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Best Portable Wheelchairs

Are You Looking for the Most Portable Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are the universal aid when one is having a difficulty in walking. It’s basically the best and most essential travel buddy for anyone who cannot walk on his own. Speaking of a travel buddy, there are wheelchairs that are designed to be light and easy to carry. Specifically, these are called Portable Wheelchairs.

In this blog, we’ll give you a rundown on the pros and cons of a portable wheelchair and give you Mobility Paradise's selection of the best portable wheelchair.

But first, let’s tackle the basics...

What can a Portable Wheelchair do?

Portable wheelchairs offer the best combination of mobility and transportability. This kind of wheelchair allows you to stay mobile without the hassle of carrying its bulky form since it’s made of lightweight materials and can easily be folded.

Portable wheelchairs are designed in a way that provides you with a comfortable travel experience as you can use or carry it wherever without worrying about whether it will fit in as additional baggage or not. In addition, it also provides you with efficient safekeeping that allows you to keep it  

These portable wheelchairs can be used or folded into a smaller form so you can just squeeze it into tiny spaces. The effect is, you won’t have a headache about worrying on where to put it or whether it will fit into your additional baggage or not.

If you frequently visit the hospital and you’ll need a wheelchair to get you around, then buying a portable wheelchair is really a good choice since it can fit into the trunk of most cars. This hassle-free handling makes it easier for you and your caregiver/nurse.

Moreover, if you used to think that going on vacations is such a hassle since you have to think about where to keep your wheelchair in-flights or when boarding the train, then worry no more. Having a portable wheelchair can make these things more convenient for you.

Who Should Get a Portable Wheelchair?

Portable wheelchair is the best choice for those who want a seamless travel experience especially when going indoors and outdoors. While a portable wheelchair can do everything that you expect from a wheelchair, this kind of built has leverage if you’re looking for a flexible and easy-to-carry wheelchair.  

Our recommendation is – you get yourself a portable wheelchair if:

  • You’re looking for a wheelchair that can provide you with the utmost convenience and flexibility
  • You’re looking for a wheelchair that comes in handy when it comes to safekeeping
  • You’re looking for a relatively small wheelchair
  • You frequently travel by plane, ship, cruise, or train
  • You need a functional wheelchair that you can take wherever you go

Top Features of a Portable Wheelchair


When we say portable, the thing that automatically comes to mind is its weight – but how light or heavy is it compared to regular wheelchairs? Technically, portable wheelchairs are a lot lighter than regular wheelchairs mainly because they are not entirely made of aluminum materials. But don’t worry – that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s made of substandard materials.

Portable wheelchairs are mechanically designed to allow for easy handling by using light materials. However, if you want to be sure about the quality of its composition, then I suggest that you only buy from authentic sellers like Mobility Paradise, who can attest to its high-grade products.  


While portable wheelchairs are incredibly lightweight, that doesn’t mean that it only has a minimum weight capacity. Portable wheelchairs are not to be underestimated as this kind of wheelchair can keep up with regular wheelchairs in carrying average-sized adults. Keep in mind that portable wheelchairs can still do what a regular wheelchair can offer, so you won’t have to worry about being limited by their lightweight built. If any – its lightweight form is actually a good thing to make handling a lot easier.


The best part about portable wheelchairs is their functionality taking into consideration their compact built. With this kind of wheelchair, you can say goodbye to all the hassle of folding and squeezing in your regular wheelchair onto your car every time you’ll visit the hospital – this is the kind of inconvenience that a portable wheelchair addresses.

A portable wheelchair is undoubtedly a good buy for patients who are constantly going to different places since you can take it with you wherever you go. Plus, even if you want to buy only because you need to have a standby wheelchair at home for your parents or grandparents – you’ll also be pleased with its flexibility as it doesn’t take up much space for storage. All these features plus the regular features of a regular wheelchair in one compact form. So, if you want to do more and reach farther places while feeling at ease, I recommend getting yourself the best portable wheelchair in the market.

Best Portable Wheelchairs

Now that you know what to expect from a portable wheelchair, we’ve now listed the best portable wheelchairs that you can find that are readily available to you. Read on to know more about the strengths of each type.

Motion Composites Veloce Ultralight Folding Wheelchair VEWC07


Whoever said that wheelchairs should be boring? This Motion Composites Veloce Ultralight Folding Wheelchair VEWC07 introduces itself as this elegant-looking wheelchair perfect for minimalists and stylish persons. Besides, why settle for dull when you can have both functionality and style?

This portable wheelchair offers unrivaled agility, lightness, stability, and responsiveness, promising its users the best performance and maximum comfort. It’s effortless to transport and can quickly adapt to your active lifestyle. In addition to being incredibly strong and light, this Motion Composites Veloce Ultralight Folding Wheelchair VEWC07 is fully adjustable so that you can personalize it according to your preferences. From the front and rear seat-to-floor heights, the seat angle and more can easily be adjusted as needed. This portable wheelchair is undoubtedly the best portable wheelchair if you’re looking for a stylish yet functional wheelchair that you can use every day.

Strongback Mobility 24 Portable Wheelchair 1006


If you’re looking for a traditional yet sporty-looking wheelchair, then check out this Strongback Mobility 24 Portable Wheelchair. This portable wheelchair folding comes with a patented Strongback ergonomics with easily adjustable posture support in the backrest. As for the size, you have the flexibility to choose one with a small seat (16-inches), a regular seat (18-inches), and a large seat (20-inches), which makes it the right choice if you’re looking for a wheelchair that’s not too tight nor too wide – but one that you’ll fit comfortably in. You can check out this Strongback Mobility 24 Portable Wheelchair for more.

Strongback Mobility 24 Flip Portable Wheelchair 1019


If you’re looking for a portable wheelchair that comes in a sleek frame, then check out this Strongback Mobility 24 Flip Portable Wheelchair 1019. This tiny built wheelchair is perfect for average-sized adults weighing up to 300-lbs without feeling too enclosed. It comes with a patented strongback ergonomics with easily adjustable posture support for the backrest, which gives you ample support for prolonged seating. This is even made better with ergonomic comfort-grip handles.

In addition, it boasts an ultra-lightweight built paired with a compact foldable design that you can easily collapse in seconds. In terms of functionality, it has comfortable desktop-length armrests that will make your life easier when working with a desk. Plus, it has foldable armrests that will undoubtedly make transportability easier.  As for the dimensions and specifications, it has 24-inch rear wheels, a weight of 25.8-lbs., and measures 29x14x29.5 inches when folded. So, if you’re looking for a super flexible wheelchair that will make traveling easier, then don’t miss out on this Strongback Mobility 24 Flip Portable Wheelchair 1019.

Strongback Mobility 24+AB Portable Wheelchair 1006AB


If you’re looking for more options and better features, then this Strongback Mobility 24+AB Portable Wheelchair 1006AB will provide you with better flexibility. This wheelchair comes in three sizes from 16-inches, 18-inches, up to 20-inches, giving you ultimate flexibility in size preferences. As for the features, you still get all the features, including patented strongback ergonomics with backrest support, foldable design, ultra-lightweight built, detachable footrests, comfort-grip handles,  and desktop-length armrests. Like the other variants, this compact wheelchair can also carry a weight load of up to 300-lbs. 

Now going to the dimensions, the 16-inch wheelchair only measures 29x14x29.5 inches while the biggest version, the 20-inch wheelchair, measures 29x14x32 inches when folded. So, if you want a wheelchair that can perfectly fit your size, then choosing among the variants of Strongback Mobility 24+AB Portable Wheelchair 1006AB is an excellent choice.

Still looking for other options?

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