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Learn About AfiKim Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is a mobility aid akin to a wheelchair but designed like a motor scooter. It is also commonly known as a power-operated scooter or an electric scooter. These scooters benefit individuals with mobility issues worldwide, such as lung or coronary issues, obesity, and some form of arthritis. Afikim mobility scooters, also known as Afikim scooters, provide users with an array of heavy-duty mobility scooters that combine stylish design, easy operation, and advanced technology. 

The company specializes in reader experience, and it designs its electric scooters with seamless controls, strong construction, adjustable suspension, and orthopedic seating. With advanced research and development, and special features, AfiKim ensures the user a safe, comfortable, and smooth ride. The company produces its products in some of the top manufacturing facilities worldwide, with the best technical support and warranties to ensure long-term reliability while offering a wide range of speeds. 

An added advantage of AfiKim mobility scooters is that they’re designed with a built-in safety system that stops the scooter when the rider loses control. You can use all their units in various types of terrain, such as sand, pavement, and grass. This article explains everything you need to know about the AfiKim brand and their AfiKim mobility scooters or Afikim scooters. 


History of the AfiKim Brand

Afikim Electric brand is a company fully owned by KIBBUTZ AFIKIM, one of the largest kibbutzim in Israel and located in the Jordan Valley in the country’s north. The company started in 1978 and has been a leader in the industry of mobility scooters with full suspension and the world’s pioneer in folding scooters with extra state-of-the-art solutions. Over the decades, AfiKim has been continually driving meaningful improvements for riders and new opportunities for partners. 

Currently, the company provides mid-size multi-purpose scooters, max-size all terrain all weather scooters, and recreational scooters with various accessories for users. The company’s vision is to improve the quality of life for individuals by offering top-quality and high-performance AfiKim mobility scooter solutions that improve independence and functional capabilities while conserving the environment. 

AfiKim’s mission is to focus on meeting the user’s needs and, therefore, continues to be the top brand of choice for everyone who values safety, reliability, performance, and service.


Overview of Top AfiKim Mobility Scooters 

AfiKim Mobility Scooters are designed with both comfort and safety in mind to ensure they deliver an exemplary user experience. Riders can enjoy a simple operation, exceptionally cozy ride, premium look and feel, and easy handling. They offer a wide range of top models with multi-purpose indoor and outdoor scooters for everyday use. 

Below are some of the best-selling models and their features and benefits. 

AfiKim AfiScooter Breeze S Models 

Afikim Breese S 3-wheel and 4-wheel models are the winner of the glorious Red Dot Design Award, and they come with an ergonomic design and an impressive driving range to make your ride more comfortable with LED headlights and an LCD control screen. The 3-wheel and 4-wheel models have an orthopedic seat with a shock-absorbing steel frame and a fully adjustable tiller. 

The brands offer a pleasurable car-like riding experience on long-distance trips with solid steering and suspension systems. You can also choose from four amazing colors – blue, grey, red, and metallic silver. 


  • Speed reduction on corners
  • Odometer, temperature, clock
  • Digital Dash with Speedo
  • Blinking mirrors
  • Plush fully adjustable seat
  • Independent rear and front suspension
  • Automatic dimming headlight
  • High-ground clearance
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Malfunction diagnostics
  • Large tires and alloy rims
  • Double disc safety brake
  • Extremely spacious
  • Seamless operation and pleasurable driving experience

AfiKim Afiscooter Breeze C Models 

The AfiKim Afiscooter Breeze C Model mobility scooter offers user comfort facilities that include a fully adjustable swiveling orthopedic seat that gives users seamless access for an enjoyable ride. The model comes with a DELTA tiller that gives users easy steering and is fully adjustable for any user. The complete suspension system guarantees a top-quality drive.

The Afiscooter Breeze C Model also features a convenient large rear basket, and the 4-wheel model provides a comfortable and smooth ride with increased stability for outdoor and indoor rides. In addition, all the operational controls, such as the horn, lights, and battery display, are conveniently placed in the center of the one-hand-operated Delta handlebar. The 3-wheel mid-size multi-purpose mobility scooter comes with amazing ease of operation and multifunctionality, ideal for users looking to maintain a dynamic, versatile, and active lifestyle. For instance, the Afiscooter C3  has a small turning radius, providing supreme maneuverability. 


  • Ample storage space in the standard front basket as well as the optional rear basket
  • Optional sun canopy available
  • Fully adjustable orthodontic seat
  • Easy tiller adjustment for any rider
  • Can fit the standard car lifts for traveling users
  • Batteries
  • LED light package
  • Easy-to-read LCD panels
  • Standard dual rear-view mirrors
  • Pneumatic tires

AfiKim Afiscooter SE Bariatric 3-Wheel Model

The AfiKim Afiscooter SE Bariatric 3-wheel is another classic model that has become quite popular due to its looks in the mobility industry. The model offers a stable and safe ride in just about any environment and terrain. It’s built with a strong steel chassis that can handle up to 500 pounds and a driving range that can go up to 28 miles with just a single charge.

It also comes with a comfy orthopedic seat that provides great comfort and a reliable command system that makes the SE scooter easy to operate. Besides, the SE Bariatric model also has a battery indicator and an ignition key that’s visible and easy to see so that every user knows when to charge the battery. 

It’s also detailed with a chrome and sleek black design that offers users a less medical appearance and more of a motorcycle feel and appearance. The mobility scooter is also equipped with a control panel on the handlebar, making it easy to use and allowing users good hand control. It has reverse and forwards fingertip speed control, allowing you to easily change directions. 

Once you let go of the speed control button, the scooter will come to a complete and comfortable stop, and you can also apply the parking brake for extra security when parking on steep inclines. Moreover, the handlebars on the AfiKim Afiscooter SE Bariatric scooter are independent and adjustable to the rider’s height and driving preference. Another added feature of this model is that its seat comes with a standard 18”, or you can upgrade it to the 33” dual wide seat that allows an extra passenger to ride along with you. 

Benefits and Features

  • Cast aluminum large wheels
  • Bright headlights and tail lights
  • Equipped with shock absorbers
  • Turbo-cooled motor
  • Steel chassis
  • An advanced safety system that stops the scooter should you lose control
  • Extra strong reinforced steel chassis that offers extra stability
  • Unique adjustable suspension with shock absorbers that provides a smooth ride
  • Easy to use, providing a secure and comfortable ride despite the terrain
  • It comes with a power switch
  • Swivel orthopedic seat
  • Folding armrest
  • Single seat, wide seat, or extra wide seat
  • 500 lb. weight capacity
  • Wide “Harley”-style handlebars


Afikim brand prides itself as one of the top brands providing mobility scooters for over 40 years. Their scooters have long-lasting, powerful, energy-efficient LED headlights that offer greater, light driving range. They also incorporate a secured, improved lockable rear storage and front storage for items such as mobile phones and glasses. Afikim Mobility Scooters not only help give your back independence but also give you the freedom to get out there, lead a normal life, and socialize with others, which can improve your general health and well-being. 

Do want your own AfiKim Mobility Scooter? Check out our extensive list of AfiKim products. If you have any questions about the brand or our scooters, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help and guide you on the best possible choice. 

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