comfort is your co-pilot in this dance of rediscovery. Imagine plush, supportive seats cradling you like a gentle embrace, even when folded neatly against your side. Picture adjustable features that personalize your ride, from backrests that conform to your unique posture to legrests that adjust to your individual needs. Let comfort be your constant companion, enhancing every mile with a touch of luxury, whether you're conquering city streets or traversing scenic countryside paths.

A Fleet of Options, Tailored to Your Unique Story:

No two stories are alike, and your perfect chariot shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all affair. Mobility Paradise offers a diverse fleet of portable wheelchairs, each a testament to the individuality of your aspirations. Do you dream of nimble escapes through bustling markets? Explore our compact wonders, designed for effortless indoor maneuvering. Long for scenic cruises along sun-drenched promenades? Discover our feature-packed powerhouses, built for extended adventures. Craving urban agility or long-distance freedom, your ideal match awaits, tailored to your unique narrative.

Beyond Mobility, a Mindset Shift:

Owning a portable wheelchair isn't just about traversing distances; it's about reclaiming your independence, reconnecting with the world, and rediscovering the joy of movement. Imagine the empowering sigh of relief as you navigate familiar streets without relying on assistance. Picture the joyous laughter shared with loved ones on impromptu outings. Envision the newfound confidence that blossoms as you tackle everyday tasks with grace and ease. It's not just a wheelchair; it's a key to unlocking a world of possibilities and a mindset shift towards a future brimming with self-determination.

More Than Functionality, a Symphony of Features:

Beyond comfort and portability, our collection boasts a symphony of features designed to complement your life. Imagine intuitive joystick controls, responsive brakes, and advanced suspension systems that smooth out even the roughest terrain. Picture LED headlights that illuminate your path, turning evening expeditions into magical adventures. Envision integrated phone holders and charging ports, keeping you connected to the world wherever you roam. Each detail is meticulously considered, composing a harmony of functionality and convenience, ensuring your journey is not just effortless, but also enriched with thoughtful amenities.

More Than a Purchase, a Partnership:

We understand that your journey begins long before the first turn of the wheel. Our dedicated team is your partner in rediscovering freedom. Contact us for personalized consultations, expert advice, and after-sales support that goes the extra mile. We'll help you navigate the world of portable wheelchairs, ensuring you find the perfect match for your needs and aspirations, a companion not just for today, but for every adventure to come.

Step into the Driver's Seat of Your Life:

Don't let limitations dictate your story. Let Mobility Paradise's collection of portable wheelchairs be the first chapter in your newfound narrative of independence, adventure, and joy. Browse our diverse fleet, test drive your dream ride, and feel the exhilarating hum of possibility as it whispers: "The world is waiting. Go explore."

Take the first step towards reclaiming your freedom. Visit Us today and embark on a journey beyond limitations.

Our Store Reviews

Based on 8175 reviews
Rattan 48V/13Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike
Gregory Grant
Get One Now

This bike is so much fun it came on time actually it came 2 days early. It practically came fully assembled. This is a quality built bike better than I thought. So dont sleep on this one buy it.

Nakto Camel Women 36V/10Ah 250W-350W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket
Leon Broussard

Lot of fun

MotoTec Thor 60V/18Ah 2400W Folding Electric Scooter
Victor Ramos
Need 4 Speed!!

Outstanding! Just what I was looking for this Moto Tec Thor Scooter is a Beast! My first scooter was a Uber Scoot 1600w 48v and it goes pretty fast but the Thor definitely smokes the Uberscoot. The dual motors and lighter body weight really helps with extra speed and going up hills is No Problem!*Please read manual over a couple times slowly to be able to set all your settings a total of 20 programs.Includes:Horn,3 front lights,rear turn signals,cruise control and much more...I highly recommend the Moto Tec Thor😎👍

Rattan 48V/13Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike
Kenneth Davis

Love the bike

Awesome Bike!

I have put 320 miles on my Ecotric Seagull 1000watt E-Bike and i Love it, I recommend you purchase this bike!

MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter Black
Gary Grassi

Great working well using with two people attached pics .......

Nakto Folding OX 48V/10Ah 500W City Cargo Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike
Debra Felter
Nakto Steady

Great ebike! Easy to assemble.

Ecotric Dolphin 36V/12Ah 500W 7 Speed Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike - DISCONTINUED
Great Bike

My son absolutely loves this bike! Its been great. Only thing that wish was different was the battery but still great!

Rattan LF 500 48V/13Ah 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike - DISCONTINUED
Bob W.
6 week review

Love the orange color, (even nought Rattan calls it red). Have had a lot of compliments on the look. Have put over 360 miles on it. Riding on relatively flat terrain I’m going over 60 miles on a charge. Their are still two bars left so another 20 miles would be possible. Packing was rock solid. Bike had all touching parts padded and tie rapped. Put in a plastic bag and sealed. Then into another bag and filled with expandable foam and the box closed. Ride is enjoyable and the bike handles great. Mobility Paradise responded promptly about missing suspension seat post and the replacement arrived promptly. So far no problems. Enjoying my new ride.

PFIFF Scooter Trike L 36V/9Ah 250W Recumbent Electric Trike PF09105501EL
Veronica schlueter
Pics of me on my trike

See my review

MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter Black
Jeffrey Knoop
Fat tire flys

Can’t believe how fast this goes!!! So happy with product!!!

Green Bike USA Low Step 48V/18.20Ah 750W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike
Steve Johnsen

I have bought 8 of them and they are bulletproof.

Micargi Steed 48V/11.6Ah 800W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike
Robert McCay
Great customer service

Worked through a few small technical issues on the bike and Mobility Paradise was great working through them. Their customer service is terrific and Summer has been very helpful and terrific. Well done. Summer has been terrific and assisted with everything very nicely. Very helpful. Bike is doing well. Plenty of power! And Plenty of Speed. Wear your helmet!!

MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter Black
Jeffrey DeLaat
To much fun

Exceeds what I was expecting, was so pleasantly surprised by the handling and durability of bike. So awesome. Just wish it had mirrors

Eunorau 48V/12.5Ah 500W Folding Step-Thru Fat Tire Electric Bike
J Marie
Great so far

It’s been to cold to ride but have taken it out 2 times! So much fun! Can’t wait for warmer weather, it is going in the camper to ride trails and back roads. So far I love it. I am 67 and it’s great to be back on a bike and not have to worry how I’m getting back. Peddle as far as you can then ride back.

Nakto Camel Women 36V/10Ah 250W-350W Cruiser Electric Bike With Plastic Basket
Chuck Gregory
I should have gotten this a long time ago

I love my Nakto Camel electric bicycle.

I haven't had a driver's license for about fifteen years and the regular bike limited me to a two or three mile radius from home. Now I enjoy the freedom to travel as needed, when needed. I ride to and from church; I used to bum a ride or pay for a Lyft. Grocery runs are a breeze. And I even ride for fun, something I had rarely done in recent years.

The Nakto suits my needs almost perfectly, it's beautiful, and the price was right.

Thanks, Trevor and Mobility Paradise!

MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter Black
T. Collins
Mototec Fat tire Scooter

The Mototec Fat tire scooter is a blast to ride. It comes pretty much assembled, only have to put on handle bars. I enjoy riding in the neighborhood with my 7 year old daughter. This scooter is a beast, lots of power, smooth, and quiet. I was really impressed how well it was packaged, and how fast it arrived. I highly recommend ordering from Electric Bike Pardise. They notified me through the whole shipping process. Shipping was also free!!!

Eunorau New-Trike 48V/12.5Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike
David S
Excellent Folding eTrike!

I have artificial knee joints, with stability and balance issues that make riding a two-wheel bike impossible. I researched three-wheel electric trikes and discovered the Eunorau New-Trike. It is exactly what I wanted, needed, and have been shopping for. It is very well made, and performs flawlessly. It’s great to have the freedom of riding a bike again! Definitely recommended!

Qualisports Rear Rack for Nemo Bike
Joan Berkowitz
Nice little rack

Nice little rack. Instructions not too helpful but after watching a few brief videos from Qualisports I was able to install it easily. Ordered a few stretchy velcro straps so that I can secure my belongings to the rack! Also attached a small reflector.

Nakto Skylark 36V/10Ah 250W Folding Electric Bike
Good bang for the buck

Best bike you’re going to get for the money...worth it if you travel around town. Mobility paradise is the go-to place for ebikes. The only thing I would do to this bike is put a small piece of foam behind the battery bracket so it doesn’t bounce around… Other than that it’s a great buy for the price

Ecotric Fat Tire UL Certified 36V/12.5Ah 500W Folding Electric Bike C-FAT20810
Danielle McCreery
Great Bike!

Love the bike. My kids have a blast going for rides. We got it so we could go canoeing with one car. The bike works great for that. It’s really held up going down some really bumpy, sandy roads. The bike we originally ordered with suspension was out of stock so we ended up getting this one without suspension. Would definitely help riding down those rough roads. All in all we’re very happy with it and it serves its purpose. Thank you!

Razor Dirt Rocket MX650 36V Electric Dirt Bike
George B.
For adults also!

I ordered this for my 7 year old daughter who loves bike riding. It turned out that this dirt bike is for adults also. I have a 2 year old boy as well. He loves riding it with me when possible. That makes 205 total weight and no issues what so ever.

Green Bike USA 48V/10Ah 500W Folding Electric Bike
Danielle McCreery
Great bike!

This is a great bike. They kids love riding around on it. We both enjoy it. We bought it so we could ride it down 8 miles of rough road on a canoe trip. Did the job! Would have been a little nicer with suspension but that bike was out of stock. It serves it’s purpose and everyone is having fun with it. Thank you!

More assembly than told up front. Allen wrenches should be provided. Unit is solid, easily folds, handles nicely.

Great product

Great on sand and grass.
Worth every penny to be able to get on the beach and enjoy it