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Pride Electric Wheelchairs

Are you looking for a comfortable electric wheelchair that’s packed with innovative technology and allows you to go the extra mile and travel more?  If yes, then you should check out Pride Electric Wheelchairs. 

About Pride Electric Wheelchairs

Pride Mobility Products is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of mobility products. The company develops various mobility equipment, including Jazzy Power Chairs, Go-Go Travel Mobility, Pride Mobility Scooters, and Pride Power Lift Recliners. Pride Mobility is headquartered in Exeter, Pennsylvania, with operations worldwide, including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. 

Pride Electric Wheelchairs offers the best models of mobility equipment for any kind of mobility needs. The company is committed to consistently developing the best solutions to give consumers ample support equipment to improve their quality of life. 

One of the leading products of Pride Mobility is its electric wheelchairs, which we’ll be discussing in this collection guide. 

Why Should You Buy a Pride Electric Wheelchair?

Pride Electric Wheelchair brings lots of benefits, but these are the top reasons why you should invest in one:

  • Easy to use and boosts independence - Pride electric wheelchairs come with easy-to-use joystick control, which you can control through your fingertips. With this, you can easily manage your movements and perform different activities, thereby giving you the freedom that you’ve always wanted. 
  • Provides the best mobility experience - Pride electric wheelchairs offer the utmost performance with powerful features, giving their users the best mobility experience.
  • Comfort - Pride electric wheelchairs offer incredible comfort with padded seats, flippable armrests, spacious seats, and adjustability features by giving you options for customization based on your needs.
  • Ergonomics - Pride electric wheelchairs are designed and modified to maintain proper posture, which prevents potential damage of spinal ligaments and spinal discs due to prolonged sitting periods and minimizes the cause of muscle fatigue and pain in the neck, arms, thighs, knees, and feet. 

Best Pride Electric Wheelchairs

Pride Jazzy 1450 Bariatric Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

If you’re looking for a high-performing heavy-duty wheelchair, this Pride Jazzy 1450 Bariatric Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair is suited for you. This Pride electric wheelchair is best for heavy individuals as it can carry a weight of up to 600 lbs. It boasts ultimate comfort when riding with its recline high back seat, headrest support, full armrest, and height-adjustable platform. It comes with an easy-to-use joystick for easy maneuverability. In addition, it comes with a sturdy front-wheel drive with a built-in smooth suspension system for extra absorption and stability. It’s also designed with anti-tip and anti-slip features for smooth mobility transition over various terrains.  It has a range of 12.14 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 4.5mph, making it one of the best leading heavy-duty wheelchairs in the market today.

Pride Jazzy Air 2.0 Electric Wheelchair JA2.0-EW

Explore and discover more outdoors with this Pride Jazzy Air 2.0 Electric Wheelchair JA2.0-EW. This Pride electric wheelchair comes with a sleek and modern look that will give you a comfortable riding experience.  This electric wheelchair is built for safety, durability, mobility, and comfort. It has a weight carrying capacity of 300 lbs. with a top speed of 4mph and a range of 16.8 miles on a single charge. It has an extra storage compartment where you can keep your valuables anywhere you go. The captain’s seat allows users to elevate up to 12 inches with a maximum seat height of 33 inches and a turning radius of 20.75 inches to enjoy face-to-face social engagement. It also comes with essential features such as LED lights for better visibility at night and an entire suspension system that offers aggressive performance and stability in various terrain.

Pride Jazzy 600 ES Electric Wheelchair

If versatility and ultimate performance are what you are looking for, this Pride Jazzy 600 ES Electric Wheelchair is the best Pride electric wheelchair for you. This power chair is equipped with advanced features that allow disabled persons and the elderly to have a seamless riding experience. It features sophisticated components such as an Active-trac ATX suspension system that absorbs impacts and gives stability for challenging terrain. The front and rear spherical Omni casters provide extra strength and support for maneuvering around tight corners. It has a top speed of up to 4mph and 17 miles per charge. In addition, it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs., a turning radius of 20.5 inches, and with height adjustable flip-up armrest swingable to left and right. It also comes with an adjustable high back seat to minimize possible back pains from sitting for long periods and height-adjustable footrests, which help in reducing back strains fatigue and ease discomfort in the thighs, knees, ankles, and feet. 

Pride Jazzy 614 HD Electric Wheelchair

If your top considerations include weight capacity and exceptional performance, then check out this Pride Jazzy 614 HD Electric Wheelchair. This Pride electric wheelchair comes with outstanding capabilities, including a weight capacity of 450 lbs., top speed of 4.25mph, range of 11 miles, and a turning radius of 20 inches. In terms of build, it comes with 14-inch drive wheels and foam-filled caster wheels to ensure utmost stability. It has an easy-to-navigate joystick controller and built-in active-trac ATX suspensions that enhance stability and maneuverability over uneven terrains. 

Pride Jazzy Elite HD Electric Wheelchair JE-HD

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty electric wheelchair, then this Pride Jazzy Elite HD Electric Wheelchair JE-HD is a perfect choice. This electric wheelchair features two-motor, front-wheel drive technology that produces high torque for exceptional performance. It comes with a full suspension for enhanced stability and optimal maneuverability for indoor and outdoor activities. Its capabilities include a weight capacity of 450 lbs. top speed of 4mph, range of 9.8 miles, and a turning radius of 24 inches. For comfort, it has a maximum seat height of 22 inches, an adjustable foot platform, and a recliner high-back seat with headrest support to maintain proper posture and avoid muscle pains. Like the other models, you can easily control it through its joystick controller for easy navigation for effortless maneuvering even in tight spaces.

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