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A Bariatric bed is a patient care product that's generally designed for heavier individuals. Typically, these are the people who have a BMI of more than 30. They are significantly heavy and require exceptional support in carrying their weight. However, bariatric beds are not for the exclusive use of obese individuals anymore as it’s also beneficial for the elderly and those who have physical disabilities.

Bariatric beds are flexible and can bend at different angles, making them a good choice for patients who have difficulty moving around. In addition, bariatric beds make the patient highly transportable because of their wheels. Essentially, a bariatric bed is your best choice if you’re looking for a hospital-grade bed perfect for patients and the elderly who needs adequate assistance in moving around.

Benefits of a Bariatric Bed

Bariatric bed is very beneficial to patients mainly for the following reasons:


Bariatric beds come with superior support that provides its users with better comfort, leading to more prolonged and uninterrupted sleep. What’s good about a bariatric bed is that it’s highly flexible, so you can easily adjust it to your preferred sleeping angle, allowing you to have a comfortable rest. There are bariatric beds that come with temperature regulation to ensure utmost comfort and convenience for the user.

In addition, most bariatric beds come with a side railing which will serve as your boundary and protection to avoid falling down the bed. This is effective, especially for those who can’t stay in one position when sleeping and tend to move around impulsively.


Bariatric beds are generally designed for heavy individuals and patients who spend most of their time lying in bed. It’s made up of high-grade materials that are tested and proven to stand the test of time, which the bariatric beds sturdy enough to support the user’s weight constantly without its framing getting flimsy and brittle.


Patients typically require a bed like that of a hospital to fully care for the patient. This is where bariatric beds come in. Typically, hospital beds come with adjustable framing and can easily be transported from one point to another. If you’re looking for that kind of flexibility, you can expect precisely like that with a bariatric bed. Bariatric beds are your typical hospital beds but with better quality and durability – and of course, it’s something that you can have in your own home.

Generally, having a bariatric bed is the best choice for those who will still need utmost care while recovering at home.


The thing with bariatric beds is that they offer everything that a regular bed cannot offer. With a regular bed, you have to pile up pillows at the back of the patient to attain your desired height; also, you’ll have to manually carry the patient from the bed over to another bed in case of transporting him. This is not the case when you have a bariatric bed. With a bariatric bed, you can adjust the back support or elevation, and you can quickly transfer the patient from one place to another just by pushing or pulling the entire bed. It’s highly flexible and transferrable, which makes for easy mobility.

Best Bariatric Beds

If you're looking for the best bariatric beds in the market, then check out Mobility Paradise's selection below:

Convaquip Bariatric With Hard Shell Drain Pan Gurney Hospital Bed 910-B-HS

If you’re looking for a simple yet hospital-grade bariatric bed, then check out this Convaquip Bariatric With Hard Shell Drain Pan Gurney Hospital Bed 910-B-HS. This bariatric bed comes with a shower gurney with a 5-position elevating headrest for utmost flexibility. It likewise comes with a closed-cell waterproof foam pad with a canvas drain pan to ensure its cleanliness.

This bariatric bed can carry up to 600-lb weight, perfect for heavyweight users who need a bed that allows for bathing in as well. You also won’t have to worry about maintaining its cleanliness as it comes with a durable vinyl cover that’s easy to clean and prevents bacteria growth. Essentially, if you want an adjustable bed that you can also use for bathing, then check out this Convaquip Bariatric With Hard Shell Drain Pan Gurney Hospital Bed 910-B-HS.

Convaquip 48" Home Care Bariatric Hospital Bed 5648S/650-3

If you’re looking for a bariatric bed that offers a more homey look, without the feeling of being in a hospital bed, then this Convaquip 48" Home Care Bariatric Hospital Bed 5648S/650-3 should be your best choice. This bariatric bed comes with a friendly home-style design compared to the traditional furnish, so you won’t feel like being stuck in a hospital bed in your own home.

In terms of flexibility, it has a split bed frame that allows for easy handling and transport. It also boasts a carrying capacity of up to 650-lbs. So, if style and flexibility matter to you, then consider getting this Convaquip 48" Home Care Bariatric Hospital Bed 5648S/650-3.

Convaquip Maxi Rest 4842-5 42" Adjustable Full Electric Bariatric Bed 4842SVB/800-5

If you prefer to have a fully adjustable electronic bariatric bed, this Convaquip Maxi Rest 4842-5 42" Adjustable Full Electric Bariatric Bed 4842SVB/800-5 is our top recommendation. This bariatric bed has a whopping carrying capacity of up to 800-lbs and a deck that expands from 39”-42” – 48”, making it the best option for those who are highly heavyweight.

This medical-grade bariatric bed features a fully electric pendant control with five functions, making it very easy to use. You can also adjust it according to the user’s comfort, including vertical adjustments, upper body incline adjustments, and knee and leg lifts. You can easily fold this bariatric bed into two in terms of portability, making for easy transport and set up. Of course, you also get caster wheels for easy movement. Technically, if you want a top-notch bariatric bed, then this Convaquip Maxi Rest 4842-5 42" Adjustable Full Electric Bariatric Bed 4842SVB/800-5 is certainly your best choice.

Getting the Right Bariatric Bed for You

If you are stuck and cannot choose the right bariatric bed for you, then let our customer agents help you. Our team is well-trained and is highly knowledgeable on all products that we offer, just message us and we'll guide you along the way!

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