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Motion Composites APEX C Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair APWC11

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Motion Composites APEX A Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair APWC11-A

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Wheelchairs allow persons with disabilities to be mobile; it significantly improves the quality of life of these people, making them a necessity.  However, for anyone dependent on his wheelchair, the best option is to have a wheelchair that can promise maximum performance – and that is exactly what a rigid wheelchair promises to offer.

In this buying guide, we’ll give you an overview of rigid wheelchairs to see if they will fit your needs. We'll also introduce to you the best rigid wheelchairs that you can find in the market, and available here in Mobility Paradise!

What is a Rigid Wheelchair?

If you’re looking for a minimalist manual wheelchair that you can ride easily without much fuss and without sacrificing performance, then a rigid wheelchair is for you. Rigid wheelchairs are designed with ultralight, rigid framing that features minimal and non-folding frames, specifically engineered to provide maximum performance and propel efficiently as much as possible, making it the perfect option for full-time, active wheelchair users.

Essentially, a rigid wheelchair is the perfect choice for active users looking for a wheelchair that can offer ultimate performance. However, don’t confuse rigid wheelchairs with a foldable wheelchair as the former is not foldable. And because they don't fold, rigid wheelchairs come with fewer parts and less hardware – so there are no moving frame parts to worry about.

Things to Consider When Buying a Rigid Wheelchair

When getting any kind of wheelchair, there are multiple factors that you need to consider before making the purchase. These are things including comfort, seat size, capacity, wheels, and overall performance.


For a patient or any person with disabilities, comfort and safety are the top considerations. This is because the user will most likely depend on the wheelchair most of the time, so it’s reasonable only to get one that can ensure you maximum comfort and safety. Look for one that will give you full back and bum support so you won’t get back pains and other muscular pains. Our recommendation is you choose one that’s padded to help make your body feeling more relaxed. In addition, a cushioned seat will give you a better experience since it can reduce friction and pressure during extended use.


To achieve comfort, finding a wheelchair that can fully support your built is essential. This includes finding a wheelchair that’s perfect for your body width and height. Seat size includes the width, the distance from one armrest to another, and the depth, which is the distance from the backrest to the front edge of the seat. These factors will significantly influence your comfort, so it’s essential to look for one that you will fit just right in – not too tight and not too wide. Of course, it’s also better to choose one that offers room for adjustments.


Speaking of dimensions, of course, you want to make sure that your wheelchair can carry your entire weight without being damaged - even in prolonged periods. Typically, rigid wheelchairs can carry weight between 250lbs to 300lbs.


There is no wheelchair without wheels.  For rigid wheelchairs, the best kind of wheels are high-pressure ones that can traverse indoors with smooth surfaces and outdoors, including uneven terrain. You can choose one that comes with carbon fiber wheels or a semi-pneumatic since they work perfectly on any kind of surface.


As mentioned earlier, persons with disabilities need utmost comfort and performance. This means they should be spared from the troubles of having to deal with a damaged part. This is also precisely why you should only choose

But aside from that, they also need full support. Features such as padded armrests provide extra comfort and added support, so it’s best to choose one that comes with a padded armrest as well. These armrests are typically removable, which makes for a more effortless transporting experience. Likewise, there is also leg rests, which will provide you with better comfort and additional support.

Best Rigid Wheelchairs

Motion Composites APEX A Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair APWC11

If you’re looking for an elegant-looking rigid wheelchair that can deliver maximum performance, then check out this Motion Composites APEX A Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair APWC11. This rigid wheelchair combines the benefits of being light and modern with its triple-butted aluminum and carbon fiber components, ensuring the user of maximum durability and performance.  This rigid wheelchair is extremely easy to propel so that you can get to your destination easier and faster. As for the aesthetics, this Motion Composites APEX A Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair APWC11 is boldly designed to be a head-turner and challenge stereotypes.

You’ll undoubtedly love this Motion Composites APEX A Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair APWC11. as it’s only made of high-grade materials such as AluLite aluminum alloy and triple-butted aluminum plus a touch of carbon fiber, which altogether make this rigid wheelchair remarkably strong and durable to last many years to come. The best part is that it’s infinitely adjustable! You can adjust the back angle, seat-to-floor height, and rear-wheel positions to your preference. So, if you’re looking for a rigid wheelchair that’s flexible and powerful for everyday use, then this Motion Composites APEX A Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair APWC11 is the perfect choice.

Motion Composites APEX C Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair APWC11

If you’re looking for a rigid wheelchair that’s made of the most advanced components, then check out this Motion Composites APEX C Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair APWC11. This rigid wheelchair sports a state-of-the-art built that’s designed to provide maximum agility at all times. It comes with a cantilever frame, which serves as your shock absorber, so you get a smooth riding experience throughout.

The Motion Composites APEX C Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair APWC11 is made of carbon fiber, making the rigid wheelchair the strongest while being at its lightest form. Like the previous model, you can also adjust several features of this rigid wheelchair, such as the back angle, seat-to-floor height, and rear-wheel position. This rigid wheelchair can carry users up to 260-lbs, perfect for adults.

Buying a Rigid Wheelchair

Still unsure what a rigid wheelchair is? Let us help! Just leave us a message and one of our customer agents will enlighten you on the basics of a rigid wheelchair. Our staff are well-trained about all our products so you can expect to have the best customer experience. Let us make you customer journey a wonderful experience!

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