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Moving around from one point to another can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, especially for those with limited mobility or people who have physical disabilities. The good news is that there are mobility equipment to help you with this problem. For instance, you can get an electric wheelchair, a mobility scooter, or an electric scooter, depending on your preference.

However, for these people, engaging in several activities seem impossible. For one, having a dip in the pool may look like it’s not viable for these people. Fortunately, there are medically designed equipment that allow persons with disabilities to enjoy the pool – these are pool wheelchairs.

To get to know more about pool wheelchairs, we're giving you this guide to understand the basics and to know how it works. We'll also give you the best pool wheelchairs that you can find exclusively in Mobility Paradise, so read on!

What is a Pool Wheelchair?

From the name itself, you can already assume that a pool wheelchair is a wheelchair that’s designed for pool use. This kind of wheelchair is also known as an aquatic wheelchair and comes with wheels, just like the typical ones. However, its built is significantly different as compared to the traditional ones.

In terms of purpose, a pool wheelchair enables patients who cannot walk to get pool access by safely transporting them into the pool. Pool wheelchairs work alongside pool lifts for overall security and safety. Nowadays, public facilities such as pools, spas, and showers offer pool wheelchairs for their ADA-compliant pools and beach entry points, making such facilities available for all.

Why Should You Get a Pool Wheelchair?


The norm is that persons with disabilities just lay down on the bed or get stuck in the wheelchair most of the time. When you have a pool wheelchair, you can spend time dipping in the pool for utmost relaxation. Plus, it even allows you to spend time and play with your grandkids. You won’t ever get bored all day with the same views!


Pool wheelchairs are designed with safety and security in mind. The result is that you won’t have to worry about freak accidents happening as the components of a pool wheelchair are engineered to provide utmost safety so you won’t ever have to worry about losing grip or slipping through wet surfaces. Pool wheelchairs are also equipped with additional safety features like seat belts and anti-slip handgrips to ensure the patient’s safety.


As compared to regular wheelchairs, pool wheelchairs are built differently in a way that they can withstand being submerged in the water. For instance, pool wheelchairs are usually made of stainless steel aluminum for longevity. You also get grippy tires that can withstand being submerged in the water, so you won’t have to worry about your tires getting worn out easily.

Features to Look Out For in a Pool Wheelchair

In buying a pool wheelchair, there are some things that you need to consider to ensure that you’ll be buying one that can fully address your needs. Among these factors, the main ones include comfort, seat size, capacity, wheels, and overall safety, which we’ll discuss below:


Choosing a pool wheelchair works just like how you choose a suitable wheelchair for your everyday use. For one, you need to make sure that you choose one that’s comfortable even for long periods of sitting. Perhaps one with a full head, back, and armrest should be a good choice; it’s even better when there’s a padded one that’s available.


Of course, you’d want to only invest in a pool wheelchair that can fully support your weight. But aside from the weight carrying capacity, you’d also want to consider the dimensions of the seat, especially the width, which is the distance from one armrest to another; the depth, which is the length from the backrest to the front edge of the seat, and the height of the pool wheelchair. Finding the right dimension that works for you will significantly define your comfort or riding experience in your chosen pool wheelchair.


Pool wheelchairs generally have grippy tires, which can hold grip even on wet surfaces. However, you’d want to ensure that the pool wheelchair that you’ll be getting comes with high-grade tires so you can rely on it even underwater. Aside from grippy tires, you should also check out pool wheelchairs that come with additional safety features like seat belts and anti-slip seats, and handgrips.


Like many other things, buying a pool wheelchair should also give you ample room for adjustments. This is, so you get to personalize the pool wheelchair according to your needs and preferences. For one, there are pool wheelchairs that you can convert into an all-terrain wheelchair, allowing you to use it not only underwater but also on rough terrain like sandy beaches. We recommend that you get one that offers adjustments features so you’ll be able to get the most out of your purchase.

Best Pool Wheelchairs

VipaMat Hippocampe Swimming Pool Wheelchair 0002-TS-02-BU

For those looking for a reliable pool wheelchair, this VipaMat Hippocampe Swimming Pool Wheelchair 0002-TS-02-BU should be your top choice. The Hippocampe pool access chair by Vipamat allows persons with disabilities to enjoy water activities at the swimming pool, without using their regular wheelchair and without worrying about damaging it.

This water-resistant pool wheelchair is designed not only for pool use but also to accompany the user under the shower and help them bathe easier. It comes with a hydrophobic foam seat, providing utmost comfort while remaining seated in wet areas. With this pool wheelchair, getting access to public places such as public pools and spas will be a lot more manageable. As for the capacity, this pool wheelchair can carry users up to 130-kgs.

VipaMat Hippocampe Beach All-Terrain Wheelchair

If you’re looking for a wheelchair that you can use not only in the pool but also on other terrains like sand, snow, and forest trails, then this VipaMat Hippocampe Beach All-Terrain Wheelchair is the perfect choice. This wheelchair comes with a convertible base that can fit into any form that you’d want it to be, whether you’ll be using it on hiking trails, snow, mountain, beach, or pool.

In terms of the size, it comes in four sizes, Small to Extra Large, and can carry weight up to 130 kgs. This wheelchair is designed to provide maximum comfort, including headrest, armrests, backrest, and balloon wheels. Plus, you can easily convert it into a wheelchair that’s just as usable on the pool as on the snow, sand, mountain trail. It can even be transformed into a ski chair thanks to its front and rear ski kits. This just ensures that you’re getting the most functionality you need.

This wheelchair is made of stainless materials; the tube frame is made of treated seawater aluminum and is covered by a comfortable colored cladding to prevent sun and cold burns. Its outer rim is likewise covered by a grip that works as a handrail for users. On the other hand, the seat is made of water-resistant closed-cell foam, with a thickness of 3 cm, making it comfortable and quick-drying.

Getting the Right Pool Wheelchair for You

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