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All About AmeriGlide Lift Chairs

What if sitting could be fun and empowering? Guess what, it is! Lift chairs are special seating solutions for enhancing comfort for people with limited mobility. The innovative chairs assist with standing and improving independence while putting little strain on the joints and muscles.

With so many products and brands in the market, choosing the right one, where exceptional quality and affordable pricing are guaranteed, becomes slightly difficult. One trusted name is AmeriGlide. 

In this blog, we tell you about the brand and why you should have an AmeriGlide lift chair in your home.

Brief History of AmeriGlide

Not long ago, in 2004, AmeriGlide’s story began. Founded in Raleigh, NC, the company aimed to serve the whole of the United States through service technicians, installers, and dealers. It has corporate offices in North Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, and Arizona.

Since its establishment, AmeriGlide has remained a top name in the stair lift and vertical platform industry. As expected, its product offering has expanded over the years and now includes virtually any limited mobility solution.

Likewise, the team at AmeriGlide is constantly on the rise and includes a family of people passionate about improving the lives of individuals with limited mobility.

Features and Functionality of AmeriGlide Lift Chairs

AmeriGlide is popular for its exceptional features and functionality. Here are a few ways its chairs are designed for you to make the most out of them.

Quality and Unique Design 

Mix a portion of quality and creativity, stir them, and you will come up with AmeriGlide lift chairs. These seats are designed to withstand harsh daily use and prove a reliable companion for many years. 

The chairs have reinforced construction and a sturdy frame that guarantees safety and stability when moving. Plus, they are both stylish and ergonomic, coming in various colors and styles to suit different needs and preferences.

Customization Options

AmeriGlide lift chairs feature a few customization options, as outlined below:

Recline Positions – These seats offer users different recline positions for the perfect angle.

Upholstery Options – They are designed using different materials such as leather, fabric, or synthetic blends. Pick an option that suits you best.

Additional features such as integrated USB ports and heated seats give them extra convenience and comfort.

Finally, the chairs come in different weight and size capacities to accommodate all users. 

Safety Features

Safety is of utmost importance, especially in the world of lift chairs. A few things are added to make sure you remain safe and sound. For starters, the recline mechanisms are smooth and controlled for added stability and safety.

Secondly, most of the models feature a locking system to secure both you and the chair in place. The chairs also come with an emergency battery backup system in the event of a power outage.

Finally, AmeriGlide lift chairs are designed with an anti-tipping mechanism and a stable base to prevent accidental falls and trips.

Benefits of AmeriGlide Lift Chairs

AmeriGlide lift chairs offer more than just a platform to sit. Here are a few benefits of owning the lift chairs.

Improved Mobility and Independence

AmeriGlide lift chairs' biggest advantage is their massive improvement in independence and mobility. This is especially useful for individuals with limited mobility, where standing can be challenging and even risky.

With the help of a button, these chairs provide a smooth transition from a seated to a standing position. You can now maintain your daily routine and perform tasks that would have otherwise been difficult effortlessly.

AmeriGlide lift chairs give you control over your movements and eliminate the risks of falls and injuries. You become your own superhero.

Enhanced Comfort

Everyone deserves the comfort fit for a king or queen, and AmeriGlide doesn’t disappoint. The brand puts comfort as a top priority. The chairs are designed with ergonomic support, exceptional cushioning, and top-tier materials.

The headrest and armrest are padded to create an inviting and cozy feeling. Plus, you can recline at different angles and enjoy your favorite TV show or take a nap with much ease. Be careful not to get too comfortable that you make it your permanent place.

Assistance with Standing and Sitting 

Do you need a bit of help with standing? AmeriGlide lift chairs have your back, literally. With the touch of a button, the seats will lift you up gently till you are in a standing position. If your mobility is limited, you don’t have to strain your muscles and joints unnecessarily.

And when it’s time to sit, you press the button again; and the chair will lower gradually. On top of making you rise to the occasion and defying gravity, this assistance helps reduce the risk of falls and injuries.


Taste is subjective, and everyone has unique needs and preferences. AmeriGlide manufacturers are aware of this and design their seats with a range of customization options.

The seats come in different colors, sizes, weight capacities, materials, and styles. Other models even offer added features such as personalized relaxation and comfort.

Reduced Strain and Discomfort

We also love AmeriGlide lift chairs for their ability to alleviate discomfort and strain on the body. Their cushioning and ergonomic design help reduce pressures on the back and knees and distribute the body weight evenly.

The seats’ proper support and alignment help relieve pains and aches related to prolonged sitting. People with limited mobility and conditions such as back pain and arthritis will experience greater relief and comfort from these chairs.

Top AmeriGlide Lift Chairs

Our review won’t be complete without some of the amazing products AmeriGlide offers. Here are our top three picks. Don’t forget to check out our incredible discount offers!

AmeriGlide Horizon Plus Stair Lift

Admittedly, AmeriGlide Horizon Plus Stair Lift isn’t the best-looking chair around. But it makes up for its basic appearance with fantastic features and specs. Its powerful, quiet, and efficient train system will always provide a gentle and smooth ride.

You’ll love the retractable seat belt that helps secure you in place. There is also a key switch to prevent unauthorized use, which will halt operation if it detects an obstruction. Talk of safety.

The lift is battery-powered, meaning you will have access to your chair even during a power outage. You no longer have to worry about remaining stuck on one floor of your house.


Seat Height, Raised: 36”

Seat Width: 17.7” to 22”

Seat Depth: 15.5:

Lifting Capacity: 308 lb

Key lock: Yes

AmeriGlide Luxury Bath lift

The first product was for the house. This one is for the bathroom. AmeriGlide Luxury Bath Lift is a secure and permanent solution for your bath. We love it since it doesn’t have to be installed and removed before and after each use like most bath lifts.

The lift will raise you up completely and over the tub’s edge without lifting or maneuvering the legs. And it will all take less than one minute. Here are a few of its specifications.

Seat Height, Raised: 36”

Seat Width: 15.75”

Seat Depth: 15.5:

Lifting Capacity: 350 lb

Product Weight: 95 lb

Warranty: Lifetime/ 4 yr. Electrical

AmeriGlide Portable Pro Pool Lift

Now you can enjoy a dip in the pool without any worries. AmeriGlide Portable Pro Pool Lift. This lift comes in a portable design and eliminates the need for anchors. It has a compact frame that you can use to move around the pool with ease.

It also has a lap belt and adjustable footrest for additional security and comfort.


Weight Capacity: 350 lb (160 kg)

Material: Stainless Steel

Warranty: 5-year structural and pro-rated electronics 


AmeriGlide combines advanced functionality, thoughtful design, and superior quality to enhance its users' safety, comfort, and mobility. Through its products, AmeriGlide has shown its commitment to improving the lives of people with limited mobility.

Now it’s time to add an AmeriGlide lift chair to your home. Check out our AmeriGlide patient care collection and pick what pleases you the most. Plus, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are happy to help.

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