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Mobility Paradise Shopping Guide

Mobility is simply the ability to move freely and easily from one place to another. Many factors affect our mobility, and one of them is our age. Older adults usually face difficulties in moving around, especially when traveling, even to short distances. For one, running errands can be very exhausting for those who suffer from reduced mobility. Moving from one aisle to another when shopping for groceries can be such a wearing task for seniors. Luckily, there are various medical mobility products that one can invest in to address this issue, one of which is a mobility scooters.

Mobility aids come in different sizes and appearances, but they all have one thing in common, they enable seniors, disabled persons, and those suffering from limited mobility to travel effortlessly. Mobility scooters offer many benefits aside from addressing one's mobility needs. One of which is that it gives users the independence to move around freely anytime they want, wherever they want. Add it to the fact that it promotes active lifestyle to its users.

In this article, we'll give you the best mobility scooters that you can get on the market today, these are electric wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters.

So, if you're looking for the most reliable travel mobility scooters and power wheelchairs as your next investment, check out our guide below!

Mobility Scooters

We all know that outdoor activities can be really exhausting for some, especially when you’re at the age when walking and moving around seem really daunting. Good for you, technology has developed advanced mobility aids that allow you to regain complete control of yourself without the need for assistance from another person in the form of mobility scooters. This kind of mobility aid is mainly designed for the outdoors. For instance, if you have errands to do or a quick grocery run to make, a mobility scooter indeed is a reliable ride.

An electric mobility scooter is what you normally see around being driven by older adults. This kind of mobility equipment helps people to travel from one place to another easily without having to ride a car or ride public transit. Many models are engineered to provide their users with utmost comfort, ease of use, stable ride, and of course, safety.

As with any other mobility equipment, mobility scooters come with different variants. There are folding scooters, full size scooters, heavy duty scooters, and recreational scooters depending on your needs. Now, when it comes to features, an electric mobility scooter comes normally features a large and comfortable seat, a flat surface below where you can rest your feet, bicycle-like handlebars used to steer one or two wheels, battery pack, high ground clearance, and higher weight capacity as compared to other electric scooters.

Today, electric-powered mobility scooters are seen more frequently because they are more efficient, reliable, and preferred by the majority. Since most of the mobility scooters currently in use are electric-powered, each of these houses an assistive technology coupled with powerful features including a large, long-lasting battery, a powerful motor, and sometimes an extensive speed control switch where you can choose how fast or slow you want to go. 

How Do Mobility Scooters Work?

An electric mobility scooter or simply a motorized scooter has the configuration of a motor-scooter wherein its propulsion or momentum comes from the electric motor powered by a battery pack. A mobility scooter's battery is specifically designed to provide the travel scooter with great capacity that also has the capacity to recharge quickly. This component is typically located near or beside the motor. 

On the other hand, the electric motor is the one placed located under the seat and sometimes incorporated in the frame. The electric motor, together with the battery will define most of the capabilities of your scooter. It will determine the top speed, total weight capacity, and range of your scooter. This principle applies on all kinds whether folding scooters, recreational scooters, full size scooters, and all other kinds of mobility scooters.

The frame, in essence, is the structure of the mobility scooter to where all the other parts are attached. The frame should be strong enough to support every element of the mobility scooter and the rider as well. The frame is highly determinative of the turning radius of the scooter as well as the comfort and convenience that it will offer to its users. Of course, you'd want to invest in one that's easily transportable, can fit into small spaces, is quickly disassembled, and is comfortable.

All mobility scooters feature a wide, comfortable seat, and most of the time, a complete backrest and armrests. These essential parts ensure riders with physical disabilities have a relaxed and convenient ride, especially those with back pain problems. Most mobility scooters' designs have basket storage to keep all your essentials in place while running errands. They also have bright LED lights. There's always one at the front and turn signals at the back most of the time. These safety devices allow mobility scooters to be used visibly, even at nighttime.  If these features aren't enough yet, there are new mobility scooters that offer more advanced features.

Types of Mobility Scooters

3-Wheel Mobility Scooters

As the name suggests, 3-wheel mobility scooters are mobility aids with three wheels, with one at the front and two at the back. 3-Wheel mobility scooters are full size scooters, which work best on both outdoor and indoor surfaces. This kind of mobility scooter has turn signals, bright headlights, and baskets for added utility. Most scooters in this build feature all-terrain wheels fit for riding over rough roads and muddy trails, which is perfect for those who live in the countryside. Here's one of the best-selling 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter we have:

EWheels EW-11 48V/20Ah 500W 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

If you are looking for a vintage-looking yet heavy duty scooter, the EWheels EW-11 is perfect for you! This European-style mobility scooter is available in blue and red color, with a huge front basket for added utility. It has a dual rear shock absorption that guarantees a smooth and safe ride. Besides its elegant look, the EW-11 sports a powerful 500W motor that can travel at a top speed of 18 miles per hour. The EW-11 has an under seat compartment, rear storage, and a wide, comfortable seat with a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. Check out the button below to see EW-11's full specifications.

4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Compared to the first type of mobility scooter we discussed, a 4-wheel mobility scooter offers more balance and stability when riding through any kind of trail. A 4 wheel scooter is the perfect scooter for those who live in the countryside since it's a full size scooter models that's typically built with larger wheels and full orthopedic seat for better ground clearance and riding comfort.

In addition, a 4 wheel usually offers a bigger weight capacity, making it a great choice even for bariatric users. The downside, however, is its turning radius since it's not capable of making sharp turns in tight corners because of its higher tendency to overturn. Most 4-wheel mobility scooters are massive and mainly intended for outdoor use, which is a perfect choice if you're looking for a reliable travel scooter outdoors. Take note that you'll probably need a scooter vehicle lift in case you're transporting it since it may not be as easy to transport as that of a folding scooter. Our best-selling 4-wheel mobility scooter is the one presented below from EWheels. 

EWheels EW-46 48V/20Ah 500W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

The EWheels EW-46 travel scooter is packed with a 500W electric motor perfect for outdoor use and even rough terrain. It features a fully functional and comfortable seat with armrests and a headrest. Plus, it has a wide footrest for a cozier ride. What's great about this scooter is that it boasts a maximum weight capacity of 400-lbs., making it a great choice even for heavyweight individuals.

One of the best things about the EW-46 is its front bumper that adds protection and keeps your mobility scooter intact. This 4-wheel mobility scooter from EWheels has a top speed of 13 miles per hour and can run 35 miles on a single charge.

Folding Mobility Scooters

Not everyone has a spacious space in their trunk or ample storage room in their houses, so a folding mobility scooter can be the best choice. This type of mobility scooter offers a huge advantage in portability and storage space since it's mostly made up of lightweight pieces. This kind of scooter is a compact mobility aid designed for the elderly to move easily while riding a scooter indoors or outdoors. They are made from lightweight frames for easy transport and are powered by a robust motor. The only downside, however, is that they have limited weight capacity as compared to a full-size 4-wheel scooter. Folding mobility scooters are convenient and easy to use, especially the one shown below from Pride:

Pride iRIDE Ultra-Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter

Add a little fun to your ride with the Pride iRIDE Folding Mobility Scooter. If you are looking for a reliable yet compact mobility scooter that will work correctly in all aspects, then this is it! This Pride mobility scooter may seem small because of its lightweight pieces, but trust me, it can take you to your destinations and help you accomplish tasks just like the other mobility scooters. Plus, it has an outstanding turning radius because of its lightweight and sleek frame, which makes it easy to move around narrow hallways and aisles. So give in to this convenient Pride mobility scooter and enjoy special discounts!

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters vary a lot in size. If you are looking for a mobility scooter capable of carrying heavy loads and riding on rough terrain, then a heavy-duty mobility scooter is the right choice. This type of mobility scooter can accommodate a broader range of passengers, which means not only the elderly can benefit from it but also your kids! Heavy-duty mobility scooters feature bigger frames or build, larger tires, bigger ground clearance, and more powerful motors so that you can expect a better "heavy-duty" performance from them.

For once, this kind of scooter has faster top speeds and a longer driving range as compared to regular mobility scooters. Plus, of course, it's the best choice if you're looking for a scooter that has a great weight capacity. The downside however is its turning radius since it can be difficult to make sharp turns in narrow aisles and tight corners. Check out our #1 heavy-duty mobility scooter from EWheels below!

EWheels EW-10 48V/20Ah 500W 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

When it comes to reliability and functionality, EWheels, being one of the top brands for mobility does not disappoint. One of its best-selling models is the EWheels EW-10 looks just like a regular scooter with two rear wheels and a front wheel that can pass through any kind of terrain. It comes with a spacious lockable rear compartment, where you can store your helmet and other belongings. The EW-10 features bright headlights and taillights for added safety, front and rear suspension for a guaranteed smooth ride, and an alarm system for protection. As for performance, this scooter is powered by a 500-watt motor that boasts a top speed of 15mph, so you'll never be late for your engagements.

Mid-Size Mobility Scooters

We know that mobility scooters can come in different sizes, but this type of mobility scooter is typically bigger and sturdier than small, compact scooters but smaller than heavy duty scooters. Mid-size mobility scooters allow users to carry more loads and travel smoothly on paved roads. These scooters typically have extra functional features including front baskets, comfortable seats with headrests, and bright headlights and taillights for added safety. If you're still unsure between getting a heavy-duty mobility scooter and a foldable or compact mobility scooter, a mid-size one should be the best choice. Here's the best-selling mid-size mobility scooter we have in store!

Afikim Afiscooter Breeze C 12V/85Ah 950W 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Are you still looking for a sporty ride? If yes, this Afikim mid-size mobility scooter will certainly address your needs and wants. The Afiscooter Breeze C is a 4-wheel scooter with a completely functional seat that features a headrest and armrests. Looking at its size, the Afiscooter Breeze C can confidently give you comfortable rides even on bumpy roads. It has a basket in front, bright headlights, a wide footrest, and side mirrors. This mid-size mobility scooter can travel at a top speed of 9.3 miles per hour and can go for 24 miles on a single charge. Get your errands done with Afikim Afiscooter 4-wheel scooter and we promise you that you'll have one of the coziest rides in a while!

Enclosed Scooters

Sometimes, a typical mobility scooter is not enough to give us full functionalities like protection or cover from rain or extreme heat. That's why some of us prefer a fully enclosed scooter. This type of mobility scooter lets you go a greater distance without having to worry about the weather. Enclosed scooters feature wide, grippy tires, car-like build, and comfy seat, plus they also have a windshield wiper. Among all the other mobility scooters, enclosed scooters are perhaps the most fitting and convenient ones. However, with great functionality comes a great price. Although enclosed scooters can provide you the most comfort, they can be a bit too pricey, but lucky you! We are on sale right now. Check out our best-selling enclosed scooter from Shoprider:

Green Transporter Q Runner 60V/45Ah 1000W 4-Wheel Enclosed Scooter

One of the advantages of an enclosed scooter is that it offers you protection from any kind of weather. The Q Runner is a full-size scooter that provides users a comfortable ride outdoors. It has a maximum capacity of 550 lbs, and it's spacious enough to carry more than one passenger and store extra loads. Everyone will love an enclosed scooter, especially when it looks like a mini car that is safer and much cheaper. The Q Runner is a homey mobility scooter with an upholstered seat with a headrest and an easily adjustable tiller that works like handlebars. It can speed up to 18 miles per hour and run for 35 miles on a single charge. 

Electric Scooters

If you're an urban dweller, perhaps one of the most challenging issues that you're facing is city traffic. This is one of the worst real-world conditions since we all know that cities are easily congested by all kinds of cars, not to mention during rush hour when everyone's on the road. Lucky for you, you can skip this traffic madness and save yourself from getting stuck between honking cars and the hassle of public transportation when you get yourself an electric scooter.

Most electric scooters are used by young adults, who want to be more mobile while maintaining convenience and efficiency. It's one of the best micro-mobility vehicles in the market today that allows you to travel smart and pass through narrow alleyways without much fuss. Like a mobility scooter, an electric scooter is powered by an electric motor, so you'll be doing the environment a favor by deviating yourself from purchasing gas and from carbon emissions.

Now, if you're actually considering getting yourself an electric scooter, then you're at the right place. At Mobility Paradise, we only carry the best-motorized scooters that you can.

What is an Electric Scooter

An electric scooter is the upgraded and high-tech version of a regular kick scooter. Typically, an electric scooter has all the regular components of a standard scooter plus an electric motor, and battery among others.

As most of you already know, an electric scooter is driven standing up, just like the toy scooter that you used to play with as a child. The main difference is that an electric scooter is controlled through the throttle.

For those who are looking to travel around conveniently while avoiding traffic, having an electric scooter can be a great idea. Aside from being eco-friendly, an electric scooter allows you to be extremely flexible in many ways. You can be on the go in just a few seconds and travel from one place to another almost instantaneously.

Plus, an electric scooter allows you to regain control over your time since you can actually follow your planned activities on time. In essence, you can bid goodbye to getting late to work or school because you can just squeeze yourself in between cars and even pass through narrow alleyways, which only pedestrians can pass through. When it comes to convenience, electric scooters also lead the race in urban transport since you don't have to worry about parking space and fuel expenses.

How Do Electric Scooters Work?

Driving an electric scooter is fairly easy. Just look at it as an electrically-operated scooter and it will be as easy as using your mobile phone.

So, how do electric scooters really work? An electric scooter is controlled mainly by the throttle. Once you trigger the thumb throttle, power gets immediately released to the motor, which in turn jumpstarts the scooter to move in the direction you're controlling it.

Now that you know how easy it is to operate an electric scooter, it now becomes important to know the parts of an electric scooter. Let's take a holistic view of the components that make up the best electric scooter.

The best electric scooters typically offer the most outstanding capabilities when it comes to the max range, battery life, maximum speed, motor power, pneumatic tires, and maximum weight capacity. Of course, the bigger the battery, the longer the battery capacity it offers. It's also a no-brainer that the higher the motor capacity, the more powerful your new electric scooter will be, allowing you to traverse steep hills effortlessly. There are also other models that offer rear suspension, this feature will make your ride more comfortable.

Aside from that, the best electric scooter should come with high-grade components including solid tires, carbon fiber framing, hydraulic disc brakes, a big battery, and dual motors. It doesn't end there, the best electric scooter typically comes with extra functional features including front and rear lights or bright led headlight, dual suspension for shock absorption, cruise control, phone mount, and a fast charger to provide users with a smooth ride.

How to choose the best electric scooters?

Motor Power and Capacity

The capacity of an electric-powered scooter is dependent on the motor capacity. The scooter's motor will define the capabilities of the scooter including its maximum speed, riding mode, travel range, and capacity to ride on difficult terrain and steep hills.

We recommend that you get a powerful motor if you live in the countryside where the roads can be challenging and if you often pass through steep hills for better acceleration. When it comes to city rides, a powerful motor will allow you to travel farther, so you can accomplish more activities. Of course, it goes without saying that dual motors offer greater power than a single motor.

Battery Life

Your riding experience will highly depend on the battery life of your scooter. Generally, a higher battery capacity is more capable of offering a higher range, so you can travel farther. So, we recommend that you only invest in a scooter that offers outstanding battery life or battery charge, so you can travel more. It's also good if you have an extra replaceable battery in cases of emergency, so you'll never run out of battery power.

Weight Limit

Because of their lightweight build, electric-powered scooters are limited when it comes to carrying capacity. But don't worry, other electric scooters are specially designed with a higher max weight capacity so that even heavyweight users can use them seamlessly. So, we cannot stress further the importance of knowing first the rider weight limit before making that purchase. This is especially true if you're getting one that can take on larger riders.

Riding Comfort

Not because an electric scooter is lightweight and compact means that you have to suffer throughout the ride. The best electric scooter should provide its users with a comfortable ride on any kind of terrain. Perhaps it's best if you check first if the unit comes with rear suspension, removable seat, and pneumatic tires since these features will greatly improve your riding experience. One example is a seated electric scooter, which you can ride while in a seated position.

Remember, the best scooter shall offer its user the best combination of convenience and functionality without sacrificing comfort.

Additional Features

Aside from powerful capabilities, extra features and functionality will make a huge difference when riding an electric scooter. Extra features such as rear lights, removable battery, bigger wheels, basket, and phone mount are not only nice-to haves but are essential in making every ride safer and more convenient.

Types of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters come in different shapes and sizes, so you have a lot of options in choosing the best electric scooter for your needs. Depending on your lifestyle, an e scooter serves the different needs of its users. For one, if you're a young adult who's looking for a convenient ride when going around the city, then you might want to get an electric kick scooter. On the other hand, if you're a bit older and would want to get an electric scooter that can offer you the most comfortable ride, then check out a seated electric scooter.

Now, let's check out all other kinds of e scooters and test electric scooters if they check all the boxes in your list!

Folding Electric Scooters

Folding electric scooters dominate the electric scooter market. They are lightweight and flexible electric two-wheelers that you can take or can take you, anywhere. This is the kind of scooter that you can easily fit into your car trunk. Some folding electric scooters have bending stems and handles, creating a low-lying board-like structure. On the other hand, other scooters have flexible platforms so that you can fold them into a neat vertical form. Whatever their folding mechanism is, a folding electric scooter is certainly built for convenience and portability.

MotoTec Metro 36V/12Ah 350W Lithium Folding Electric Scooter

With a 350-watt brushless rear hub motor and a 12Ah battery, the MotoTec Metro Electric Scooter can deliver a top speed of 15 mph. It can even carry up to 200 lbs. All of these mid-range benefits are available for only 4-6 hours of charging! While it can cover a long range of 15 miles per charge, you can still travel far with it thanks to its foldability and lightweight structure. So, if you’re travelling far, you can simply ride this scooter to the nearest train or bus station, fold it up, and carry it the rest of the way. 

Stand Up Electric Scooters

Stand-up scooters are pretty self-explanatory as they’re simply scooters without any seats. They simply have a platform, handles, and wheels. They can come with three or two wheels, depending on the model and build. Without any bulky seats, stand-up electric scooters are easier to carry around and store. So, if you don’t mind standing all the way to your destination and want a portable electric vehicle, then stand-up electric scooters may be an excellent investment. 

Razor EcoSmart SUP 36V 350W Stand Up Electric Scooter

Razor EcoSmart Stand Up Electric Scooter is a daily commuter’s best friend. It has a tubular metal frame that’s both lightweight and sturdy. Equipped with a 350-watt motor strategically placed at its rear, this stand-up electric scooter can get you a long range of 12 miles of distance and a great top speed of 15.5 miles per hour on a single charge. Despite being lightweight, Razor Ecosmart electric scooter can still ride rugged and sloping terrain. If you’re looking for a reliable and stylish urban electric vehicle, then this stand-up electric scooter may be what you’re looking for!

3-Wheel Electric Scooters

Just as their name suggests, this kind of scooter has a total of three wheels for maximum stability. Thanks to its structure, the 3-wheel electric scooter usually has a larger standing or sitting space. These tricycle scooters can also come with a basket at the front or back for added function. But what really makes this scooter stand out is that it has a bigger weight limit. This kind of e scooter is one of the best electric scooters when it comes to stability. Some 3-wheel scooters also have additional features such as foldability and rough terrain range. One of the top-selling 3-wheel scooters is shown below.

EWheels EW-19 Sporty 12V/12Ah 500W 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

The EWheels is a popular scooter manufacturer that produces high-quality mobility equipment. One of its coolest products is the EW-19 Sport 3-wheel e scooter. This unit comes with a 500-watt brushless motor attached to the front wheel. Its lead-acid batteries can deliver a top speed of 15mph and 21 miles of distance covered, perfect for daily commutes. It has a motor and battery that can also carry up to 300 lbs. And with a wide cushioned seat and comfortable backrest, it can carry adults, teenagers, and seniors alike. It also has a front basket to carry other items. Best of all, the scooter comes with a 3-year warranty. All these features allow it to be a trusty and powerful yet simple strolling companion! 

Electric Go-Karts

An electric go-kart is perhaps the best electric scooter for kids. But unlike their traditional counterparts, electric go-karts allow you to enjoy your hobbies without harming the environment. That’s because electric go-karts rely only on batteries and electric motors and not on diesel and other fossil fuel sources. This kind of e scooter is designed to offer its users great top speeds so users will certainly feel the thrill. Just make sure to take this sweet ride for a spin in a private racetrack, as it can be dangerous to operate it a sidewalk or a bike lane. If you’re looking to buy one soon, here’s our best-selling electric go-kart: 

MotoTec Off Road 48V/12Ah 1000W Electric Go Kart

The MotoTec Electric Go-Kart is perfect for kids and adults alike who like to have some fun. This go-kart features a solid and rigid frame, knobby tires, a powerful 1000W brushless motor, and a 12Ah battery. More importantly, it has parental controls that set the maximum speed. But what makes the MotoTec electric go kart special is that it’s versatile. You can take it on paved roads as well as on dirty and bumpy roads. With the MotoTec Off Road Electric Go Kart, you’ll undoubtedly find more fun and fewer boundaries for your hobby! 

Electric Mopeds

Electric Mopeds are the perfect option for those who find motorcycles too big and scooters too small. Different countries have different definitions for mopeds. But in a general sense, mopeds are anything that can only run at certain maximum speeds. They’re also very convenient transportation options since mopeds have less stringent licensing requirements than full-blown motorcycles. So, if you want to get around the city fast, electric mopeds are the sustainable way to go. 

GVA Brands Falcon 60V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

The GVA Brands Falcon Electric Moped can get you just about anywhere. It's backed by a 500-watt electric motor that's powerful enough to deliver its users with a longer range of up to 70 km on a single charge! You can even carry up to 330 lbs of load, which is enough to take on larger riders, all thanks to its sturdy and durable frame. While it may be smaller than a motorcycle, the Falcon electric moped can rival speeds up to 32 km/hr. 

Electric Wheelchairs

For those who suffer from certain health conditions that restrict and limit one's mobility and movement, perhaps getting an electric wheelchair is the best option. One of the best mobility devices that one can invest in other than a mobility scooter is an electric wheelchair. Right now, you might be wondering how different it is from standard wheelchairs. Well, the answer here is simple, an electric wheelchair is a motorized wheelchair that doesn't need a manual push to move forward while a standard wheelchair requires manual pushing or wheel spinning for it to move towards any direction.

But to give you a better understanding of what an electric wheelchair is, make sure to read the next sections!

What is an Electric Wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair is sometimes called a power wheelchair or motorized wheelchair. This kind of medical device is an upgraded version of regular wheelchairs in the sense that it comes with an electric motor, battery, and controls that make riding it very easy and effortless.

An electric wheelchair is primarily used by elderly and disabled persons who suffer from reduced mobility and limited movements. But aside from helping one to become more mobile, an electric wheelchair comes with many benefits. For one, it allows patients to gain back their independence when moving from one place to another without the need for assistance from another person or caregiver.

Don't be intimidated by the word "electric" because it still offers the simplicity and ease of use of a regular wheelchair, if not better. The difference, however, is that electric wheelchairs come with bigger and better weight capacity. An electric wheelchair typically has higher weight capacity, wider seat width, impressive stability, and good top speed, all of which promise to deliver patients with maximum comfort and allow them to travel further as compared to a regular wheelchair.

High-powered wheelchairs can make your life way better because you'll no longer have to be stuck inside your home, lying on the bed or sitting in your recline seat for most of the day. Plus, you won't have to depend on other people to get moving, so you regain control over where you want to go without depending on someone else. A power chair is also perfect for outdoor use since it comes with heavy-duty components as compared to regular wheelchairs.

Trust us, an electric wheelchair is a hundred percent better in all aspects as compared to a regular wheelchair.



How Do Electric Wheelchairs Work?

Many electric wheelchairs, if not all, are controlled through a joystick, which is found on either armrest. Because of this joystick control, you can forget about manual wheel spinning or manual force push to move forward. An electric wheelchair has an integrated mechanism that makes driving it very easy and convenient for the patient. Its main components include the electric motor, battery, and controller, all of which are designed to make mobility, effortless and simple.

What's good about an electric wheelchair is that you don't need the assistance of another person to go where you want to. Gone are the days when a simple stroll at the park will depend on the availability of another person. With an electric wheelchair, you can move from one place to another without stressing your muscles and without taking too much effort. Imagine being able to spend time alone and regaining your independence.

Like any other mobility device, a power wheelchair is powered by a sealed lead acid battery (SLA). This SLA battery is the one that gives power to the motor, which is either a 2-pole or a 4-pole motor. A lightweight electric wheelchair uses a 2-pole motor while heavy-duty power wheelchairs use a 4-pole. Don't worry, no engine is better than the other, and it depends on the user's needs, so don't sweat choosing between these two things too much! 

The motor is the primary reason a power wheelchair stands above any regular wheelchair because it provides a power wheelchair with a better drive range, faster top speed, and makes it more capable in passing through uneven terrain.

Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Folding electric wheelchairs are lightweight electric wheelchairs that can be folded in a smaller form. Thanks to their lightweight yet durable framing, this kind of power wheelchair can be brought anywhere, even for air travel. This lightweight power wheelchair is perfect for those who always go on trips and vacations. But don't worry! While this lightweight power wheelchair is made of lightweight materials, it's still powerful enough to provide you with an outstanding performance.

EWheels EW-M45 12V/6Ah 180W Folding Electric Wheelchair

The EWheel 180W Folding Electric Wheelchair is a power chair that can get you rolling anywhere. It's one of the best folding power wheelchairs that you can get in the market that can pass through any kind of terrain whether it be pavement, dirt, or grass. You can thank its two-motor rear-wheel design with a 180-watt brushless motor for such power moving. These features also allow it to move at a maximum speed of 3.7 mph, a good enough speed for safety and practicality. And all thanks to its foldable feature, this power chair can take you anywhere. Don't be deceived by its sleek frame as this power chair has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs while still being lightweight at 59 lbs. 

Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs

Heavy-duty electric wheelchairs are motorized wheelchairs that come with a powerful motor, large wheels, a longer travel range, wider seat width, and back cushions to provide its users with utmost performance, safety, and comfort. A heavy duty power wheelchair is a full size power wheelchair that's perfect for those who live in the countryside with challenging terrain and heavyweight users since it has a bigger weight capacity. This high-powered wheelchair is the best electric wheelchair for most patients since you can expect to get utmost comfort and safety without sacrificing performance due to its extensive features.

EWheels EW-M48 12V/36Ah Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

The EWheels EW-M48 Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair is just what it says it is. This model is just the right electric wheelchair that can support those with physical injuries or neurological illnesses. It has two motors to give extra power, making it truly powerful to assist up to 300 lbs. Aside from engines, this heavy-duty electric wheelchair is also in the abundance of wheels. For improved stability, this heavy-duty electric wheelchair even has 6 wheels. The two additional drive wheels in front may be small, but they certainly add traction and balance. A 12V 36Ah lithium-ion battery also allows it to travel as long as 12.5 miles per charge.

Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchairs

Mid-wheel electric wheelchairs are power chairs that simply have their motor within the wheelchair’s mainframe, connected with its bigger wheels. And thanks to its motor’s position, a mid-wheel electric wheelchair boasts an outstanding turning radius and can make 360-degree turns easily and firmly, making it a great option when passing through tight corners. Because of this, you can certainly navigate small spaces with this mid-wheel electric wheelchair effortlessly.

Merits Health Vision Sport 12V/35Ah 500W Mid-Wheel Electric Wheelchair       with Lift

Aside from offering the best mobility scooters, Merits Health offers one of the best heavy duty electric wheelchairs in the market with this Vision Sport. This power chair will certainly give its users a smooth ride with its six wheels that allow maneuverability even in tight and compact spaces. This electric wheelchair also has a joystick for easy control. Its dual motors offer excellent efficiency and performance while its full front and rear suspension provide comfort. But what really sets this mid-wheel electric chair apart is that it provides various adjusting parts. It has a reclining backrest to make seating and lying back more comfortable. The mid-wheel electric wheelchair also has adjustable armrests and adjustable seat height to cater to just about any type of body build and posture. 

Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchairs

The rear-wheel electric wheelchair design is the original configuration for wheelchairs. These power chairs feature a rear wheel drive and are known to have excellent stability. Rear-wheel electric wheelchairs are also known for following straight pathways upon movement. They’re also great for both indoor and outdoor strolling. Just know that it also has its limitations, especially in lower extremity positioning and maneuvering. 

EWheels EW-M51 12V/50Ah Medical Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

The EW-M51 rear-wheel electric wheelchair may only have four wheels, but it’s still every bit as powerful. It has two rear-wheel motors that can get you as fast as safely as possible at 5 mph. With a 12 V battery, it can get you as far as 15 miles on a single charge. It isn’t called heavy-duty for nothing as it also features a sturdy yet comfortable frame. This heavy-duty electric wheelchair’s headrest, armrest, footplate, backrest, and height are all adjustable for added comfort. Plus, belonging to the EWheels brand, you can be certain that it's one of the best electric wheelchairs that you can get today!

Patient Care Products

When it comes to home care, it's not enough that you are complete with all the required medication to treat patients. It's also important that you have all the right patient care supplies to supplement your patient's needs and provide patient comfort.

If you're a nurse, a caregiver, or if you're simply caring for your old parents/grandparents, then you should make sure to check out these patient care supplies. These patient supplies and equipment will help provide the best possible care that your patient deserves while giving you peace of mind when it comes to their safety - all within a reasonable price range.

Aside from making your life easier, these medical supplies and equipment will also improve the convenience of your patients, thereby improving overall patient care, which in turn speeds up their recovery.

Now, when it comes to patient care, there are lots of products to speak of. These include hospital supplies, which can be placed in residential homes including hospital beds, patient lifts, patient transfer devices, shower chairs, and even shower gurneys.

Here are some of the best-selling patient care products that you can purchase for your home including their purpose:

Convaquip Maxi Rest Adjustable Full Electric Bariatric Bed

A Bariatric bed is a patient health product that's engineered for heavyweight individuals. This heavy-duty quality health care product is perfect for people who require a more sturdy and heavy-duty bed that can take on heavier loads than usual. This furniture is built to be flexible and can bend at different angles, making them a good choice for any customer who has difficulty moving around.

Convaquip Heavy Duty Bariatric Recliner Geri Chair

A Geri Chair works simply like a recliner seat but offers better care as it’s specially designed to offer personal care for patients. Geri chairs are medical-grade seats that allow patients to sit comfortably while getting their needed muscular support, making them an excellent choice for the elderly who suffers from limited mobility.

Handicare ReTurn Patient Transfer Device

If you want to keep patients safe at home, especially when making positional transfers like sitting-to-standing, try investing in a patient transfer device. A patient transfer device can ensure a patient's safety by reducing the risks of falling out of balance associated with positional transfers. On the other hand, the caregiver can also benefit from the guidance that it offers, which allows him to securely transfer the patient with utmost convenience.

Convaquip 36” Bariatric Bedside Commode

When it comes to taking care of your health, it's also essential to ensure that you have easy access to the restroom when the call of nature hits, especially at night. This is where bedside commodes come in - this kind of patient care product is critical in ensuring that you can attend to your sanitary needs on your own. Bedside commodes work like portable toilets that can easily be placed beside the bed, so you won't have to worry about walking to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night.

Arc First 30" Tall 56¾” to 58¼” Width Bi-Fold Caregiver Door 

One of the most underrated health care products in the market includes patient shower products - these are shower gurneys, shower chairs, and caregiver doors among others. As for caregiver doors, this product is a simple divider that works as a boundary line between the caregiver and the patient. This kind of health care product offers independence for the patient when taking a shower while also shielding the caregiver from water splashes.

Proactive Medical Protekt Take-A-Long Folding Electric Patient Lift

If you're looking for a high-quality patient management device that’s designed to help in transferring the patient to and from a chair/ bed without any risks of falling, then investing in a hydraulic heavy-duty lift is a wise choice. Usually, patient lifts usually work either as a sling lift or a sit-to-stand lift. This patient management device allows you to fully transfer the patient without having to rely solely on your physical effort. It promotes efficiency while also ensuring the patient's safety.


A staple choice for patients with limited mobility is a wheelchair. In this section, we'll talk about the traditional kind of wheelchairs - or the manual wheelchairs as opposed to power wheelchairs, which we have discussed above.

If you're looking for an online store selling wheelchairs of different types, then you came to the right place. Here at Mobility Paradise, we offer transport wheelchairs, heavy-duty wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs, and all other kinds that can accommodate users of all kinds.

If you still prefer manual wheelchairs over electric wheelchairs, make sure that you're only getting one that's durable and high quality. To guide you in choosing the right wheelchair, make sure to take note of the factors we've listed below.

Choosing the Best Wheelchairs

Some of the things that you should consider include comfort, seat width or overall width, weight capacity, specifications, wheels, and overall support – and we’ve discussed each one below:


When buying a wheelchair, the rule is that you should only get the most comfortable one. Usually, it's the kind that offers all essential features to ensure your comfort including flip-back desk arms, removable armrests, elevating legrests, self propel features, and accessories that improve overall comfort such as padded and cushioned seats.


In addition to the comfort features, it's also best to choose a wheelchair made of high-grade materials that can ensure the durability of the wheelchair coupled with a high-quality fabric that can minimize friction and pressure, especially during long periods of sitting.

Seat Width

The main distinction between a wheelchair as compared to power chairs and other mobility equipment lies in the width of the seat. Generally, mobility products like mobility scooters and power chairs come with wider seat widths as compared to a normal wheelchair primarily because wheelchairs are designed mostly to be portable. If you prefer to have a spacious wheelchair, then you should check out first its seat width.

Weight Capacity

For heavyweight users, choosing a wheelchair can be challenging. The good news is that there are now different kinds of wheelchairs that each cater to a specific user depending on the body requirements. Knowing the capacity of your chosen wheelchair will help ensure that your chosen wheelchair can last long.


It's also important to choose a wheelchair that's equipped with the right set of wheels. The wheels will determine your capability to pass through different kinds of surfaces. Usually, small wheels, are perfect only for indoors while bigger wheels work perfectly even outdoors. My recommendation is to choose one that's semi-pneumatic or is made of rubber since it works perfectly on any kind of surface.

Kinds of Wheelchair

All-Terrain Wheelchairs

If you live in the suburbs, then you'll benefit the most from an all-terrain wheelchair. While most wheelchairs are designed for smooth surfaces, this kind of wheelchair can very well take on rough and rugged terrain, which makes it the perfect choice for users who want to spend more time outdoors.

Walk'n Chair All Terrain Walker Wheelchair


Ergonomic Wheelchairs

When it comes to comfort, your go-to choice should be an ergonomic wheelchair. This kind of wheelchair is built to provide utmost comfort for every user, so you won't have to worry about suffering from muscle pains when using it. It's the perfect wheelchair for those who want to spare themselves from muscle pains that come from using a substandard wheelchair.

Triumph Mobility Rollz Motion2 Walker & Transport Wheelchair


Folding Wheelchairs

Folding Wheelchairs are portable and flexible. It comes with a mechanism that allows folding and easy mounting, so you can just set it back up in just a few minutes. In terms of storage, you won’t have issues in securing a space since folding wheelchairs can easily fit into tight spaces including a small closet, under your desk, or even in your car’s trunk.

Karman Healthcare Ergo S-305 Ultra Lightweight Folding Wheelchair


Pool Wheelchairs

From the name itself, a pool wheelchair is a kind of wheelchair that’s built exclusively for pool use. It's also known as an aquatic wheelchair and comes with wheels, just like the typical ones. However, its build is significantly different compared to the traditional ones since it comes with components that are built to withstand corrosion-free and are comfortable and functional even underwater.

DeBug Mobility Aquatic Pool Wheelchair


Portable Wheelchairs

If you like going out on vacations, having a portable wheelchair is a must. With a portable wheelchair, you won't have to think about where to keep your wheelchair in-flights and on-board the train. While these situations may be easy to deal with for some, having a portable wheelchair can make these things more convenient for you. These are some of the things that you can expect when you get a portable wheelchair.

Strongback 24+AB Portable Wheelchair


Rigid Wheelchairs

Rigid wheelchairs come with with ultralight and rigid framing that features minimal and non-folding frames, specifically engineered to provide maximum performance and propel efficiently as much as possible, making it the perfect option for full-time, active wheelchair users. Essentially, a rigid wheelchair is a perfect choice for active users looking for a wheelchair that can offer ultimate performance.

Motion Composites APEX C Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair


Rollator Walkers

If the patient is still able to stand but requires assistance, then perhaps a rollator walker would do. A rollator walker is designed to fully assist patients to walk while giving them ample support where they can focus their weight onto. With this medical device, you won't have to worry about the patient tipping over or falling. It's a great choice for those who require minimal assistance when standing up.

Triumph Mobility Rollz Flex 4-Wheel Rollator Walker


Transport Wheelchairs

A Transport Wheelchair is the kind of wheelchair that requires external force for it to move forward. Essentially, it’s the kind that will demand an extra hand to push you forward. This wheelchair typically has smaller wheels, which makes it way easier and lighter to carry anywhere.

Strongback Excursion 12 Transport Wheelchair


Oxygen Concentrators

For those who are looking for a continuous flow oxygen concentrator, make sure to only select among the best oxygen concentrators and the top portable oxygen concentrators in the market. Lucky for you, we have it right here at Mobility Paradise.

For those with breathing disorders, ambient air is not enough to provide them with extra oxygen. These people have certain oxygen requirements and need a constant flow of oxygen-rich air. For them, doing simple activities and running errands can be extra-strenuous as compared to healthy people since they don't have enough oxygen levels in their systems. Luckily, there's a medical device that's built for long periods of usage so your blood oxygen levels will always be at optimal range.

So, if you're one of those who are mandated to have a continuous oxygen flow after seeking professional medical advice, then an oxygen concentrator is a must-have! Typically, your breathing disorder will determine how much oxygen you need and whether you need oxygen output either indoor or outdoor, or both.

Types of Oxygen Concentrators

There are two types of Oxygen ConcentratorsAt-Home oxygen concentrators and portable oxygen concentrators. Both of these oxygen devices will allow you to enjoy oxygen therapy at your own convenience.

Portable Concentrators

A portable oxygen concentrator provides you with the right amount of oxygen needed anytime and anywhere. It comes with rechargeable batteries that give the best continuous flow even when you're outside. These oxygen devices are usually portable units that give you the flexibility to do things that you need to do without being stuck at home.

So, if you usually experience difficulty breathing while you’re at work or in school, then investing in a portable concentrator is a good choice since it will allow you to extract oxygen instantly, thereby making your life a lot easier.

Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


At-Home Concentrators

An At-Home oxygen concentrator is designed to provide you with medical-grade oxygen within the comfort of your own home. This device is perfect for patients who have health problems or medical conditions, which prevent them from being mobile. It's the perfect option for most patients who are stationary and require a continuous flow of oxygen. Generally, an at-home oxygen device is bulkier than the portable version. However, the highlight of this kind is that it can produce continuous oxygen support and is sure to address all your oxygen needs.

Inogen One At Home Oxygen Concentrator

Lift Chairs

When it comes to patient comfort, one of the must-haves in your home is the lift chair. A lift chair works somewhat the same as a typical recliner seat but better because it provides ample support when standing up, which is the usual problem when it comes to seniors.

What is a Lift Chair?

Lift chairs are usually mistaken for recliner seats, mainly because it comes with almost identical form and frame. That's also the reason why it's most commonly called a lift recliner. However, a lift recliner is engineered to provide a specific purpose other than comfort - and that is to provide balance and support when standing up.

So how does it work? Well, a lift chair is able to raise in an angle of a semi-standing position, so a person standing up can just lean on it and let the chair be lifted to a position that's safe enough to stand up. In contrast, a lift chair can also assist you to get to a sitting position from standing up by having it in a semi-standing position and once you lean back, you can automatically press it down, thereby securing you to a seated position.

What's good with a lift chair is that you won't be putting a lot of pressure on your knees and legs when sitting down and standing up. Instead, you can get help from this electric lift chair, so you won't have to put in so much effort.

Types of Lift Chairs

2-Position Lift Chairs

For those looking for a straightforward lift chair and don't need much adjustability, then a 2-position lift chair is perfect. This lift chair usually reclines a few inches and offers ample lift raise when you're exiting the chair. It's by far the most straightforward lift chair that you can get on the market.


3-Position Lift Chairs

A 3-position lift chair or oftentimes called the 3-way recliner enables the user to recline comfortably into three positions - the sleeping position, a TV-recline position, and a standard straight sitting position.

AmeriGlide 375M Heat & Massage Lift Chair


Infinite Position Lift Chairs

In contrast to the 2-position and 3-position lift recliner, infinite position lift power chairs offer limitless possibilities when it comes to reclining positions. This simply means that you have all the flexibility to adjust its position until you're completely satisfied.

AmeriGlide 1015 Infinite Position Lift Chair


Massage Lift Chairs

For those who are looking for power lift recliners that offer the extra massaging feature, then this massage lift chair is perfect for you. This electric recliner comes with a massage remote control that allows you to fully relax and rest your muscles, so you can get rid of muscle pains.

Vive Health 110V Large Massage Lift Chair


Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

If you're particular about positioning, then having a zero gravity lift chair is a good idea. With this kind of lift recliner, you can fully relax your body in a neutral posture wherein your feet are aligned with your heart. With this kind of lift chair, you'll get a weightless sensation, which in turn allows you to release any muscle tension.

AmeriGlide 325 Infinite Position Lift Chair


Infrared Saunas

If you want to have your own spa at home, then you can probably start by getting your own infrared sauna. The problem is that choosing the right infrared sauna can be challenging with all the available options. Lucky for you, we've created this buying guide to help you answer the following questions:

  • What is an Infrared Sauna?

  • What's the difference between an Infrared Sauna and a Traditional Sauna?

  • What are the benefits of getting an infrared sauna at home?

  • What are the things to consider when getting an infrared sauna

  • What are the different kinds of infrared saunas?

  • What are the best-selling infrared saunas?

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Saunas, in its general sense, are tiny rooms that release heat. Typically, saunas have a temperature between 65°C and 90°C. In terms of their construction, Saunas are mostly made of grain wood and come with a wooden bench for seating or reclining for its interior. Now going to an infrared sauna, this kind of sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light, thereby providing radiant heat that is absorbed directly by the skin.

Infrared Sauna vs. Traditional Sauna

The main difference between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna is that the latter warms the human body directly through its infrared energy, while a traditional sauna heats the air around you and just heats your body as a result. Because of this fact, most manufacturers claim that infrared saunas are better for your sauna sessions because it warms your body efficiently. In fact, most healthcare practitioners recommend infrared sauna sessions because these infrared heat lamps give off 80% of the heat directly into the body of the person using it and only 20% of the heat goes to the air while a regular sauna does the exact opposite, releasing only 20% of the heat to the user.

Sauna users also claim that heat from infrared lamps tends to be more effective when it comes to penetrating the skin as compared to regular saunas wherein you just have to rely on the warmth of the air. Lastly, while heat from infrared heated lamps directly penetrates the skin, most of its users find it more bearable to stand, thereby providing users with a better sauna experience. This in turn. allows them to stay longer in the sauna.

Benefits of Getting an Infrared Sauna at Home


Any health professional will certainly support your infrared sauna sessions. Enjoying infrared heaters does not only make you feel more relaxed but also offers lots of health benefits, covering your immune system, nervous system, sore muscles, chronic pain, and allowing you to lose water weight conveniently. Plus, regular use of an infrared sauna can prevent diseases for better overall health. But generally, even a single sauna use can already help you feel refreshed instantly after a long day at work.


Think about it, when you invest in an infrared sauna for your home, you'll be able to enjoy an infrared sauna session without even leaving the comfort of your own home and in your own time – sounds very relaxing, right? This is what you get when you invest in a home infrared sauna. You get access to your own little sauna spa 24/7 – no need to schedule and make the necessary arrangements. It’ll be there whenever you need it to treat muscle soreness or any other medical conditions.


When you get a home infrared sauna, of course, you get the utmost flexibility when it comes to customization. When I say anything – I meant customize it according to your liking. For instance, you can improve your sauna bath by supplementing it with aroma-therapeutic essential oils, enhanced, lighting, and more. The possibilities are endless when you have your own infrared sauna.


Imagine enjoying all of these benefits when you just invest in an infrared sauna. You can enjoy a luxurious experience while also taking advantage of all the health benefits that it can offer - that’s already cost-efficient on its own. Plus, home saunas operate efficiently, so you won't have to worry about incurring unnecessary and excessive expenses. As for the electric expenses, your electric bill won't be as costly, so there's no need to worry about a spike in the bill. To give you a better visualization, assuming that you’ll use your personal sauna every day for an hour, such utilization will only more or less account to $5 on your monthly bill – even less when you don’t use it every day.

Things to Consider When Buying a Sauna

Before making that purchase, there are several questions that you need to answer, including the following:

  • How many people will be using it?

  • How much space is available for its placement?

  • What is your budget?

  • Do you prefer indoor saunas or outdoor saunas?

  • Are you looking for a traditional sauna or an infrared sauna?

Once you know the answer to these questions, you'll be saving yourself from the hassle of going over all the options available in the market. There are simply too many variants of saunas, and identifying your needs early on will shortlist the saunas that you should only check out.

Now, let's dive in and discuss the different models that you can choose from.


There are two types of saunas, the electric or traditional saunas and infrared saunas. These saunas vary depending on the heat source. Most saunas generate heat through a pile of hot stones /hot rocks that can reach a maximum temperature of 195 degrees in just 30 minutes. This kind of sauna, however, uses more electricity as compared to infrared saunas.

Infrared saunas, on the other hand, offer a more sophisticated heating capability with their radiant heat lights. This kind of sauna can reach a maximum temperature of 140 degrees in just a few minutes, which is way more quickly than traditional saunas. Likewise, infrared saunas feel more gentle to the skin and take less to maintain.


When it comes to placement, you have a choice between investing in an indoor or an outdoor sauna. The most common type indoor saunas wherein you just place them inside the shower room where you can leverage on easy water access. Traditionally, saunas do not need an additional foundation. Take note however that a sauna requires a draining system.

If you have a nice backyard and would love to add in a sauna while enjoying the views, then you might want to get yourself an outdoor sauna. Typically, outdoor saunas are located nearby a pool or garden. The downside however is that you’ll need a more significant set up including a proper foundation, power connection, and water supply.


Saunas are commonly made of three types of wood – Hemlock, Cedar, and Aspen. Hemlock is the most common wood type used to build a sauna. The primary benefit of this kind of composition is that it’s stain-free and mildew resistant. It’s a light-colored hardwood and is mostly odorless, which is best for people with allergies. 

We also have Cedar, which is a kind of wood composition that's aromatic and resistant to mildew and insects, making it the perfect option for outdoor sauna users. However, this kind can be more expensive than the others.

The most suitable option is Aspen for those looking for an indoor sauna. This kind of wood is perfect for indoors as it’s not as heavy-duty as hemlock and cedar. The good news however is that it’s also odorless, which is perfect for those who have allergies, so you can have a better sauna experience.


Saunas come in various sizes. There are saunas that can accommodate a single person up and there are those that can fit up to eight people. Of course, when choosing the type of sauna that you'll buy, you must take into consideration the people who’ll be using it frequently as well as the space available / room area within your home.


For those who are looking for the best home saunas, there are many other considerations that you need to check out other than the sauna designs. A good sauna comes with extra functional features aside from a high-performing electric heater.

For one, you can find an infrared sauna that comes with cool features like LED, audio output, timers, roof vents, and other adjustable features. Of course, you can make relaxation way better with an auxiliary output as you can listen to music while enjoying the heat in your sauna room. When it comes to safety, you can get one that has a timer that allows you to set a time to limit your stay inside the booth space. There's also a sauna heater with adjustable vents, which allow fresh air to penetrate inside.

Types of Infrared Saunas, plus the best-sellers!

1-Person Infrared Saunas: A mini sauna that's good for one to two persons only.

Best-selling 1-Person Infrared Sauna: Dynamic Barcelona Low EMF Indoor 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna DYN-6106-01

    2-Person Infrared Saunas: If a single-user sauna is too tight, then you can get this electric sauna that can fit up to two people comfortably

    Best-selling 2-Person Infrared Sauna: Dynamic Gracia Low EMF Indoor 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna DYN-6119-01

      3-Person Infrared Saunas: For a more spacious sauna or for heavyweight users, then perhaps getting a 3-person infrared sauna is a great choice.

      Best-selling 3-Person Infrared Sauna: Dynamic Lugano Low EMF Indoor 3 Person Far Infrared Sauna DYN-6336-02

        4-6 Person Infrared Saunas: If you want to get a bigger sauna for your home, then perhaps consider getting a 4-6 person infrared sauna that can fit a maximum of six persons.

        Best-selling 4-6 Person Infrared Sauna: Dundalk Canadian Timber Tranquility 4-6 Person Outdoor Sauna CTC2345W

          8-Person Infrared Saunas: Perfect use for groups and family-use

          Best-selling 8-Person Infrared Sauna: Golden Designs Catalonia Ultra Low EMF Indoor 8 Person Far Infrared Sauna GDI-6880-01

            Indoor Infrared Saunas: Home saunas that can be conveniently placed inside the house

            Best-selling Indoor Infrared Sauna: Maxxus Seattle Low EMF Indoor 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna MX-J206-01

              Outdoor Infrared Saunas: Durable saunas that can withstand outdoor conditions

              Best-selling Outdoor Infrared Sauna: SunRay HL300D2 Waverly Outdoor 3 Person Traditional Steam Sauna

                Steam Saunas: Kinds of sauna, which also works as steam room

                Best-selling Steam Sauna: Golden Designs Sundsvall Edition Indoor 2 Person Traditional Steam Sauna GDI-7289-01

                  Steam Showers

                  When it comes to luxury bathroom essentials, steam shower systems are fast becoming the next big thing in the market. A steam shower can instantly elevate your home to a more luxurious type, giving you a home spa experience. It's perfect for those who want to relax and bring the spa experience into the comfort of their own home.

                  But what really, is a steam shower? If you're still confused, let's make a quick discussion on the basics of a steam shower.

                  What is a Steam Shower?

                  A residential steam shower works like an ordinary shower, but better since it comes with extra features. Usually, a steam shower unit is a standalone space that comes with a shower stall, rainfall ceiling shower (in some cases), steam generator, steam head, and of course, shower enclosure.

                  Functional-wise, a steam shower is different from all other kinds of shower primarily because it's capable of producing steam, thereby giving you a warm, soothing, and relaxing steam bath. In fact, you can already consider this as your compact steam room.

                  A steam shower can provide instant respiratory relief for those who have a clogged nose. It's also one of the best forms of relaxation that one can have despite a busy schedule.

                  Why invest in a Steam Shower?

                  Steam bathing offers lots of health benefits. So if you're still not convinced, let's try to list down the reasons why having a steam shower or steam generator at home is a wise choice:

                  • Improves respiratory health

                  • Reduces stress

                  • Promotes relaxation

                  • Helps achieve flawless skin

                  • Relieves sore muscles

                  • Boosts immune system

                  • Instantly boosts home value

                  • Long-term savings

                  • Instant access to spa amenities within the comfort of your own home

                  Types of Steam Showers

                  Corner Steam Showers

                  For those who are looking for a shower that can be positioned conveniently in any of the corners of the room, getting a corner steam shower is a good idea. A corner steam shower will make the most out of the corner of your bathroom, so you can make better use of your room space.

                  Maya Bath Siena 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower


                  Freestanding Steam Showers

                  For users/homeowners who are looking for an easy setup steam shower, check out this freestanding steam shower. This steam shower works as a plug-and-play type of steam room, that you can set up anywhere in your home without much fuss. This kind of residential steam shower unit is perfect for those who are looking for a spacious or walk-in kind of shower. It usually comes with cool features such as a fm radio, hot air, light, and sound features, and aromatherapy, that will certainly enable you to enjoy perfect relaxation.

                  Maya Bath Valencia 2-Person Freestanding Steam Shower


                  Outdoor Showers

                  If you have a huge outdoor space and you're planning to complement your patio and/or outdoor pool with a piece of wellness equipment, then consider getting an outdoor steam shower. These outdoor showers are made to be freestanding and light, so you can have them installed almost anywhere outside your home.

                  Dundalk Canadian Timber Savannah Standing Outdoor Shower

                  Massage Tables

                  One of our basic guilty pleasures in life is getting massages. However, the problem is you’ll need to go to a spa or a massage parlor before you can enjoy it- and not all of us have the luxury of time since we tend to be very busy with our daily lives - be it work, school, or business.

                  But what if I told you that you can already take the spa within the comfort of your own home simply by investing in a good massage table or massage chair?

                  What are Massage Tables?

                  A massage table is a kind of furniture that massage therapists use to get the client to the proper position when receiving a massage. It’s a high-quality table that's ergonomically designed so the user can fully enjoy the massage while the body is in a fully relaxed position, which also makes it easier for the therapist.

                  Now, if you're like many others who are tired of having to schedule a spa session and would love to bring the spa experience to your home, having a massage table or a portable massage table becomes essential.

                  Portable massage tables are better since you can just stow it in the cabinet whenever it's not in use. Most massage tables or modern massage tables are compact, making them convenient for both the therapist and the customer receiving the massage.

                  This will work as your massage bed when your massage therapist comes to your house on a Friday night after a stressful week.

                  Kinds of Massage Equipment

                  Like any other product, there are different kinds of massage equipment available for you to buy. These are:


                  Exercise Equipment

                  When it comes to working out, many people find lots of excuses just to not go to the gym. But what if you have the option to build your own home gym without spending a fortune? That's what we'll discuss in this section.

                  If you've always wanted to start a fitness routine, then the best way to begin other than by taking advantage of on-demand workouts is by investing in gym equipment items. These can be small items like a yoga mat or workout mat, a free-standing punching bag, to a more complex home fitness equipment like a rowing machine.

                  To give you a more elaborate idea of what kinds of gym equipment and accessories that you can get for your home, check out this workout equipment:

                  Bike Desks

                  So, are you a workaholic and always use work to escape exercise? Well, then this is the best smart home gym equipment for you. A bike desk is perfect for those who have a work-from-home setup and are always tied to their desks. With a bike desk, you can work continuously while also getting your leg training by pedaling. Besides, who said that a sedentary lifestyle is the only lifestyle for those tied with work? Check out these bike desks and you'll never have to worry about gaining that extra pound for every pizza!Best

                  Best-Selling Bike Desk: Lifespan C3-DT3 Under Desk Bike with Console

                  Cross Trainers

                  If you've always been an avid gym-goer before the pandemic, chances are high that you've already used an elliptical trainer - that's exactly what cross trainers are. An elliptical machine is a staple for many gym-goers primarily because it offers a complete workout and burns a huge amount of calories in a short span of time. In fact, by just spending 30-minutes on an elliptical trainer, you can already burn around 300 calories. Check out the best elliptical machine, only here at Mobility Paradise!


                  Best-Selling Cross Trainer: Lifespan E5i Commercial Elliptical Trainer

                  Exercise Bikes

                  We've already mentioned bike desks earlier. But a more common home gym equipment is an exercise bike. This cardio machine is a worthwhile investment for anyone who's looking for full-body fitness while enjoying a quiet ride at home. An exercise bike is able to address all your fitness needs, especially if you want to focus on lower body workouts. In fact, you can even step up your workout programs by following spinning classes on Youtube - the possibilities are endless when you get this best home gym equipment. Here at Mobility Paradise, you can choose patient-friendly exercise bikes, which can be used even by seniors, so they can use them to improve their muscles and continue with therapy as needed.


                  Best-Selling Exercise Bike: Lifespan R5i Recumbent Exercise Bike

                  Gym Storage

                  If you've been doing weight training and all other fitness classes, chances are high that you need storage where to keep them securely and in an organized way. This is where gym storage comes in. Gym storage is essential in keeping all your home gym equipment items including resistance bands, jump rope, adjustable dumbbells, yoga mats, and all other kinds of home equipment.


                  Best-Selling Gym Storage: Motive Fitness HUB250 Series Total Storage System

                  Rope Climber Machines

                  For those who are looking for a more intense workout session at home, then investing in a rope climber machine is a perfect choice. Forget about home gym membership when you can just enjoy resistance training while at home. A rope climber machine is certainly the best home gym equipment if you're looking for one that can significantly strengthen your core muscles, biceps, and upper back. It's also a great choice if you want to improve your endurance and agility.


                  Best-Selling Rope Climber Machine: Ropeflex Apex RX4400 Tread Climbing Rope Machine 45-4400

                  Rope Pulling Machines

                  If a rope climbing machine is too challenging for you, perhaps check out a rope pulling machine. A rope pulling machine offers the same benefits as a rope climbing machine. However, the level of difficulty is lower with this gym equipment. If you want to build muscle and lower your body weight, all while improving your resistance levels, then a rope pulling machine is certainly one to consider.


                  Best-Selling Rope Pulling Machine: Ropeflex Roperig RX8200 Multi-Functional Rope Training Rig 45-8206

                  Rope Training Rigs

                  For those who want to level up their home gym experience to accommodate multiple persons, investing in rope training rigs is a great option. Rope training rigs are the bigger and more heavy-duty version of a rope pulling and rope climbing machine since the latter ones can only take on a single user whereas rope training rigs can be used by different users at once. These are mostly found in the gym where you can be assisted by a personal trainer. Technically, rope training rigs are perfect for those who are looking for high-intensity interval training.


                  Best-Selling Rope Training Rig: Ropeflex Spartan RX8100 Heavy Duty Rope Training Rig 45-8001

                  Rowing Machines

                  If you don't like attending live classes or paying for a gym membership, then investing in good-quality home equipment is a wise investment. Take for instance a rowing machine, this kind of equipment offers a total body workout and is a piece of good equipment for all users regardless of their fitness level. While a rowing machine may seem intimidating, it's actually meditative for others and offers a good alternative to a treadmill or elliptical. Plus, like many other gym machines, using a rowing machine is great for your heart and lungs.


                  Best-Selling Rowing MachineLifespan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine

                  Stair Machines

                  For those who want to start with core strength training., perhaps investing in a stair machine is a great choice. This kind of gym machinery is perfect for all ages since you have full flexibility and adjustability over it. A stair machine will help give your muscles a full workout experience so you'll have stronger legs. It also focuses on other areas of your lower body including your hamstrings, calves, and glutes for a fuller experience.


                  Best-Selling Stair MachineJacobs Ladder Full Commercial Climbing Stair Machine JL

                  Stretching Machines

                  Many people think that stretching is just a preparation for working out. Then there are those who see stretching as a workout on its own. Stretching can be underrated. And while it's true that stretching is the perfect preparation prior to working out, it can also form your full workout routine during your busy days. In fact, a good stretch for about 30 minutes can already burn up to 180 calories. Now if you want to level up your stretching experience, then feel free to choose among the best home stretching machines on the market!


                  Best-Selling Stretching MachineLifespan Partner Pro Stretching Machine SP1000 Pro

                  Under Desk Treadmills

                  When it comes to changing your lifestyle, a good way to start it is by being able to balance work and your personal activities. That's exactly what you get when you invest in these under-desk treadmills. This cardio equipment allows you to exercise while working, much like the bike desks. This is perfect for those who want to improve their step count on a daily basis, especially for those who want to lose weight easily. This equipment will undoubtedly allow you to stay healthy while being a workaholic.


                  Best-Selling Under Desk TreadmillLifespan TR1200-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

                  Weight Benches

                  If you're into weight training, then a weight bench is certainly a must-have in your home. Weight benches are a good investment because you can already do different kinds of workout drills by using them. It's definitely a must-have for your home workout experience and essential to achieving your fitness goals. With a weight bench, you can do different kinds of drills including shoulder presses, instantly elevating your home gym experience. 

                  We've already laid out all the best options for your home gym, Now if you don't want to be stationary at home and you feel more relaxed whenever you're outside, then make sure to check out our selection on the best electric bikes below! 

                  Massage Chairs

                  Are you looking for a massage chair to enjoy your lazy Mondays? If yes, then we might just have the perfect fit for you!

                  In this buying guide, we'll give you everything you need to know before getting a massage chair, including the answers to the following questions:

                  • What are Massage Chairs?

                  • Why Should You Get One?

                  • How much does a Massage Chair cost?

                  • How to find the right Massage chair?

                  • What are the types of Massage Chairs?

                  • What are the best-selling Massage Chairs?

                  So, let's get to it!

                  What are Massage Chairs?

                  A massage chair is one that offers a massage experience, without the massage therapist. It's not where you sit and then your massage therapist will massage you - the chair massages you outright. It's essentially a piece of relaxation equipment that will offer you the same massage experience as that of a massage therapist.

                  Typically, a massage chair resembles a reclining chair and also comes with soft cushions and a huge build. The main difference, however, is that it comes with internal mechanisms that apply pressure partnered with a massage cushion so its users will enjoy a massage for their body whether the focus is on the legs, arms, or neck.

                  With this kind of chair, you'll feel like you're having a real massage without the actual massage therapists. In fact, it can even give you the best massage since you can have it anytime you want for as long as you want.

                  Why Should You Get a Massage Chair?

                  Sitting on a massage chair regularly will bring you lots of benefits, especially the full-body massage chairs. A good massage chair offers tons of health benefits.

                  With a massage chair, you can have better blood circulation, enjoy utmost relaxation, get muscle treatment for your tight muscles and chronic back pain, speed up recovery from a workout, and save tons of money from paying for massage therapy sessions.

                  Generally speaking, it can help relieve you from stress, improve your blood flow, release muscle strain and pressure, and relax your injured foot and shoulders. Because of these health benefits, there can be no more valid reason as to why doctors will not recommend them.

                  Essentially, when you invest in a massage chair, you can benefit not only from its health and wellness benefits but also from the convenience, comfort, and long-term savings that you can enjoy.

                  So, whether you're thinking of getting a heated massage chair, massage rollers, advanced massage chairs, or any other massage chair, you'll certainly enjoy all the benefits that it offers. And even if you want to consult with your doctor first, we're highly confident that you'll just be given a green signal.

                  How much does a Massage Chair cost?

                  On average, you can already get an affordable massage chair at around $1000 while there are mid-range massage chairs that cost up to $5,000. However, if you're looking for a more fancy model, that ensures you good quality and advanced features, then you can get it around $6000 up to $10,000. 

                  If you're looking for one that can offer the utmost comfort, then I'd recommend that you get high-end models since they usually come with advanced features for maximum comfort. For instance, some of the qualities that you can expect from a good quality massage chair include zero-gravity mode, feet rollers, reclining motions, massage cushions, and other smart features to give you the best relaxing experience.

                  How to find the right Massage chair?

                  Before making the purchase, there are several things that you need to consider first, which we'll lay out below:


                  As with any other product, it's of utmost importance that you do a due diligence check the background of the manufacturer. Choosing a good brand manufacturer will save you from a lot of headaches from after-sales issues. Plus, when you only buy from a good brand, you can be sure that your massage chair will also perform well. Typically, our best-selling brands are Osaki, Titan, and Infinity Massage chairs.


                  What is your budget? Of course, your purchasing power will already shortlist the massage chairs that you can buy. But don't worry! Here at mobility paradise, we offer a wide array of massage chairs which you can get for as low as $1,999 while the higher-end models can cost up to $12,000.


                  When getting a massage chair, it's important that you consider the kind of comfort that you should expect from it. Does it offer you the massage that you need? It's important to match your chosen massage chair with your needs since each kind of massage chair offers a specialized experience. So, if you want one that focuses on engaging your spine, then an S-track would work, while if you want a massage chair that offers utmost relaxation, then perhaps getting a Zero Gravity chair is a great choice.

                  ADVANCED FEATURES

                  Do you want one that offers advanced features or do you want a simple massage char that you can come home with and enjoy a spa experience? Whatever it is, it's always a good practice to check out additional features, so you'll really know if you're getting the most out of your money. Typically, you want to check if your chosen massage chairs come with heating capabilities, foot rollers, and adjustability functions, among others.

                  Kinds of Massage Chairs

                  3D Massage Chairs

                  A 3D Massage Chair comes with built-in massage rollers that can move up and down and side to side for full-body coverage. But what makes it stand out is that it can protrude farther out, thereby giving you a higher massage intensity as if there's an actual masseuse massaging you. In essence, you get more flexible options when it comes to intensity, so you can adjust accordingly depending on your preference.

                  Best-Selling 3D Massage Chair: Osaki OS-Pro Honor 3D Massage Chair

                  4D Massage Chairs

                  4D massagers allow you to apply pressure differently on various focus areas by adjusting not only the intensity but also the speed. With this kind of massage equipment, you can easily set up different massage programs depending on what your body needs, whether it's for relaxation, speeding up muscle recovery, or improving blood flow.

                  Best-Selling 4D Massage Chair: Osaki Os-Pro 4D Encore Massage Chair

                  L-Track Massage Chairs

                  L-track massagers can cover your lower back down to the hamstrings - there are also units that offer foot massage, giving its users full body massage comfort. The L-track massage chair is perfect for those who normally suffer from lower body pain. Most massager rollers only focus on the upper body especially the shoulders, thereby neglecting the lower parts of the body, especially the feet. L-track massagers are designed specifically to address such needs.

                  Best-Selling L-Track Massage Chair: Titan TP-Cosmo Zero Gravity Massage Chair

                  S-Track Massage Chairs

                  S-Track Massage Chairs are designed to follow through the track of the spine. In this type of massager, the rollers simply move along the back of the spine's natural curve. S-track massagers offer the most common massages, starting from the neck, down to the back, and up again. It doesn't cover the lower parts of the body, especially the hamstrings and feet. The internal mechanisms in this kind of massager are designed to offer a massage that is wave-like., as compared to the L-track.

                  Best-Selling S-Track Massage Chair: Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair

                  Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

                  A Zero Gravity Massage Chair is designed in a way that can be positioned in a way that imitates the zero gravity position that's normally seen in astronauts, which is practiced to lessen the stress on their bodies when launching out to space. In the same way, a zero gravity massage chair minimizes the stress and pressure on your body by elevating your feet to the same level as your heart. This in turn helps in relieving back pain, normalizing blood motion, relaxing muscle tension, and reducing strain on your spine. This kind of massage chair is usually packed with all sorts of features including heat therapy and a wide array of adjustability functions.

                  Best-Selling Zero Gravity Massage Chair: Osaki Pro First Class 3D Massage Chair

                  Massage Tables

                  Getting a massage at home is not that simple - that's exactly why many people choose to go to a spa or a massage parlor. The problem is, as much as you'd want to get a massage, you might not have the luxury of time given the busy schedule that you may have. But don't worry! We can help you set up your own massage space at home by investing in the right massage table.

                  This way, you can already take the spa from the comfort of your own home. Nope! You won't even have to break the bank, so make sure to read below!

                  What are Massage Tables?

                  A massage table is a kind of furniture that massage therapists use to get the client to the proper position when receiving a massage. It’s a high-quality table that's ergonomically designed so the user can fully enjoy the massage while the body is in a fully relaxed position, which also makes it easier for the therapist.

                  Now, if you're like many others who are tired of having to schedule a spa session and would love to bring the spa experience to your home, having a massage table or a portable massage table becomes essential.

                  Portable massage tables are better since you can just stow it in the cabinet whenever it's not in use. Most massage tables or modern massage tables are compact, making them convenient for both the therapist and the customer receiving the massage.

                  This will work as your massage bed when your massage therapist comes to your house on a Friday night after a stressful week.

                  Kinds of Massage Tables

                  Like any other product, there are different kinds of massage equipment available for you to buy. These are:

                  Portable Massage Chairs

                  For those who are looking for a massage chair that they can take anywhere, then getting a portable massage chair should be a great option. This kind of massage table comes in a lightweight form that can easily be folded or adjusted according to the user's needs. It's also the perfect option for those who are looking for a practical choice!

                  Best-Selling Portable Massage Chair: Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair 10114

                  Portable Massage Tables

                  If you're like most people who don't have a personal spa room at home, then perhaps investing in a portable massage table is a good choice. This kind of massage table is perfect for those who occasionally schedule a massage therapy session at home since you can just store this massage table in a tiny corner space and take it out easily whenever you're getting a massage. It's as comfortable as any typical massage table, with high-density foam or a high-quality foam - but what makes it better is that it comes with adjustable features, so it can be folded into a smaller form, as compared to a stationary massage table, which we'll discuss below.

                  Best-Selling Portable Massage Table: Master Massage Montclair Salon Therma-Top 31" Wide Portable Massage Table 25256

                  Stationary Massage Tables

                  If you regularly get a massage at home, then perhaps a stationary massage table is a perfect choice. Typically, these professional tables come with premium features including actual leather or pvc leather, adjustable height, easy assembly, and other synthetic materials that are of industry standard. Clients who get massages as part of their normal routine would get a stationary massage table primarily because it's readily available anytime without the need to set up - it's perfect for those who have a spacious room or a designated spa gym room who are addicted to full body massages!

                  Best-Selling Stationary Massage Table: Master Massage Maxking Comfort Electric Lift Spa Stationary Massage Table

                  Treatment Tables

                  If you're suffering from any physical injury and you're on the road to recovery, you'll definitely need continuous therapy and treatment sessions at home. To achieve this, you should definitely get a treatment table. A treatment table is one that's medically-designed for physical therapy and rehabilitation. It's the perfect choice for those who'll need a medical-grade massage table!

                  Best-Selling Treatment Table: Earthlite Yosemite Compact Shiatsu Massage Table

                  Electric Bikes

                  Riding a bike can be challenging, especially for patients and seniors who may have difficulty balancing. However, that may not be. the case when it comes to electric bikes. In this guide, we'll show you how electric bikes can be very beneficial for patients and seniors shopping here at Mobility Paradise.

                  What are Electric Bikes?

                  Electric bikes physically look like regular bikes but perform way better and come with more power. An electric bike comes with an electric motor that powers your ride, allowing you to ride faster and enjoy longer trips even with minimum effort. These electric bicycles are designed to provide their users with a better riding experience without exerting too much effort, so you won’t have to worry about muscle pains after riding them.

                  In terms of built, electric bicycles have the components of a standard bike plus additional enhancements such as the battery, electric motor, and controller that work seamlessly together to make riding a bike a lot easier. With these features, you can expect a great bike that offers high top speed, efficient commuting, low maintenance costs, and a smooth riding experience overall.

                  Key Characteristics of an Electric Bike

                  FLEXIBLE OPTIONS

                  Electric bikes offer so much variety, so you’ll undoubtedly find one that fits your needs and preferences perfectly. Depending on your daily requirements, you can choose to have a smaller build or a bigger build. You can choose from different kinds of electric bikes including cargo bikes, electric commuter bikes, electric trikes, and many other bikes depending on your needs and capabilities.

                  TRAFFIC AND HASSLE-FREE

                  With an e-bike, you can reach your destination faster than when riding a standard bike, without even sweating a bit. That’s precisely why it’s the perfect choice for urban commuters who are tired of city traffic. With an electric bike, you can cut your commute time in half, giving you back control over your time.

                  EFFORTLESS RIDING

                  Electric bikes are known for offering an effortless biking experience. The motor and battery of an electric bike will give you all the needed boost when pedaling. Electric bikes come with either pedal-assist or throttle-assist - these assistive modes give a powerful boost in every ride so you won’t have a hard time pedaling even for long periods and even when climbing uphill. Sounds perfect for those who get tired easily when pedaling, right? It's also perfect for those who may suffer from any physical injuries!


                  According to a study conducted in Switzerland, riding an electric bike is just the same as riding a regular bike for fitness activities. While riding an e-bike is pedal-assisted, it's still a form of exercise after all, and is still good for your health, both physically and mentally. What’s great about an electric bike is that it promotes an active lifestyle without pushing your body too much, so you can ride safely at your own pace, depending on your capability.


                  Riding an electric bike is an excellent alternative to driving a car around the city. Urban dwellers can save time when riding an electric bike as they can just glide their way in between cars and pass through narrow alleys. Because of this, you can save money on fuel expenses and parking fees, and tickets. Plus, when you shift to an electric bike, you won’t have to worry about buying fuel since you can just plug and play anytime. With an electric bike, you can easily travel up to 50 miles on a single charge, depending on the unit you’ll be getting, making for an efficient mode of micro-transport.  


                  Climate change and global warming are happening before our eyes, so I can’t stress enough the importance of taking an active part in preserving our planet. When you shift to an electric bike from a vehicle, you’ll be doing a big favor in saving our world. Plus, because an electric bike uses electricity and not fuel, you’ll tremendously decrease the emissions that a vehicle emits typically. Essentially, you’ll be helping improve air quality when you shift to electric bikes.

                  Kinds of Electric Bikes

                  If this is your first time buying an electric bike, it’s essential to understand the kinds of electric bikes you can choose from.


                  If you’re an adventure seeker, then getting an electric mountain bike is the right choice. What sets an electric mountain bike apart from the other kinds is its built and capacity. Generally, electric mountain bikes come bigger built with bigger tires and thicker framing to withstand harsh environmental conditions. So, if you regularly go out on adventures or off-road activities, getting an electric mountain bike should be your top choice.

                  Best-Selling Electric Mountain Bike: Aostirmotor S18-1500W 48V/15Ah 1500W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike 175366


                  A fat tire electric mountain bike is a subset of electric mountain bikes with bigger tires, allowing for better grip and stability. Generally, this kind of electric bike is perfect for tackling a more challenging mountainous path that’s very rocky, muddy, and difficult to pass through. This electric mountain bike comes with fat tires, giving riders a better grip, which can be difficult for most electric bikes with thin tires. Essentially, having a fat tire electric mountain bike should be a great choice when it comes to mountain adventures.

                  Best-Selling Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike: Aostirmotor S18 48V/15Ah 750W All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike 160694

                  ELECTRIC HUNTING BIKES

                  Hunting Electric bike is a mountain bike with an electric motor and battery installed that assists, reduces effort, and makes every trail enjoyable. Hunting electric bikes offer powered pedal assistance, supplementing the energy that you put in each pedal stroke.  Most models of electric hunting bikes have added features and accessories such as carrying guns, bows, fishing rods, and camping equipment from the wilds to your van or trailers for hauling out your catch like deer and others.

                  Best-Selling Electric Hunting Bike: Rambo Megatron 48V/17Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 1000 2XWD

                  MID-DRIVE ELECTRIC BIKES

                  Mid-Drive Electric Bikes come with mid-drive motors designed to provide their users with maximum performance while requiring minimal effort. Electric bikes with mid-drive motors drive the crank instead of the wheels, releasing ample energy to achieve a more robust and effortless ride.

                  Best-Selling Mid-Drive Electric Bike: Rambo Venom 48V/17Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 1000 XPR


                  A hardtail electric mountain bike is one that comes with a front suspension only as opposed to a dual suspension electric mountain bike.

                  FOLDING ELECTRIC BIKES

                  For those looking for a compact and functional electric bike, buying a folding electric bike should be your top choice. This kind of electric bike can be dismantled into a smaller form so you can just carry it around and hide it under your desk. It can even fit into the trunk of most cars. So, for those looking for an electric bike that allows for easy handling, a folding electric bike will be your best buddy.


                  Electric Commuter Bikes is the best option if you’re looking for a ride that can easily take on city roads and uneven terrains. With an Electric Commuter Bike, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds with its hybrid composition. This kind of electric bike is the top choice for people shifting towards sustainable transportation, especially in urban areas.


                  Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes offer ultimate comfort and style with its wide saddle seat, step-thru built, and swept-back handlebars, which allow you to sit in an upright and comfortable position. With its design and built, you will surely enjoy cruising with this electric bike, even for prolonged periods.

                  CARGO ELECTRIC BIKES

                  A Cargo Electric Bike is the best option if you’re looking for a utility bike. This electric bike comes with all the essential features with a powerful motor for fast speeds and effortless driving, enhanced by a massive carrying capacity. What sets it apart from all other electric bikes is that it offers an efficient way of carrying freights, baggage, cargo, and even your kids! Essentially, an electric cargo bike boasts a robust motor that allows you to pedal effortlessly while carrying loads of cargo.

                  TANDEM ELECTRIC BIKES

                  Tandem Electric Bikes is a kind of electric bike that’s designed for two riders. This kind of electric bike allows two riders to pedal simultaneously and at the same pace. And since you have two riders, you get double everything; the pedals are double, the saddle seats - except for the wheels. It’s a twin-form of electric bike.

                  STEP-THRU ELECTRIC BIKES

                  An Electric Step-Through Bike is an electric bike that offers maximum accessibility and comfort. It provides its users with the most upright riding position paired with a framing that makes getting on and off easier. This kind of electric bike is perfect for everyday casual rides like going to school or the office. The best part about this kind of bike is that it provides you with great style without sacrificing comfort in every ride.

                  ELECTRIC BIKES FOR WOMEN

                  For women, riding a bike can be a hassle as it prevents them from wearing sundresses and skirts. The good news is that there are electric bikes specially designed for women. These electric bikes provide them with a hassle-free and effortless way to ride around the neighborhood even while wearing your favorite dress. These electric bikes for women are equipped with features that provide maximum comfort and functionality.