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Human Floor Lifts

When caring for a patient or a person with disabilities, you’re faced with multiple demands for proper care. Fortunately, there are tons of patient care products to choose from to make your life easier. This is just right because obviously, a patient needs excellent care and comfort to support their full recovery. And because patients have limited mobility, you’d want to invest in something that will help this problem. For instance, you can get an electric wheelchair, a mobility scooter, or an electric scooter.

The problem is that most caregivers overlook the importance of safely transferring the patient from a piece of mobility equipment from the bed or a chair. Most fall accidents happen in-between during these transfers. The good news is that, to address this issue, you can use human floor lifts.

In this section, we'll discuss the basics and know hows of getting a human floor lift as well as its benefits. We'll also give you the best human floor lifts that are exclusively available in Mobility Paradise.

What is a Human Floor Lift?

A human floor lift is an equipment that’s designed to raise patients from the floor to a chair or from a wheelchair to a bed or chair and vice versa with minimal effort. It serves two primary purposes – first, it allows patients who fall to the floor to get back up by themselves. Second, it makes transferring from a piece of mobility equipment or wheelchair to a chair or a bed a lot easier and faster. The overall effect is that caregivers won’t need to manually carry the patient from one point to another and risk both of them getting injuries.

How does a Human Floor Lift work?

To give you a complete overview, this is how a human floor lift works. For example, the patient falls to the floor and needs to get to the wheelchair or the bed. In such a case, having an on-standby human floor lift beside will come handy as the patient can just scoot or move towards the seat and once in, he can just activate it and raise himself from the floor. Once activated, he will be lifted to a certain height to quickly move to the wheelchair, bed, or other platforms. It’s just as easy as it sounds!

Benefits of Buying a Human Floor Lift


When dealing with a patient with reduced mobility, the chances are high that the caregiver will be carrying him all the time, especially when making transfers. The problem is, not all caregivers and nurses are physically fit to carry their patients. Furthermore, manually lifting the patient also carries the risk of falling with just a hand slip. With a human floor lift, you get to avoid these accidents.


The best thing about getting a human floor lift is that patients can use it themselves without depending on others. It may not be much for many, but this human floor lift will significantly improve patients’ quality of life who depend on other people. With a human floor lift, patients can lift themselves independently any time of the day without having to wait for another person to help them get back up.


The best thing about getting a human floor lift is that it does not demand much effort from the caregiver or the patient. Instead, the equipment will raise the patient quickly, so neither the caregiver nor the patient will need to exert too much effort.

Best Human Floor Lift for Your Home

Indeelift Professional Use Human Floor Lift HFL-400-P

If you’re looking for a human floor lift that can carry heavyweight patients weighing up to 400-lbs, then this Indeelift Professional Use Human Floor Lift HFL-400-P is undoubtedly the right choice. The IndeeLift HFL-400-P is designed to meet the requirements of a professional health care provider, so you can be sure that you’re not getting a substandard quality.

The IndeeLift HFL-400-P also meets the specifications and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Its raised seat height was designed to meet the need to stand with minimal effort, especially for the elderly and disabled. It allows the patient to transfer directly to a wheelchair quickly, simply by setting the seat height at 21-inches and to ensure safety; it also comes with fall recovery assist features.  

So, whatever age, disability, disease, or accident has left one unable to get up from the floor; the IndeeLift HFL-400-P is the solution in getting up while maintaining safety and independence. This equipment is the perfect solution for physically disabled, injured patients, accident victims, and those with debilitating muscular diseases prone to falling due to limited strength. This solution allows them to be safe when getting up without the risk of getting injuries.

IndeeLift Residential Use Human Floor Lift

The IndeeLift Residential Use Human Floor Lift is built to aid patients and persons with disabilities to get up from the floor without depending on another person’s assistance. This patented human floor lift works in two ways – by self-operating or getting the help of a companion or caregiver. Like any other human floor lift, it can safely lift individuals from the floor without exposing the patient to the risk of getting injuries.  

This IndeeLift Residential Use Human Floor Lift is portable and is designed to fit into the tiny spaces of any residence where other lifts cannot fit. It also comes with a mounting ramp seat that removes the need to make any manual lifts. Another cool feature is its wired remote that allows the patient who has fallen to operate the equipment on his own within seconds.

As for capacity, you can choose between getting a unit that can carry up to 300lbs or one that can carry 400lbs. Essentially, with this IndeeLift Residential Use Human Floor Lift, you’ll be giving proper care to the patient effortlessly while ensuring safety.

Buying a Human Floor Lift

If you need any help in buying a human floor lift, just let our customer agents know and we'll guide you through the things that you need to know to make the right choice. Our agents are well-trained and knowledgeable on our products, just leave us a message and we'll get back to you instantly! 

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