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Looking for the Best Mattress Pump?

If you’re looking to have a better sleep, perhaps getting an air bed will certainly address your needs. However, not all mattress pumps are high-quality and can provide you with the results that you need.

The good news is that there are medical-grade mattress pumps designed to give their users the right pressure, so you won’t have to worry about deflated mattresses and muscle pains every morning. With a medical-grade mattress pump, you ,won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night because of bedsores. A medical-grade mattress pump keeps the pressure of the mattress stable that prevents you from bottoming out, which sometimes causes muscle pains.

Now, if you’re still looking for a mattress, there are tons of options here at Mobility Paradise. But aside from that, there are many other patient care products that you can choose from to provide you with better sleep, which can even improve the quality of your life.

Why Should You Get a Mattress Pumps?

Like a medical-grade mattress, mattress pumps come with tons of benefits, including the following:


With a mattress pump, you can be sure that you get good sleep all through the night because of the stability of your mattress. Waking up the following day will also feel refreshing since you won’t feel any muscle or joint pains. This medical equipment is perfect for injured patients, post-surgery patients, and the elderly with brittle bones and weakened muscles. Plus, mattress pumps allow equal weight distribution, reducing pressure spots, which is one of the most effective ways of treating and preventing pressure ulcers.


With a mattress pump, the mattress will receive a regular cycle of inflation and deflation with just a click of a button. This is in contrast to having a manual pump that requires a lot of effort to utilize. The effect is that you will continuously enjoy ample pressure to ensure your bed will not bottom out, which usually happens in pressure points. Don’t worry; medical-grade mattress pumps usually have very minimal noise, so you can still enjoy a restful and uninterrupted sleep.


Mattress pumps come in a plug-and-play setting; there’s no need for any complicated setup, which sometimes may be confusing. The good news is that these mattress pumps come with a set of controls that can be easily configured even by patients themselves. This means that you won’t need technical assistance in setting up your mattress pump.

Best Mattress Pumps for Your Home

Proactive Medical Protekt Aire 9900 13"X10"X5" Mattress Pump 81091

The Proactive Medical Protekt Aire 9900 13"X10"X5" Mattress Pump 81091 is one of the most versatile and practical air mattresses available in the market. It’s effective in treating patients suffering from stage I up to multiple stage IV of pressure ulcers. This mattress pump is designed with a high-tech software-driven circuit board that provides users with multi-zone pressure therapy, continuous actual low air loss, alternating pressure, and pulsation all in one dynamic air system. This mattress pump provides 1,275 liters per minute of actual low air loss through alternating pressure and pulsation. It boasts a state-of-the-art micro-controller technology that monitors blower speed to set pressures.

In addition, it comes with a user-friendly control panel with dome keys and an LED display for a simple user interface. Its cell-on-cell mattress design will ensure you get uninterrupted and comfortable sleep as it prevents you from bottoming out in case of power failure. You can also rely on it as this mattress pump is equipped with audio/visual alarms during a power outage or low pressures. And in case of such a power outage, internal memory retains current settings, so you won’t have to set it up again. Lastly, its nylon top cover is fluid-resistant, anti-microbial/anti-bacterial, and quilted for added comfort.

Proactive Medical Protekt Aire 8900 16"X11"X7" Mattress Pumps 80089-P

If you’re looking for an affordable mattress pump without sacrificing the essential features, then check out this Proactive Medical Protekt Aire 8900 16"X11"X7" Mattress Pumps 80089-P. This mattress pump comes P is to be used with Proactive Medical 8900 36"x80"x10" Low Air Loss Protekt Aire 80089. It comes with audible low-pressure alarms to alert clinicians when preset pressure levels decrease. In addition, it also has a static mode that allows for easy transfer in and out of bed.

Proactive Medical Protekt Aire 8600AB-48 13"X10"X5" Mattress Pumps 86086

If you’re looking for the cheapest yet efficient mattress pump, then check out this Proactive Medical Protekt Aire 8600AB-48 13"X10"X5" Mattress Pumps 86086. This mattress pump is designed to work with Proactive Medical 8000BA-48 48"x80"x8" Low Air Loss & Alternating Pressure Mattress System Protekt Aire with Raised Side Air Bolsters 86080AB-48. Like the previous model, this unit comes with audible low-pressure alarms to alert clinicians whenever preset pressure levels drop. And of course, in terms of convenience, it comes with a static mode option for easy transfers in and out of bed.

Proactive Medical Protekt Aire 7000 16"X11"X7" Mattress Pumps 80071

The last contender is also the one that offers the best value. This Proactive Medical Protekt Aire 7000 16"x11"x7" Pump 80071 works ideally with Proactive Medical 7000 36"x80"x8" Lateral Rotation & Low Air Loss Mattress System Protekt Aire 80070. This powerful yet quiet, user-friendly pump produces 52 LPM (liter per minute) of airflow directly under the patient keeping them cool, dry, and virtually free of sweat. It comes with a user-friendly control panel with dome keys and LED display for a simple user interface, displays current mode, rotation times, angles, and mode; and provides patient comfort pressure level from Soft 1 to Firm 10 (8 ± 4 to 32 ± 6 mmHg).

The Proactive Protekt Aire 7000 Pump also comes with solenoids that hold air for days in a power failure or during patient transportation. In addition, it features a lockout key that completely locks the control panel to eliminate tampering with the patient settings, including the power switch. It also comes with a UL/CSA-approved power cord and is equipped with audiovisual alarms in a power outage or low pressures.

Buying the Right Mattress Pump

If you're still unsure on which mattress pump is best for your mattress, just leave us a message and our customer specialist will get back to you instantly. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and well-trained on how to make our customers' purchasing journey flawless so you get on all products that we offer, just message us and we'll guide you along the way!

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