Chair Overlay Systems

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Chair Overlay Systems

For patients who suffer from any illness, getting fully functioning and comfortable patient care equipment is essential at home. One of these is a Chair Overlay System.

In this section, we'll introduce you to the concept of a chair overlay system and recommend the best one available in the market that you can find here in Mobility Paradise.

What is a Chair Overlay System?

A Chair Overlay System provides you the comfort of a Geri chair but is better as it’s designed to provide alternating pressure relief therapy. Essentially, it combines both comfort and wellness, which patients can get by just sitting on it.  

Benefits of Buying a Chair Overlay System

If you have a patient in your home or an older person, you take care of, having a chair overlay system can be very beneficial. For one, a chair overlay system provides a more substantial clinical seating platform, which is better than wheelchairs. But the most important thing about a chair overlay system is that it delivers pressure relief therapy to patients while making them comfortable in the seat.

Best Chair Overlay System for Your Home

Proactive Medical Protekt Aire Geri-Chair Alternating Pressure Overlay System

If you’re looking for a good investment in caring for your patient at home, then consider getting this Proactive Medical Protekt Aire Geri-Chair Alternating Pressure Overlay System. This chair overlay system delivers alternating pressure relief therapy to seated patients while offering custom patient comfort and pressure levels. As for its capacity, this patient care product can carry up to 350-lbs, and you can choose between getting a 20-inch and 24-inch in terms of width, which makes it the perfect choice even for heavyweight users. It provides 8 liters of air per minute. It’s also flexible since it can easily fit standard and bariatric geriatric recliners and can even be transportable from one room to another.

There’s also no need to worry about having compatibility issues with Geri chairs or recliner seats. It comes with three adjustable straps with buckles, which secure its placement to any style of Geri chair. As for safety, this chair overlay system comes with a low-pressure alarm that warns you whenever airflow may be compromised. Lastly, cleaning it will be a breeze as it comes with a stretch nylon top cover, which is fluid-resistant, anti-microbial/anti-bacterial, and vapor permeable.

Buying a Chair Overlay System

If you are stuck and cannot choose the right chair overlay system for you, then let our customer agents help you. Our team is well-capable of giving you all the assistance that you'll need on all products that we offer, just message us and we'll guide you along the way!

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