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Are you looking for Mobility Paradise Reviews before you order? We've helped thousands of people all around the world obtain an electric scooter, mobility scooter, electric wheelchair, electric skateboard, or bicycle. We are extremely passionate about taking care of our customers and the reviews on this page are a testament to that.
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Great quality, nice, and sturdy.

Used to load my 230-pound scooter. Works great for minivan.


Called to review prices and the costumer sale agent was very hard to understand. As I asked to speak to another individual, she just hung up on me. Great costumer service to have, as most if not all of your costumers are in a time of need.

The deal out there!

This bike is made very well and for the money, it's the best deal out there, it offers many options that the others in this price range don't offer, I think ZRide is the best bike you can get at these relatively low prices. I love my new ebike!

Great experience

I spent several months researching EBikes, and there is no question; the best value is my ZRide ebike. I have the ability to see so much more and to go so much farther. It really is a unique experience, and I'm having a blast!

I absolutely love it.

This is an example of outstanding engineering and a really great ride! It does everything an E-bike is supposed to do, and its performance exceeded all of my expectations. I absolutely love it.

Couldn’t be more satisfied

I just got my bike yesterday, I was blown away. The bike was even better in person. It arrived on time and in perfect shape. I had a blast riding it yesterday and never wake up too early on weekends, but here I find myself waking up ASAP in the mornings to go ride my bike. I can’t wait. If you're in the market for an ebike then look no further. This is THE ebike. Couldn’t be more satisfied with this product.

My neighbors are envious!

Love it! A beautiful heavy-duty cargo ebike! My neighbors are envious!

5 stars all in all!

At first, I was skeptical about assembling it myself but I was shocked I was able to do it coming from a person who doesn’t have a clue how to do it at all. It helps me by watching videos from YouTube. The battery seems good as well, my the first time I used it, I’m impressed with the packaging, a fast shipment too, quality looks great! It comes with tools you will need to assemble. 5 stars all in all!

Just perfect for me!

I purchased this back in early October this year, it was a great buy! It's an excellent bike for me and does everything they say it will do!

Exceeds all claims!

For the money, the thing is excellent, everyone that seen it has commented on how good it looks, the battery exceeds my expectations, and I am a heavier guy!

Update December 25, 2020 - Merry Christmas to all: I have taken it on the beach several times and was able to get it up to 20mph on the sand, battery is still holding up really well. Have yet to experience any other problems.

The best decision I've made!

I am temporarily living downtown and needed an efficient way to go to work and around the city when COVID hit and made the buses a huge risk for a healthcare worker. So, I bought this in March 2020 in installments (Klarna at Mobility Paradise - way cheaper than buses for a year of tickets), and was the best decision I've made! The bike looks awesome and many have asked me about it and when they try it they immediately fall in love with it.

Worth the investment!

So far great, very dependable, loads of fun, and a real head-turner. I get compliments on it everywhere I go. Yesterday I tested the battery life and rode it to the train about 5 miles rode the train to work and then rode the bike home the total was 50 miles and still had 2 bars left. So far worth every penny to me! Plus it is a BLAST.

Fast bike

Great bike!!! I am really glad that you can peddle it like a regular bike because if you run out of battery you can just peddle back and will be stuck in the middle of nowhere. One thing I will say is to make sure to fully charge it when you first get it so you have a good battery, and make sure to inflate the wheels, they may be low due to time being in the box. Overall I really love the bike it's fast and easy to use.

Great Value and Fun Ride

It took me a while to pull the trigger on this order. I looked at countless ebikes, looking for something with a decent motor, battery life, and convenience... I finally set on this bike and gave it a go.

And I have loved it ever since!

Looks good, works great!

I really like this bike. This is my first Ebike, and I love it. It looks good and runs fast. Really good buy for the money.

Super Fun to ride !!!

Super fun to ride & easy to assemble!

Where do begin? Love it!

Where do begin? Love it!
- Well packaged with care. Nothing arrived broken or loose.
- Easy assembly. It didn't take much effort to figure it out
- Looks cool. Looks innovative and futuristic. Well engineered, thought out, doesn't look like you're riding on an electric wheelchair. Kids, as well as adults, can look fly
- Lightweight. For something that has an electric motor, a battery, a seat, large wheels, it's surprisingly easy to move around, pick up and toss in the back of an SUV or truck
- Easy to adjust everything for your size, or re-adjust when going from a child to adult
- Strong electric motor gets me up and going quickly and I feel safe on it
- Comfortable seat for long rides
- Front and rear disc brakes get the job right. Unlike other scooters I've purchased, the brakes worked out of the box without having to adjust. This is a huge deal for me
- Twist throttle is comfortable, especially for long rides. So much better than thumb throttles
- LCD display is easy to read, even in direct sunlight
- Front LED light is bright at night
- Nothing

Overall, I'm extremely impressed.

You don't have to worry about collapsing here.

This scooter is first class and very robust, you don't have to worry about collapsing here. The scooter corresponds exactly to the description. It is robust, runs smoothly, is super easy to handle, and looks great! Absolutely to be recommended!

Full recommendation!

Great product, very well made. The scooter has been used very often until now. No defects found! Very nice, simple, and great driving scooter, full recommendation.

The best city scooter.

The scooter is even more beautiful than in the picture very satisfied also shipping was very fast only 3 days I thought it would take longer.

Delivered as described, very good!

This one is much more stable and easier to drive. Good and fast delivery, as described everything was fulfilled to our complete satisfaction.

Great product, stable, super fast and looks great.

Set up and ready for use in no time, the size can be adjusted. Stable and super stored tires.

The scooter corresponds to what I expected

I am very satisfied and can now say after almost 4 months that the scooter corresponds to what I expected. The scooter delivers what it promises, can also be driven comfortably on uneven ground and the handlebars can be quickly adjusted in height so that the whole family will enjoy driving with it.

Reliably drives to work every day

Has been driving reliably and comfortably to work almost every day for months.

Perfect gift!

This was a gift for my 13 year old. He loves it and is thrilled with the speed and how solid the ride feels.

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