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Essential Tips for Transporting a Mobility Scooter

So, you’ve finally gotten a mobility scooter, and you’re thrilled to be able to use it! You’re looking forward to more accessible shopping trips, rides in the park, and getting more fresh air. You’re charging it and ready to take it out for a trip. One important thing to remember is how to safely and effectively transport your mobility scooter.

Mobility scooters range from lightweight to heavy and moped-like. How you dismantle and transport your scooter depends on the weight, build, and configuration of your scooter. Let’s go over some mobility scooter styles and explain the best way to transport each one safely. 

Lightweight Scooters

Lightweight scooters are the easiest to carry and transport. They are generally more minimalist in their design, with shorter ranges and a smaller battery pack. They are ideal for light shopping, airplane, train, and road trips, as they generally fit neatly into small spaces and are not heavy or bulky. 


A great example of this type of scooter is the Handy Scoot. The Handy Scoot is a lightweight, folding scooter with a basic design and a fold-down handle for easy storage. It has a 12-mile range and weighs only 42 lbs. Depending on your physical strength levels and personal stamina, you may still need some help folding and carrying this scooter. It’s ok to get help folding or transporting even a little scooter, and be sure to practice folding, unfolding, and transporting this ride at home before you set out on a trip. 

Mid-Weight Scooters


Most scooters are heavier and bulkier than the Handy Scoot. They’re still easy to transport but require some assembly and work to make them fit into a car or SUV. The EWheels EW M-34 is a perfect example of this mobility scooter. It weighs 92 lbs and can be disassembled and folded up for more accessible transport. Simply unscrew the padded seat and the metal pole it rests on, and place these components in your vehicle first. Then fold down the steering mechanism, and set the lower half of the scooter into a trunk or a van. 

While relatively easy to take apart, these components will still require assistance lifting and storing in a vehicle. Bring a helper with you if you need to lift the bulkier parts of this scooter into a car or SUV. Practice disassembling this item at home, and ensure that the components' weight is something you can handle. If not, simply bring help to get your EW M-34 in and out of a vehicle. 

Heavy Scooter


We have the heaviest mobility scooters. They require a pickup truck and a ramp to transport. The EWheels EW-72 is one of those vehicles. This scooter can not be lifted or carried by hand. To safely transport this scooter, you’ll have to ride it via a sturdy and reliable ramp into the back of a pickup truck or a van and ride it out again via the ramp. 

This is the heaviest category of scooters, but in a sense, it may be even more accessible to transport than a mid-weight scooter, as it can simply be ridden into a larger vehicle and does not need to be taken apart. Always make sure that the ramp you use is safe and sturdy, and be sure to get help or use a spotter when loading up or unloading the EW-72. 

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