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Patients need ample support towards their full recovery. This includes securing equipment that is beneficial to them. One good example of a patient care product is a hospital bed. In this buying guide, we’ll give you a comprehensive buying guide on how to choose a hospital bed for your home.

A hospital bed is a medically designed bed that provides patients with an efficient, stable, and comfortable spot to lie in while fully recovering even at home. What sets a hospital bed part is that it offers excellent flexibility and security for patients when taking a rest. With a hospital bed, you can quickly raise or lower the patient’s head and foot sections according to your liking.

In this section, we're giving you our best selection of hospital beds, conveniently available in Mobility Paradise. Plus, get to know more about the different kinds of hospital beds that you can get. 

Why Get a Hospital Bed for Your Home?

Getting your hospital bed is very beneficial for the patient. For patients who spend most of their time in bed, having a hospital bed can ensure that they are provided with sufficient comfort and support. In addition, a hospital bed offers ample room for adjustments, which aid in modifying the patient’s position.

With a hospital bed, you eliminate all the manual labor in elevating the patient’s head or whatever position the patient wants to be in by using a crank or with just a touch of a button. Plus, hospital beds are generally equipped with wheels, which allows the patient to be easily transported from one room to another. While these things may be trivial, these things significantly affect the comfort and safety of the patient.

Types of Hospital Beds

In buying a hospital bed, there are tons of options to choose from. Hospital beds come in different styles and sizes, so choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. This is why it’s essential to understand your needs first before making the purchase. To help you with this, we’ve listed the types of hospital beds available in the market so that you can be confident about your purchase.

Manual Hospital Beds

A manual hospital bed is just a regular medical-grade bed, which you can adjust by manually adjusting the crank located at the head or the bottom of the bed. Generally, this kind of hospital bed is the best option for a cheaper hospital bed. It’s also an excellent choice for patients who don’t need to position themselves that often.

Electric Hospital Beds

On the contrary, an electric hospital bed allows you to fully adjust the height and positioning of the bed with its automatic controls. This electronic mechanism makes the lives of the patients and caregivers or aids easier since they don’t have to adjust manually. The best part about this kind of hospital bed is that they can easily adjust the bed with just a push of a button, perfect for those who have limited physical strength.

Bariatric Hospital Beds

For heavyweight patients who require a hospital bed that’s more heavy-duty, then getting a bariatric hospital bed is the perfect choice. A bariatric hospital bed is broader and more durable than a regular hospital bed, which provides patients with a more comfortable and spacious bed. It’s designed specifically to carry obese patients. Typically, there are bariatric hospital beds that can carry up to 1200-lbs.

Low Hospital Beds

Low hospital beds are different from the other kinds because it offers increased range in height adjustments to the extent that it can be adjusted to go almost as low as the floor level to allow the patient to move in and out effectively. This hospital bed is designed to prevent patients from falling and is the best choice for patients who find getting on and off extremely challenging.

Hospital Cribs

Like any other crib, hospital cribs are designed for babies and children who need patient care. Generally, hospital cribs have high railings on all sides, which prevent the kids from falling out of the bed. And like other hospital beds, you can also adjust the position depending on where the patient is comfortable.

Things to Consider in Buying a Hospital Bed


As earlier mentioned, one of the most significant considerations in buying a hospital bed is the user’s weight. A standard hospital bed can only carry so much weight, while a bariatric bed can easily carry heavyweight users. In addition, for a toddler patient, a hospital crib is the best option.


This consideration is essential in deciding whether you’re buying a regular or an electric hospital bed. Generally, if your nurse is not strong enough, you should opt for an electric hospital bed, so you can easily adjust the position with just a push of a button without manually operating the crank.


The best part about a hospital bed is that it provides ample options to adjust it according to your comfort and liking. Thus, before buying a hospital bed, you must make sure the hospital bed is built for maximum flexibility to be sure that you will get the best value for your money.

Best Hospital Bed for Your Home

Convaquip Bariatric with Hard Shell Drain Pan Gurney Hospital Bed 910-B-HS

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose hospital bed that can also act as a shower gurney, then check out this Convaquip Bariatric with Hard Shell Drain Pan Gurney Hospital Bed 910-B-HS. This healthcare-grade bariatric shower gurney can carry patients up to 600-lbs and has five positions for elevating headrests. It also comes with a closed-cell waterproof foam pad and canvas drain pan, making it more convenient when taking the patient for a shower. Plus, it’s made of durable vinyl cover, which is easy to clean and prevents bacteria growth.

Convaquip 54" Split Frame Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed 5539-54SVB/1000-3

If you’re looking for a bariatric hospital bed, then this Convaquip 54" Split Frame Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed that can carry loads of up to 1000-lbs, this is certainly the perfect choice. This bariatric hospital bed allows the user to have variable widths when necessary, which can be extremely helpful when moving the bed from one room to another. It’s equipped with one set of half rails & a headboard/footboard set. In addition, this split frame electric bariatric hospital bed is equipped with four Linak (oxygen safe) actuators and a battery backup system so that you can rely on it at all times.  

Convaquip 48" Home Care Bariatric Hospital Bed 5648S/650-3

If you’re looking for another bariatric bed that comes with a classic and elegant design, then this Convaquip Home Care Bariatric Bed is the right choice. This bariatric hospital bed is explicitly designed for home use, with a home-style design instead of a traditional institutional look. It also comes with a split bed frame that allows for more accessible transport. Lastly, this bariatric hospital bed can carry up to 650-lbs.



MJM Pediatric Crib Bed With Adjustable Side Rails Y975

If you’re looking for a safe hospital bed for your kid, then make sure to get this MJM Pediatric Crib Bed With Adjustable Side Rails Y975. This pediatric crib is a healthcare grade, so that you can rely on it for the safety of your child. Plus, it comes with all the essential features for the safety and comfort of your kid, undoubtedly including a rust-proof frame, adjustable headrest and railings, O2 tank holder, and safety straps. It’s also anti-microbial with a 3-inc padded cushion for maximum comfort. As for the capacity, this pediatric crib can carry up to 150-lbs of weight.

Getting the Perfect Hospital Bed for your Home

Have you figured out the right hospital bed for your home? If not, then let our customer agents help you. We'll walk you through the basics of buying a hospital bed, things that you need to consider, and more. Just leave us a message and we'll get you going in no time!

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