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Beginner’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Massage Chair

A massage chair can be your ultimate companion for rejuvenation, bliss, and relaxation. Who doesn’t want to feel like royalty without having to pay a king’s ransom? It is like having a ‘personal masseuse’ always kneading out all those aches and knots whenever you want.

But wait, buying a massage chair isn’t picking the first one you lay your eyes on. It’s about considering all the nitty-gritty details. And we’ll show you how to do this with our beginner’s guide on how to choose the best massage chair.

Hopefully, by the end of it, you’ll be a massage chair connoisseur with newfound knowledge. This is the road to maximum comfort.

Features to Consider When Shopping for a Massage Chair 

Here are all the main things you need to consider when purchasing the best massage chair.


Which type of massage chair are you looking to buy? There are a couple to choose from. And while the general idea is the same, there are a few unique differences between the types.

3D Massage Chairs 

Unlike the 3D movie experience, these don’t come with a pair of glasses. Instead, they feature 3D rollers that move up and down, in and out, and sideways to give you a more dynamic experience.

This allows your chair to hit those trigger points and makes you enjoy a greater intensity. Osaki OS-Pro Admiral (pictured above) is a good example of a 3D massage chair.

4D Massage Chairs 

4D chairs are essentially the same as 3D. They move up and down, in and out, and also sideways. The difference is the addition of time as a factor. With 4D, the speed and intensity of the chairs change over time. The result is a more customized experience.

Consider the Kyota Yosei 4D Massage Chair (pictured above) as the best in this category.

J-Track Massage Chairs 

We also have the J and L-track chairs. These are named after the unique roller track they follow. J-track massage chairs imitate the shape of a J, following the curvature of your spine. Also known as “Flex Track,”  the Kyota Kokoro 4D J-Track (pictured below) is an excellent example - and it 

L-Track Massage Chairs 

L-track chairs are the cooler cousins of J-track that follow the L shape. Their track is longer and extends from the neck down to the glutes. 

The experience with L-track chairs is more comprehensive and covers a larger area of your body. A good example is the Otamic 4D Sedona L-Track Massage Chair (pictured below).

Whichever type of massage chair you settle for, be sure that you are in for a treat! 


You know what they say, “Products are made in the factory but brands are created in the mind.” Some brands go over and beyond to design impeccable products worth your time and money.

The best brands have been in the game for a long time and know a thing or two about designing good massage chairs. But it can still be difficult to spot them. 

So, who’s who in the massage chair industry? Here are a few names to get you started. These are the Apple of massage chairs.


This brand, with a name that sounds like a Hawaiian vacation, is popular for its high-quality and innovative massage chairs. From body scan and zero gravity features to 3D and 4D massage technology, Kahuna’s massage chairs have it all.


By America, for the entire world. Luraco is all about American quality. Its chairs are designed and constructed in the USA, using only the best technology and materials. If you are a technophile, you’ll love the Bluetooth connectivity and screen remote control features.


Why break the bank when you can find high-quality massage chairs from Osaki? Osaki designs massage chairs for every budget and need. Plus, you can adjust the speed and intensity settings for a customizable experience.


Panasonic is a household brand widely known for its quality appliances and electronics. That’s why it doe`sn’t come as a surprise that its massage chairs don’t disappoint. Its programs are advanced and feature lots of techniques.


Titan means business. The brand is all about power and performance. If you want a massage chair with all the top-tier features that will provide you with a personal experience, not many names can compete with Titan.

Heat Therapy 

Heat therapy is another important factor to consider. If you don’t have access to an infrared sauna, a massage chair will work just fine. It is a powerful relaxation and pain relief treatment, especially for the lower back. There are a few benefits of the therapy.

One, it relaxes tight muscles and increases blood flow. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles, reducing inflammation and providing relief. 

Secondly, it reduces stress. The warmth creates a calming and soothing sensation, and for a second, you forget all your problems.

But not all massage chairs come with heat therapy. Only the best do. So make sure to look for a chair that includes this feature.

Zero Gravity 

If you didn’t achieve your childhood dream of being Neil Armstrong, your massage chair can make this possible without having to wear a bulky spacesuit. Hitting zero gravity makes the chair recline all the way back, raising your legs above your heart level.

Now, why on earth would you want to be in this position? The zero gravity position distributes your weight evenly across the chair and reduces the pressure on your joints and spine. It helps improve circulation and, in turn, reduces swelling in the feet.

Massage chairs with this function are typically designed larger and will require more floor space. It’s worth keeping this in mind.

Foot Rollers 

Foot rollers are a common accessory in many massage chairs. They are typically made of small, rotating balls you step on and move along your feet. They provide a deep, kneading massage to your feet.

This relieves tension, pain, and discomfort in your feet and improves circulation. Some chairs have their foot rollers with settings so that you can control the intensity.

This feature is excellent for athletes and those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Recline Capabilities 

A good massage chair should allow you to kick back and relax in a comfortable position as you enjoy your massage. A reclining chair will help distribute your weight evenly and reduce pressure points. This is important for an effective and comfortable massage experience.

Some massage chairs include different reclining positions and even convert to lift chairs for the perfect angle. 

Reclining is important for those who suffer from back pains and discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Does a Massage Chair Last? 

The lifespan of a massage chair will vary depending on factors such as its quality, frequency of use and how well the chair is maintained. Generally though, a high quality massage chair from a reputable brand will last between 5 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance, of course. 

Can You Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant? 

Yes, you can use a massage chair when pregnant. However, you should consult with your medical provider before doing so. Some features such as intense pressure and heat therapy may be harmful to the pregnancy.

What Is the Difference Between Shiatsu and Swedish Massage?

Shiatsu massage is like that angry friend who goes all in while a Swedish massage is that smooth-talking friend who makes you feel relaxed.

Shiatsu uses finger pressure to balance the body’s energy while Swedish massage uses circular movements and long strokes to give a full-body massage experience.


Choosing the best massage chair can take a while, but it’s worth it in the end. When making your decision, it’s important to think about your budget, your specific needs, and preferences, as well as the brand. Ultimately, invest in something worth your time and money.

Browse through our collection of massage chairs (we’ve got every type). Take time and explore your options. And feel free to contact us with any problems or questions. We are always happy to help!

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