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Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Massage Chair

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Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Massage Chair

Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Massage Chair

$2,499.00 $9,998.00

Choose Your Color | Inventory

Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Massage Chair

Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Massage Chair

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$9,998.00 $2,499.00
You Save: $7,499.00 76%

Choose Your Color | Inventory

Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Massage Chair with Lumbar Scanner and LCD Remote

Enjoy a Luxurious Massage Anytime in Your Home!

Experience true relaxation and enjoy getting rejuvenated with the Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Full Body Massage Chair, the luxurious but affordable massage chair featuring a complete set of massage features and a space-saving reclining zero-gravity platform. The OS-Pro Honor chair is fully designed in Japan featuring the latest technology and using the latest 3D massage techniques. This luxury massage chair massages your whole body from neck down to the shoulders, arms, back, lower back, calves, and feet down to your toes for a total body massage experience like you have never experienced before. Feel rejuvenated and activate pressure spots on your shoulders and back down to the calves. Have your very own relaxing spa in your home!

Spending time in a full body massage chair is highly recommended for people who are working out, those with back and shoulder issues, and those who are facing everyday stresses from work or school, or want to improve sleep. Get those bad knots eased out and feel rested each time you use the Osaki Honor 3D Full Massage Chair. This uniquely designed massage chair sports a full-body 3D massage function, featuring a complete combination of rollers, compression, and heat. The lumbar area features rollers that move and adjust in depth so you can choose to have light or deep massage. This feature is not seen in other massage chairs that rely on fixed rollers alone. 

Have the opportunity to fully rest and be rejuvenated, ready to face the next day, by having a massage session on the Osaki Honor Massage Chair. Feel your back and spine decompressed with the innovative zero gravity position and the SL-track roller system that runs up to 52 inches, so it travels from neck down to the spine to the glutes and hamstrings. In addition, this massage chair also massages the arms, calves, feet, and down to the heel and toes. If you are sitting or on your feet for the entire day, you will love using this chair for back relief and also relieve pain on the feet. 

We understand that you always want a nice furniture piece in your home. The Osaki Honor Full Body Massage Chair comes with streamlined simple lines for a modern hardshell polymer and a luxurious faux leather upholstered seat with diamond stitch details. This massage chair is available in sleek black, brown, taupe, and beige color schemes to match your interior décor. This massage chair only needs to be installed 4.5 inches away from the wall.

The Osaki Honor Massage Chair comes with advanced features that makes it more convenient to use. The massage chair comes with a LCD remote to change the massage styles and intensity on the fly. In addition, the chair comes with automatic body and feet scans so it is fully customizable to individuals of varying heights and body builds. This particular unit comes with six unique auto massage programs, three levels of pressure, and five levels of speed. Have the freedom to choose the exact massage style and pressure you and your housemates wanted! 

Many of us face unnecessary levels of stress and pressure inside or outside the home. Having a device that readily removes stress is a welcome relief in your home. The Osaki Honor Full Body Massage Chair is sure to have a place in your home. You can spend a few minutes on the massage chair several times a day, or sit on the chair for a few hours as an indulgent treat after a hard week of work. 

No special attention or procedures needed before use. Just sit on it, push the controls, and start experiencing relief. The massage chair comes with a complete set of instructions and the controls are very straightforward to use. Purchase the Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Full Body Massage Chair here at Mobility Paradise now!

  • You will love it! The Osaki OS-Pro Honor Full Body Massage Chair is a welcome addition into your home, giving you and your family a source of total relaxation after a rough day at work or school, or after workouts. This affordable full body massage chair comes with the latest Japanese design and techniques that massage your shoulders down to your feet and has everything you need and can provide the exact type of massage you need, whether it is just a few minutes or a few hours it is up to you. It is a fantastic purchase you will not regret!
  • Get your back deeply massaged! This luxury massage chair sports 3D-/3D-+ adjustment lumbar massage rollers that actually moves forward and backward, with three depth levels. This means you can choose to have a light or deep massage on your back. In addition, there is the redesigned SL-track roller (track length of 52 inches) that runs the entire length of your spine, from the neck area down to the glutes and hamstrings. Lastly, the lumbar area has a heat function that relieves tense muscles that may cause back pain.
  • This full body massage chair uses a system of rollers and airbags that massage and relax the body and promote blood circulation. Expect this chair to do compressing and pressure functions to the shoulders, spine, back, arms, lower back, glutes, calves, soles of the feet, and down to the heel. Just sit and feel like you are in a spa! 
  • Have the freedom to select the massage style you want! The Osaki Honor Luxury Massage Chair comes with six auto programs: 
  1. Neck and Shoulder
  2. Strengthen
  3. Relax
  4. Thai Massage
  5. Recover
  6. Sleeping
  • The Osaki Honor also comes with six manual massage styles; kneading, tapping, Swedish, and Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling. Enjoy having your favorite massage techniques anytime! Note that the chair has five massage speed selections.
  • Do your legs and feet often sore at the end of the day? The Osaki Honor got that covered with the thigh and calf airbags that do compression. Even the heel area comes with kneading rollers so you can have a satisfying foot massage!
  • Comes with modern features. The unit comes with a reclining and zero-gravity position that allows you to lie supine (lying horizontally face up) that eases pressure off your spine and for a desired gravity massage. Note that the massage chair comes with auto body and leg scan that map areas of the body to ensure optimum massage. The leg can extend (up to seven inches) to accommodate users of all sizes. 
  • The Osaki Honor is a stately piece that you will surely love to have in your home, featuring an artful modern look with clean, streamlined lines. The chair has a luxuriously smooth hardshell body and smooth, faux leather seat decked with diamond stitching. The massage chairs are available in sleek two-tone color schemes. 
  • The massage chair comes with an LCD remote control to control and select the exact massage style you want. Nothing beats the comfort of having a proper massage in the comfort of your own home. Purchase the Osaki Honor and experience the comfort you always deserve!

Enjoy a Lifelike Spa Massage in Your Home!

Do you want to experience a full and satisfying rest at the end of the day? Are you suffering from health issues and want some relief? Ease aching muscles and be rejuvenated with the lifelike massage of the Osaki Honor 3D Full Body Massage Chair. This luxurious massage chair comes with a complete set of auto and manual massage functions, yet it is priced lower than other massage chairs that only do half of its features.

The Honor comes uses the latest Japanese technology featuring electronic scanners that control the rollers and airbags. There is also the very innovative SL-track roller that rolls all the way to the glutes and hamstrings. This massage chair improves blood flow, decompresses the spine, activates the muscles, and has foot rollers for a satisfying foot massage. Aside from massaging the shoulders, upper back, lower back, glutes, and thighs, the calves and feet sections also have their own massage functions that are very desired at the end of a hard day at work. 

Get the exact style of massage technique you wanted with the Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Massage Chair, featuring six auto programs and six manual styles. The chair performs lumbar scans and leg scans each time you seat to determine the optimum pressure you need. In addition to rollers, the chair comes with 14 highly-efficient airbags and can recline to the zero gravity position for a more relaxing massage without putting pressure on your spine. Have an easy time selecting the massage style you want, with its LCD remote. 

Perfect Dimensions

Once set up, the Osaki OS-Pro Honor measures 59.1 inches L x 28 inches W x 47.2 inches H and weighs approx 220.5 lbs. When fully reclined, the chair measures 70.1 inches L x 38.6 inches H, and only requires to be 4.5 inches away from the wall. The massage chair has a capacity of up to 220 lbs. This model comes with overheat and power surge protection.

The full body massage chair requires home assembly. The working time of the chair is 15 minutes. The rated wattage is 100 watts and a rated voltage of 110-120v 60hz. Make sure to keep the chair free from obstacles, and also remove foreign objects on the seams, before reclining. To clean, simply wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth with a small amount of mild soap.

Osaki OS-Pro Honor - dimension  59.1"x28.0"x47.2"

Don’t Go for Surplus or Cheap Massage Chairs!

Many cheap electric massage chairs are neither reliable nor safe, so buying one is often hit or miss. They cannot put out the necessary pressure, are not designed for sustained use because of poor quality control or poorly-done electronics. Some cheap electric massage chairs lack even the most basic electrical safety features. 

If something goes wrong, there is no way to have them serviced. You cannot depend on them. Lastly, most have cheap upholstery that is not comfortable to use. Choose safety and real performance. Only massage chair brands that have years of presence in the market and have certifications. 

Be Restored and Feel Better with Osaki Massage Chairs

Having a massage chair in your home is an investment that will surely pay itself many times in terms of convenient comfort. With a lot of problems many people are facing, proper rest and rejuvenation are important so you can face another day. 

The Osaki brand is a trusted name and a world leader in massage chairs. Osaki is the sister brand of Titan massage chairs, and we are based in the state of Texas, USA, and we offer an enormous catalog and nationwide service at affordable prices. Our brand is known for excellent quality and top notch customer service. We also offer a wide range of handheld massagers, foot massagers, fitness machines, and back-relief products. Get amazing deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase this Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Full Body Massage Chair here at Mobility Paradise!


  • 3D Massage
  • Backrest Scanning System
  • L-Track
  • Zero Gravity
  • 4.5 inches Away from the Wall
  • Full body Air Massage
  • Heating on Lambar
  • Foot Roller Massage
  • Extendable Leg
  • 6 Auto Massage Programs
  • 6 Massage Styles
  • Easy Remote Control


Product Name OS-Honor
Rated Voltage 110~120V
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Rated Power Consumption 100W
Rated Time 15 minutes
Dimensions(LxWxH) Upright: 59.1"x28.0"x47.2"
Reclined: 70.1"x28.0"x38.6"
Weight Gross weight: Approx. 264.5 lbs
Net weight: Approx. 220.5 lbs
Length of Wire Controller wire: 59.0"
Power supply wire: 70.9"
Usage Condition Environment temperature: 32°F~95°F
Contrasting humidity: 20-80RH
Storage Condition Storage temperature: 32°F~95°F
Storage humidity: 20-80RH
Safety Feature Equipped with overheated and power
Maximum body weight of user 260lbs


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Larry Mcilvoy
Great chair

We love your chair does everything you said plus more fantastic massage

Eunice M.
Great Price for a Packed Feature Set!

Since receiving the chair in March we have used it regularly in the evenings to relax, it's been a great experience so far. For the price, it's hard to beat the functionality you get when compared to other brands. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a good value!

Gregory V.
Arrived extremely professionally packed

I purchased this for my wellness clinic and I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised! Great quality and service! Thank you!

Alicia T.
My hubby loves it and is very happy!

The chair is great! I bought this as an anniversary gift for my hubby and my hubby loves it and is very happy. All in all, I want to praise and compliment Mobility Paradise for their excellent customer service and highly recommend this massage chair - it surpassed my expectation and am very pleased! Yes, it arrived in time for our 10th anniversary!

Marie M.
This chair meets all my expectations and I strongly recommend it!

I am an active online shopper and usually don’t write long reviews. But I can’t hide my love for this chair. I have been searching for the best massage chair for a while. And this chair meets all my expectations. I fell in love with it right away. I can fall into sleep during the massage while relaxing. I'm 100% satisfied with the auto settings. My husband and I managed to move it inside the house. it is heavy. I used it several times daily and the whole family enjoy the chair. This chair will be the best seller soon as the price here is so much more reasonable than other sellers. Great product and good price. Strongly recommend it!

Clark G.
Really powerful and effective massager

The quality of the massage is amazing. Really powerful and effective and foot massager, light on the calf muscles. The airbags that inflate to massage your arms are really nice. The back, shoulder massage is just amazing.