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7 Exciting Reasons Why You Need an Indoor Steam Room

An indoor steam room may just be what you need after a long day of sweat and chaos. It is pure bliss and an escape from the realities of life. But besides relieving you from daily life's stresses, indoor steam rooms offer many other benefits.

Here are 7 exciting reasons why you need an indoor steam room. Grab a towel, put on your favorite sauna suit, and let us convince you why you should have an indoor steam room. And no, we’re not talking about your hot shower.

What is an indoor steam room?

Before getting deep into the topic, let’s first make sure everyone understands what an indoor steam room is. An indoor steam room is an enclosed space that is heated with steam generators. 

Basically, the room is designed to withstand high levels of heat and moisture. The steam generators heat water to produce steam which is then released into the room using nozzles or vents. This steam is infused with fragrances and essential oils to enhance the experience.

Steam rooms are almost similar to saunas, with the major difference being that you are getting dry heat in saunas. Steam rooms, on the other hand, as the name implies, give you steam (wet heat).

Why Get an Indoor Steam Room for Your Home?

For starters, an indoor steam room is perfect for reminiscing about last night’s questionable life decisions. But aside from that, here are 6 other reasons why you should get an indoor steam room for your home.

Convenience & Accessibility

You have to admit it can be pretty difficult to prioritize our health and wellbeing when we are pressed for time and constantly on the go. That is why having an indoor steam room is a game changer.

You get to enjoy the full benefits of the steam room from the comfort of your home. No more need to worry about commuting to a gym or spa. Simply slip into the room whenever you feel like it.

You can’t also ignore how easily flexible and accessible it is. One of the biggest advantages of having an indoor steam room is that you make it work according to your schedule, not the other way around.

Plus, you can always customize it to your liking. Want soothing music and less lighting? Go for it. And if you like energizing scents, you can also go for it. Only a few things are cooler than having a steam room in your home.

Ease of use 

When you want to relax and unwind, the last thing you need to bog you down is confusing instructions and complicated equipment. Another reason we love indoor steam rooms is that they are incredibly easy to use.

Most steam rooms will have simple settings and controls that allow you to control and adjust the room’s temperature and humidity. Adjust the settings, and relax; the room will take care of the rest.

On top of this, steam rooms are low maintenance. They are easy to clean and maintain. And since they have little exposure to outdoor elements, there is minimal potential damage from insects and animals.

Health Benefits 


Want to flush out all the tacos in your digestive system and feel like a new person in no time? You may or may not know this, but sweat is one of the best ways to flush out waste from your body. So, spending as little as 20 minutes in a steam room is all you need.

The heat and humidity from steam rooms help raise the body’s natural sweat production. This is important to flush out all the impurities through the pores. No micro-organism would be able to survive when you raise your body’s temperature above the threshold.

Improved circulation 

Blood flowing through the veins flawlessly feels almost as good as getting a massage. If you don’t have access to a massage chair, a steam room is your next best thing. Step into the room and let the heat do its thing.

The heat will dilate your capillaries and improve blood circulation throughout your body. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to all your organs, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

Why is improved blood circulation so important?

  • It minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It improves enzyme production.
  • Improves brain function.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Improves skin health.

Stress relief 

Stress – everyone’s arch-nemesis. Whether from work, home, or school, stress sneaks up on us and wreaks our physical and mental health. Before going to therapy, try out a steam session to help relieve this stress.

Heat relaxes your muscles and eases tension throughout the body. It reduces the production of cortisol, the hormone directly involved in stress. 

End your day with a steam routine to escape the rat race and reflect upon your life. Use the calm and quiet environment for breathing, relaxing, and thinking clearly. Sort of having a mini vacation without leaving town. Your night’s sleep will never be better.

Skin hydration / Improved complexion

A steam room does wonders for your skin. When the largest human organ gets clogged with dirt, dust, sebum, makeup, and dead skin cells, among other impurities, you deserve to give it a spa day.

Aside from regular washing, sunblock, and moisturizing, a steam room is another effective way of taking good care of your skin. Steam bath sessions are a proven way to cleanse the skin.

It helps open up your pores and increases blood flow to your skin. This, in turn, helps nourish and hydrate the skin cells.

If you experience skin itchiness, flakiness, and dryness, a 20-minute steam room therapy will leave your skin soft and supple. Its environment is perfect to help balance out the skin’s natural oil production – not too hot, not too cold. 

Workout Recovery

After a strenuous recovery, when your muscles are sore and fatigued, a steam room will help heal the body back. During workouts, you push your body to the limit. As a result, lactic acid builds up, and your muscles tear up.

A post-workout steam room season helps relax and revitalize your worn-out muscles. The high heat and humidity in the room increase blood flow to your organs and muscles and help your blood vessels dilate.

This helps flush out all the toxins and metabolic wastes accumulated during the workout. It brings in fresh oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and helps your body repair and heal. It also improves your mobility.

Best Indoor Steam Room: Top Picks

Looking for the best indoor steam rooms? Here are our top 3 picks. These showers don’t come cheap, but we offer up to 50% discount at Mobility Paradise. It’s an offer that you cannot miss out on!

Maya Bath Valencia 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower

Maya Bath Valencia Steam Shower is the perfect fit if you are looking for a luxurious shower to add a palatial touch to your home. This isn’t your average steam shower. It features a luxuriously modern design and is equally packed with luxurious features.

Designed for two users, the Maya Bath Steam Shower is what you need to ease away stress and tension. You will appreciate its built-in high-efficiency steam generator, hydro-massage jets, and heated whirlpool jets.

Athena WS-108 1-Person Walk-in Steam Shower

Unlike Maya Bath Shower, this one is for solo users. If you want a spacious, luxury steam shower without sacrificing quality, don’t settle for anything other than Athena Walk-in Steam Shower.

The oakwood ceiling of this steam shower, combined with its heavy-duty hinged glass door and floor grids, gives it a distinctly luxurious, and stylish design. And given its size, it should easily fit in your smaller bathroom.

As proof of quality, the steam room comes with a 7-year warranty.

Mesa WS-803A 2-Person Walk-in Steam Shower

It comes in a simple design, but there’s no denying that the Mesa 2-Person Steam Shower is luxurious. It has bench seating for two, a foot massager, a handheld shower, and a sliding glass door. Plus, its configurations are both in the left and right hand.

The shower has blue LED lighting, a ventilation fan, and storage shelves for added style and convenience.


From skin hydration to detoxification and workout recovery, indoor steam rooms offer many benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. In addition, their accessibility and convenience make them easy to incorporate into our daily routine.

Enough of the talk and beginning of actions. Browse through our selection of indoor steam rooms and choose the best one for you. If you are limited on space, go for 1-person showers, but if you love companionship, 2-person showers are perfect. 

Feel free to contact our support team with any questions or problems. We are always happy to help!

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