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For those looking for an all-American electric wheelchair brand that offers the best quality, performance, and comfort, look no further and check out our best collection on PaceSaver Electric Wheelchairs.

About PaceSaver Electric Wheelchairs

PaceSaver has a strong history, tracing back its roots to 1967. Spouses Burke established the company to provide high-quality healthcare products. The company began by employing seniors and disabled persons, and because of this, they received national awards for hiring veterans.

Today, the company prides itself on being an All-American brand, providing the highest quality standards for manufacturing mobility equipment, including mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. As an all-American brand, the FDA regularly inspects its plant for design controls, good manufacturing practices, and quality systems, so you can be confident that PaceSaver products are built with high-quality components and systems.

And because PaceSaver is designed and built in the United States, they can ship replacement parts in just one day! This setup is way better than sourcing some pieces from China and other countries.   

Why Choose a PaceSaver Electric Wheelchair?

We highly recommend that you get a PaceSaver Electric Wheelchair if:

  • You prefer an electric wheelchair that’s medically-designed
  • You are looking for an electric wheelchair that’s perfect even for bariatric users / heavyweight users
  • You value style just as much as functionality
  • You need a mobility scooter that can offer full support without sacrificing comfort

Best PaceSaver Electric Wheelchairs

PaceSaver Scout RF-P4 Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair 82491

For those looking for the most comfortable electric wheelchair that you can ride inside and outside, the PaceSaver Scout RF-P4 is a perfect choice. This electric wheelchair is designed to be used indoors and outdoors – basically, on any kind of surface. Like most electric wheelchairs, it comes with a turning radius (as small as 22-inches) and a turnaround radius of 41.5 inches, so you can easily navigate around tight spaces like in the supermarket aisles, offices, or in crowded areas.

In terms of comfort, this electric wheelchair comes with a luxurious ComForBack™ Admiral seat that is fully upholstered and adjustable. It’s highly recommended for the elderly and individuals with physical impairment due to paralysis, spinal cord injuries, physical injuries, neurological conditions, stroke, or other conditions.

In terms of performance, this power wheelchair has a range of up to 19.5 miles and an incredible weight capacity of 450 lbs., so you can undoubtedly rely on it for daily use. This model is ideal for bariatric patients. This power wheelchair is compact and gives a stable ride, so you will feel safe when riding the wheelchair.

PaceSaver Scout Boss 6NS Bariatric Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair 82250

This PaceSaver Scout Boss Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a spacious ride that can carry heavyweight individuals. In terms of space, it comes with a 50-inch recline admiral seat that’s fully adjustable to suit your needs and provide you with utmost comfort.

In terms of power, there’s nothing to worry about as it’s equipped with a high-capacity 4-pole high torque motor for maximum efficiency and power. It also comes with an inline sealed gear drive for longer life. This Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair is built with a heavy-duty steel frame and adjustable foot plates, which allows it to carry up to 600-lbs in one seating. Comfort is not a problem as it boasts a very comfortable and padded orthopedic seat. In terms of range, it can last for up to 20 miles on a single charge, which is way more than what you’ll need for the entire day. So, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty and powerful Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair, then this PaceSaver Scout Boss Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair should be your top choice.

PaceSaver Scout Boss 6.75 Bariatric Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair 82062

Another excellent option for bariatric users is the PaceSaver Scout Boss 6.75 Bariatric Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair 82062. This electric wheelchair has a carrying capacity of up to 675-lbs., so heavyweight users can depend on it even for prolonged periods of sitting.

This electric wheelchair is enhanced stability to prevent tipping or rocking like center drives. You also get large batteries for a more extended range over many surfaces and hills. It also comes with added features for better comfort, including a low seat pan height, which makes for easier chair egress for the shorter bariatric users, and a fast-charging battery, so you won’t get stuck for a long while waiting for it to charge.

PaceSaver Scout Boss 6 Bariatric Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair 82628

The PaceSaver Scout Boss Boss 6 Bariatric Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair 82628 is a perfect choice for those looking for superior comfort. This power wheelchair comes with a contoured Com-For-Back™ seat and adjustable arms, height & angle to fit your needs. 50° Recline Admiral Seat, Solid Seat is available in Com-For-Back™, Admiral & Rehab Seat.

This PaceSaver electric wheelchair is built for better indoor maneuverability and stability. It also comes with the mighty US Made motor for maximum efficiency and power coupled with an inline sealed gear drive for longer life. Ensuring you of its durability is its heavy-duty steel frame that can carry bariatric users up to 675-lbs., even for long periods.

PaceSaver Scout Boss 4.5 Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair 82348

If you’re after a simple yet elegant-looking Electric Wheelchair, then this PaceSaver Scout Boss Electric Wheelchair is undoubtedly the best choice. This Electric Wheelchair is designed to give users the most comfortable ride through its finger touch reclining admiral seat with coil spring cushioning system and contoured orthopedic seat and back for maximum comfort and support.

Not only will you be pleased with its comfort but also with its aesthetics. It’s also built in a way that will ensure enhanced maneuverability to its users. In addition, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of battery mid-way since you can just carry with you a small charger with battery-saver technology for longer battery life. In terms of capacity, it can carry up to 450-lbs., making this PaceSaver Scout Boss Electric Wheelchair the perfect choice for those looking for the best combination of luxury and comfort.

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