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Mobility Tools and equipment cater to a broad audience. Primarily, they cater to the elderly who suffers from weakened muscles and joints. Then you have those who are with physical disabilities. And, of course, patients who injured the lower part of their body affected their mobility and sense of balance.

Every kind of patient has unique needs and will require a different mobility tool. For one, the elderly will get the best value out of a mobility scooter while a person who has a physical disability will have better use of an electric wheelchair. However, for those who have injuries in the lower part of their body that adversely affects their mobility and sense of balance, getting a crutch can be a good choice since it’s only for temporary use.  

What are Crutches?

Crutches are mobility tools that help patients to transfer their weight from the legs to the upper body. It works somewhat like a cane but better because it has less force and pressure on your hands. Crutches are typically used by people who have injuries that prevent them from walking normally. This kind of mobility aid helps the patient stay in an upright position while standing without relying on both legs.

Crutches can be used for both short-term and long-term, but it’s most commonly used as a temporary aid for those suffering from temporary injuries.

Kinds of Crutches

There are several kinds of crutches to choose from; these include:


The most common kind of crutch is the axillary crutches. This kind of crutch is positioned against the ribcage and under the armpits while the patient holds onto the handgrip. This is the kind that people use for short-term injuries and temporary treatment.


Lofstrand or forearm crutches are the more comfortable kind. This kind of crutch requires the patient to place his arm into the crutch cuff while holding the handgrip. Because it’s the comfortable kind, it’s the one used by patients afflicted with long-term disabilities.


Platform crutches allow the patients to get a grip while having the forearms rest horizontally. This kind of crutch is not widely used and can be an excellent alternative to avoid stress and pressure in the hands and wrists.

What Does a Crutch Do?

Crutches offer tons of benefits to its users – mainly the following:

  • It reduces the weight load on one of your legs so you can stand and walk without getting off balance.
  • Assists the patient to be in an upright position without putting much pressure on the injured part of the leg.
  • Allows people with disabilities to move around independently without assistance from another person.
  • Aids people who have difficulty in walking and establishing balance.
  • Helps any person to gain balance, especially when suffering from any type of injury in the lower part of the body.
  • Removes pressure on the patients’ hands by effectively spreading it on the upper body.
  • Aids the body to have better circulation and posture by improving overall movement.

Best Crutch:

Convaquip 4.5" Custom Fitted Aluminum Forearm Bariatric Crutch 600A

This custom aluminum forearm crutch is made of 1/8-inch thick aluminum. Its built gives it additional strength that is needed for those patients who weigh over 250-lbs. It has an unbreakable nylon cuff that can be adjusted depending on the patient’s preference. This crutch is black powder-coated from tip to tip, which gives it a minimalist vibe. What’s great about this crutch is that it comes with a 4.5-inch grip length that can take on any person weighing up to 1000lbs.

Buying the Perfect Crutches for You

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If you did not find what you're looking for and you need a piece of mobility equipment to help with your mobility, then consider getting yourself a wheelchair or an electric wheelchair. There are also more powerful alternatives such as electric scooterselectric bikes, and mobility scooters

There are also other patient care products that you can add to your home such as, lift chairshuman floor lifts, patient transfer devices, rollator walkers, and transport carts.

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