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As we age, our muscles and bones become more brittle, which eventually reduces our mobility and agility in moving around. But aside from old age, there are also those who undergo physical surgery, which limits their movement that sometimes, as simple as taking a seat can be dreadful.

The good news is that there are several patient care products available to address this issue. These patient care products are built and designed to provide patients with better quality of life. For instance, going back to patients who suffer from joint pains, or those who just underwent hip surgery, having a hip-high chair can be very beneficial.

In this section, you'll know more about hip high chairs, how different it is from other therapy chairs, and the best one that you can get from Mobility Paradise.

What is a Hip High Chair?

A hip-high chair is a medical-grade chair that is distinctively designed and comes with a higher seat, which helps its users to take a seat without flexing the hips. Typically, hip-high chairs are used by patients who are recovering from hip surgery. In addition, it’s also best for patients who suffer from joint pains like arthritis, which make standing and sitting down exhausting

Essentially, when you use a hip-high chair, you’ll be saving yourself from potential injuries that come with moving around a lot and will demand less effort in sitting or standing. You’ll also see this kind of chair in long-term care facilities, rehab centers, and all other healthcare facilities.

Benefits of a Hip High Chair

Hip High Chairs have tons of benefits, especially for patients. But for a better overview,  we’ve listed the main ones:

  • Reduces stress and pressure in muscle joints when sitting
  • Ergonomic design to provide patients with full support
  • Less demanding in terms of effort in getting on and off the chair
  • Enhanced safety for patients with brittle bones
  • More comfortable than sitting on normal-level chairs

Best Hip High Chair for Your Home

Convaquip 31" Drive Wood Hip-High Chair DR17100

If you’re looking for a hip-high chair that can take on even heavyweight individuals up to 330-lbs., then having this Convaquip 31" Drive Wood Hip-High Chair DR17100 is a great idea. This Convaquip hip-high chair is carefully designed for post-hip surgery residents, allowing patients to sit down without the need to bend the hip. For better comfort, it has armrests that make getting in and out of the chair manageable, and a padded seat for enhanced support. Plus, you can also adjust the footrests so you can fully adjust them to your needs. As for the composition, it’s made of solid maple hardwood and a vinyl seat that makes it washable, comfortable, and water-resistant.

Buying a Hip High Chair that's Right for You

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