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Maya Bath Valencia 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower

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(800) 674-3815

Mon-Sun 8am-8pm EST

Maya Bath Valencia 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower

Maya Bath Valencia 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower

$7,498.00 $9,999.00

Choose Your Color

Maya Bath Valencia 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower

Maya Bath Valencia 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$9,999.00 $7,498.00
You Save: $2,501.00 26%

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Maya Bath Valencia Two-Person Luxury Bathtub Steam Shower with Rainfall, Waterfall, Whirlpool Heated Jets, Acupressure Massage, Aromatherapy, Ozone Sterilization, Mood and Underwater Lighting, Telephone, and 8.4” TV, Corner Freestanding

A Luxury Steam Shower to Add a Palatial Touch to Your Home!

Add a stately touch to your home with the Maya Bath Valencia Platinum Steam Shower Bathtub. It features a luxuriously modern design packed with desired luxury features that set it apart from other electric steam showers. Have your very own spa with this enclosed shower. You can have a relaxing session and still use it for daily bathing and showering. The Maya Bath Valencia features an ingenious bathtub and enclosed shower design that is compact enough to fit in most bathrooms. Note that this is a corner unit that saves space. 

Spacious Steam Shower and Bathtub for Two Users

The Maya Bath Valencia steam shower kit is spacious and comfortable enough for two users. This shower is particularly spacious, requiring only a 64-inch by 64-inch corner floor space, and is very comfortable for one user. It is not cramped or claustrophobic inside, so you have space for your moving your arms and legs and thus will love using the shower every time! The Valencia Shower is available in attractive black, gray, red, and white colors.

If you want to relax, you can do awesome steam showers and water massage with a push of a button. The Maya Bath Valencia luxury shower steamer bath features a built-in high-efficiency steam generator, heated Whirlpool jets, and acupressure hydro-massage jets that will surely ease away stress and tension. You will love to use it every day to ease stress. It is carefully designed with luxury features not seen in other steam and massage shower models. You no longer have to go to a gym or a health club to enjoy a relaxing steam shower!

Relaxation Features in Just a Push of a Button!

No need to fumble with buttons. The Maya Bath Valencia luxury shower steamer comes with a water-resistant remote control and a computerized LCD to give you seamless control of the features, mood lighting, and other features. You just take a seat and push a button to enjoy the full features. The Valencia Steam Shower brings the home spa experience to another level that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated anytime.

Built with Essential Safety Features

The Valencia Steam Shower comes with an emergency alarm, a ventilation fan, and an automatic safety shutoff that activates if the unit overheats. Installing separate components in your bathroom can be time-consuming and potentially unsafe. You can try installing a separate steam shower, massage jets, and a shower enclosure in your bathroom, but that will prove impractical due to added clutter. Building a DIY steam shower is not always a good idea. Therefore, save yourself from the work and potential danger by purchasing a ready-made steam shower unit made by professionals and built according to standards. 

Beautifully Luxurious

The Maya Bath Valencia will surely transform your home, featuring elegant tempered glass panels and a reinforced fiberglass bathtub with gleaming stainless steel fixtures. It has elegant fluorescent mood lighting and underwater lighting that adds a desired modern look to your bathroom. The mood lighting comes in romance and mood-lifting selections. Even the rainfall ceiling shower and the floor are equipped with mood lights to give a fantastic tropical rainfall experience whenever you shower. Purchase the Maya Bath Valencia luxury steam bathtub shower here at Mobility Paradise!

  • Enjoy the look of the luxurious tempered glass sliding doors and panels that will set your bathroom apart. The bathtub holds 55 to 95 gallons and comes with a Whirlpool heating function. All the fixtures, handles, and control knobs are made of smooth and gleaming stainless steel. Be relaxed and feel like royalty whenever you enter. You will love its large bathtub that allows you to soak and have a shower later. The Maya Bath Valencia luxury bath shower cabin is an excellent addition to your space that will provide you with a luxurious sauna or jacuzzi experience whenever you like it.
  • The main star of the show is the 4,000-watt steam generator that quickly fills the cabin with comforting steam. Steam showers are relaxing and a great way to wind down after a long day at work or after exercise. Steam benefits include promoting detoxification and healthier blood circulation. The cabin itself is sealed, so the steam stays inside. Experience the total relaxation you deserve!
  • The Valencia suite shower cabin has incredible features not found in other steam showers. The shower cabin has a gorgeous ceiling rainfall, a soothing waterfall inlet for a delightful nature ambiance, and a handheld adjustable shower head that allows couples to shower together. There is a pedal drain, so you can quickly drain the tub with your foot.
  • There are six acupressure back massage jets for an incredible jacuzzi shower experience and an arrangement of 16 Whirlpool jets around the tub for a powerful hydro massage. In addition, there is a foot massage function that is very relaxing after a hard day of work.
  • Enjoy the luxury shower experience with the awesome mood lighting and aromatherapy that adds another level of luxury to your shower. The Valencia steam-enclosed shower also has an 8.4-inch TV, so you can keep tabs on your favorite TV shows while you bathe. The cabin comes with an FM radio and a set of high-quality surround-sound speakers. 
  • The shower cabin is made of durable stainless steel and tempered glass on a fiberglass tub that is durable and impervious to water. There are shelves for soaps, shampoo bottles, and other toiletries. The unit is easy to clean and requires no special care.
  • Control the features of the cabin with the water-resistant remote. The remote is easy to use, and there is no need to find buttons. The Valencia luxury shower steamer is spacious enough so a couple can have their steam shower together. It is perfect for your home!

A Luxurious Steam Shower Cabin

Are you seeking the most luxurious experience in your bath? Want something fully functional that will complete your home spa experience? Everyone, including guests, uses the bathroom, so it should be one of the most luxurious places in your home. Do it with the Maya Bath Valencia Platinum Bathtub Steam Shower, a two-person steam-enclosed bathtub with a high-output 4-kilowatt steam generator. Enjoy having an enclosed shower and a bathtub for soaking. Even the bathtub is heated, which is perfect for chilly nights. It has tons of features that will turn your bathroom into a uniquely palatial place. 

Enjoy the Look of the Tempered Glass

The freestanding bathtub comes with tempered glass panels and hinged glass doors for a stunning, luxurious look. The fixtures and door handles are crafted from stainless steel that keeps its appearance for many years. The unit comes with beautiful mood lighting and underwater lights. You can activate the aromatherapy feature for a lovely scent while you bathe if you want a soothing shower. Control everything with the water-resistant remote control.

Now have a steam shower with rainfall, Whirlpool jets, and acupressure shower features that is very relaxing after a long day at work or after a workout. There is even a foot massage function that is good for tired feet. The water comes in a waterfall arrangement for a nice, natural ambiance, while the showerhead is adjustable, which is perfect for couples. 

Have Your Entertainment! 

Be entertained while you have your steam shower. The Valencia luxury quadrant shower enclosure comes with a TV for live entertainment while showering. The luxury shower cabin comes with an FM radio and premium surround-sound speakers. The steam shower also comes with a fog-free mirror that stays clear in the steamiest conditions.

Perfect Dimensions

The Maya Bath Valencia Platinum Shower Room Cabin exterior measures 64” L in. x 64” W in. x 88” H in. The cabin is freestanding and can be installed in most bathrooms and small shower rooms. The unit has ½ inch hot and cold flexible water hoses and a 1.5” flexible hose drain. The bathtub shower enclosure is designed for indoor use only.

Installation Tips

The sauna cabin requires in-home assembly and comes with instructions. Make sure to check the joints and inspect the entire cabin. It needs two dedicated 220-volt power lines; one has a 30-amp breaker and another with a 14-amp breaker. Therefore, please consult a qualified electrician. Once assembled, test the unit before first use.

Durable and Certified Safe.

The steam shower unit features a body made from durable tempered glass and pure fiberglass that is very sturdy and will not rust. The sliding doors are made of tempered glass, while the fixtures and showerheads are made of stainless steel. 

Enjoy a Luxurious Shower Experience with Maya Bath

Transform your home and add lasting luxury to your home with Maya Bath. All our models come with the ETL Listed Mark, which shows it is built and complies with North American safety standards. Our shower enclosures are made of durable fiberglass and 6 mm - 8 mm thick tempered glass as standard. Our fixtures are made of stainless steel, with ceramic core valves for a long lifespan. Get outstanding deals plus tons of freebies when you purchase this Maya Bath Valencia Platinum Luxury Steam Shower, so buy it here on Mobility Paradise now!


    Dimensions 64 × 64 × 88 in
    Product Material

    100% Acrylic with Fiberglass Reinforcement, Stainless Steel Framing and Fixtures, Tempered Glass Panels

    Person Count

    2 Person

    Bathtub Heater


    Number of Jets


    Tub Capacity

    55 to 95 Gallons

    Water Depth


    Mounting Type

    Free Standing (On Floor)

    Hardware Kit


    Unit Shape


    Door Type

    Hinged doors


    1.5" Flexible Hose Drain

    Water Supply Connection

    .5" Hot/Cold Flexible Hose

    Steamer Wattage


    Electrical Requirements

    2 Dedicated 220V Lines, 30A, 15A

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