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Moving Life ATTO 48V Portable Folding 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter AT01‐100‐B2

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Are you in search of the most efficient mobility scooter today? Then you just might have found it. Introducing the Moving Life mobility scooter.  

About Moving Life Mobility Scooters

Moving Life is the brainchild of Nino Ransenberg, who is a polio victim himself. Because of his limited mobility, he needed a tool to help him live his day-to-day life as an entrepreneur. This situation prompted him to develop the ATTO.

Quoting Nino’s words, “The idea of ​​the product arose because of the frustration I felt every time I traveled and returned from abroad. I had to wait for my scooter to get off the plane, so I came up with a product that would be easy and foldable, one that would be able to enter the cabin and get off the plane with you”.

From this standpoint alone, you can already conclude how intelligent and efficient the ATTO mobility scooter is. Moving Life's ATTO mobility scooter is not comparable to anything else in the market. It’s way different from the looks of a heavy and bulky mobility scooter. Instead, it looks more like a cool gadget.

Why Choose Moving Life Mobility Scooters?

Suppose you are a frequent traveler and you have difficulty taking long walks, or you just tire easily. In that case, the ATTO mobility scooter is the perfect choice. The ATTO mobility scooter can easily fit any vehicle, including mini cars and taxis.

Generally, taxi drivers usually speed up and drive away when they see a passenger on a mobility scooter. The good news is that you can turn this situation around with ATTO. This mobility scooter is very compact and is built so that you can easily fold it, so you’ll never have to worry about such inconvenience.

Aside from its functionality and intelligent structure, ATTO comes in a unique design that’s very modern and eye-catching.

Best Moving Life Mobility Scooter

Moving Life ATTO 48V Portable Folding 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

The ATTO mobility scooter is extremely lightweight. But apart from that, what makes this mobility stand out from the rest is its innovative design – you can fold it into a trolley or split it into two parts, both of which make it a lot easier to carry around. Because of its design, traveling will be a lot easier whether you’re riding a plane, ship, boat, or bus.

In terms of capability and performance, this lightweight mobility scooter has a range of 12 miles. It boasts a maximum speed of 4 mph. With that said, you can confidently ride it all day at a safe pace without worrying about losing power in the middle of nowhere. Take note, however, that because it’s lightweight, it can only carry a weight load of up to 265-lbs.

While this mobility scooter is lightweight, it’s super-rich in features. It has built-in deck storage, a USB charging port for connecting your devices, a cane/crutch holder,  and an led display for your trip information. In terms of comfort, you get a seat cushion that’s great for a comfortable and continuous drive. You also get an adjustable seat as well as foldable armrests for better comfort. Another bonus of this scooter is that it is FDA approved and certified by TUV and CE; it is also compatible with all seasons. 

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