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Are you looking for a wheelchair that enhances your mobility for the beach and all other outdoor activities? If yes, you might have just found the best product lineup for your needs.

Introducing the MJM International Wheelchairs, these wheelchairs are designed to provide patients with convenient access on the beach or other challenging terrains.

About MJM International Wheelchairs

MJM International is a leading manufacturer of PVC medical products globally with over 150 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-grade wheelchairs. The brand uses only the highest quality healthcare grade polymer plastic material, which inhibits/control bacteria, is phthalate-free, lead-free & latex-free. An MJM wheelchair offers durability and provides exceptional solutions for mobility issues.

MJM International Wheelchairs’ is one of the most trusted and reliable global brands that you can trust in the market today. Its wheelchairs are specifically designed to maintain stability while rolling across the sand, water, soft soil, and other terrains. It enables patients to access different landscapes, thereby having a fun beach day while being comfortable.

In this collection guide, we’ll be discussing with you MJM International Wheelchair to give you insight into the best outdoor wheelchairs you can get so you won’t have to miss out on a fun beach experience!

Why Should You Buy an MJM International Wheelchair?

MJM International Wheelchair is the intelligent choice mainly for all its benefits. But to be specific, here are the primary reasons why you should get one:

  • It’s heavy-duty yet made of lightweight materials, thereby ensuring patients of convenience when traveling
  • It’s constructed using the highest quality healthcare-grade PVC and non-corrosive to provide ultimate durability
  • It’s highly comfortable, easy to clean, and hygienic that’s stain-proof and odor-proof
  • It’s easy to assemble and detach, which makes for easy storage and transport
  • it’s a trusted brand manufacturer of mobility equipment that’s compliant with the FDA regulations
  • It requires very low maintenance and can guarantee lifetime usage of patients

Best MJM International Wheelchairs

MJM All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair E720-ATC-YEL

This MJM E720-ETC All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair is the perfect choice for those who love to go on a beach adventure. It comes with a body frame and wheels designed with non-corrosive plastic materials that prolong wheelchair lifespan. The height push bar level has 38 inches to provide optimal elevation, with breathable mesh cushion fabric, folding footrest, and ergonomic push handle to assist users to their needed position. 

In addition, it has a weight carrying capacity of 250 lbs., which is perfect for most adults. This wheelchair is tear-resistant vinyl with anti-microbial properties for back and seat rest. You can easily disassemble parts to transport and store in a car trunk within seconds to a few minutes. 

MJM All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair 722-ATC-ELR-YEL

This MJM 722-ATC-ELR All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair will enable you to enjoy the outdoor environment, especially the beach. When it comes to comfort and cleanliness, this beach wheelchair will not disappoint as it has a breathable mesh fabric, thereby allowing air to flow through the chair, even while in the water. It also comes with a padded elevated leg-rest that enables the user to rest his legs comfortably to prevent the possible symptoms of varicose veins and leg fatigue. 

This beach wheelchair comes with heavy-duty wheels that can easily maneuver on sandy terrain. It also has a dual swing-away arm-rest that supports the arms and hands to promote proper posture while helping ease the muscle tension. The height push bar level is 38.5 inches giving the best elevation for utmost comfort. Plus, this beach wheelchair can effortlessly carry a user weighing up to 250 lbs. 

MJM All Terrain Beach Wheelchair 722-ATC-YEL

This 722-ATCAll-Terrain Beach Wheelchair should be your go-to wheelchair when it comes to providing ultimate safety, comfort, and reliability for outdoor activities. This beach wheelchair features two swivel wheels and two rigid wheels to better maneuverability.

 It comes with non-corrosive plastic bearings and an ultra-durable medical grade PVC body frame with a high corrosion-resistant property that will be protected even in frequent submersion on saltwater. In addition, it comes with a detachable and adjustable joint umbrella, which can be used as protection from rain or shine. It has a weight carrying capacity of 250 lbs., so most average-weight users can ride it. 

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