Pathway Mobility Electric Wheelchairs

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Pathway Mobility Electric Wheelchairs

Are you looking for an excellent and transformer-looking electric wheelchair? If yes, then you came to the right place.

In this collection guide, we’ll introduce you to Pathway Electric Wheelchairs.

About Pathway Mobility Electric Wheelchairs

Pathway Mobility manufactures compact, and lightweight foldable electric vehicle (EV) mobility aids. The company offers mobility equipment products that are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport.

In terms of quality, Pathway Mobility products are manufactured in an FDA audited facility and tested and supported through a rigid set of industry compliance and certification standards to ensure overall safety and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose a Pathway Mobility Electric Wheelchair?

We highly recommend that you get a Pathway Electric Wheelchair if:

  • You’re looking for a high-quality electric wheelchair that complies with the most rigid FDA standards
  • You’re looking for a compact electric wheelchair that does not fall short in providing utmost comfort
  • You value style, and you prefer an electric wheelchair that offers a sporty and vibrant look

Best Pathway Mobility Electric Wheelchairs

Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser Elite EX 24V/16Ah 180W Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair GC-416

If you prefer a sporty and vibrant look, then this Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser Elite Lightweight Electric Wheelchair is the best bet. In terms of being lightweight, it leads the pack weighing only 65-lbs with a battery. In terms of capacity, it can carry individuals up to 350-lbs, suitable for most people. The best part about this Lightweight Electric Wheelchair is that it prides itself on being the most convenient and flexible Electric Wheelchair – allowing you to fold it in just seconds.

This Lightweight Electric Wheelchair is perfect if you’re a frequent traveler as it can easily be transported in the trunk of most vehicles. Plus, it’s effortless to use especially when boarding a cruise, yacht, or airplane. The best part is that it meets the government regulations regarding safety. So, if you’re an extrovert who doesn’t want to miss any gathering and event, this Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser Elite Folding Electric Wheelchair is the perfect buddy!

Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser DX 24V/16Ah 180W Foldable Electric WheelChair GC-216

Suppose you fell in love with the Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser Elite. In that case, you’ll love this Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser DX more – especially if you’re looking for the best Lightweight Electric Wheelchair that you can take out on adventures!

The Geo Cruiser DX is an FDA-approved Lightweight Electric Wheelchair that enables you to get around quickly without worrying about your safety – one essential feature, for instance, is that it comes with flat-free wheels to go through any kind of terrain without worrying about losing balance or damaging your wheels. In terms of its built - explicitly speaking, this lightweight electric wheelchair only weighs a total of 56lbs and comes in a patented design that allows for easy folding. As for the capacity, it can carry up to 270-lbs and run up to 15 miles.

This lightweight electric wheelchair offers maximum transportability as you can easily fit it into the trunk or hatchback of most vehicles like SUVs and sedan cars. Plus, carrying it around while riding the bus, train, and even on the boat is more convenient than regular electric wheelchairs, making it the best lightweight electric wheelchair for people who are constantly traveling.

Pathway Mobility Geo Cruiser LX 24V/16Ah 180W Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair GC-316

The Geo Cruiser LX is the #1 FDA-cleared lightweight foldable electric power chair. With this electric wheelchair, you can easily participate in family gatherings, go shopping, visit museums, fairs, and other social events with the confidence that you will enjoy yourself by gaining more independence.

It comes in a compact and portable design that allows you to fold and unfold the unit in seconds. In terms of convenience, it can be easily transported in the trunk or hatchback of most vehicles, as well as an SUV, van, bus, train, or boat. The best part is that the Geo Cruiser is ideal for travel and is airline-approved and cruise-ship-ready. As for the range, you can travel up to 15 miles on a single charge. For comfort, all models feature a Comfortrest cushioned seat, padded four-position backrest, three-position footrests, and right and left adjustable leg guards.

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