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Best Mobility Scooter Accessories

Are you looking for a good set of Mobility Scooter Accessories to fully enjoy your ride?

When riding a mobility scooter, you have the flexibility to improve your riding experience by installing some accessories, depending on your needs.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through some of the top mobility scooter accessories that you can get here at Mobility Paradise today. Take note that not all accessories offer the same functionality, so we've only listed those that are highly effective and efficient.

So, let’s get to it!

Mobility Scooter Multipurpose Organizer

Is the scooter basket not enough for your things? Organizing your essentials is important. It’s necessary that you take with you everything that you need including your IDs, phone, water, medicine, and wallet among others. These things are not particularly ideal to be stored in the open basket at the rear of the mobility scooter.

That’s exactly why you should get this power chair multipurpose organizer. This organizer provides you with the needed storage space that will allow you to spend more time outdoors without worrying of leaving things behind as you can take all your stuff in it securely.

Mobility Scooter Adjustable Umbrella With Universal Clamp

Are you looking for a protective cover under the sun? Another accessory that will allow you to spend more time outdoors is this mobility scooter adjustable umbrella with a universal clamp. This accessory is perfect to use when going outside to take a breather or basically if you want to take in the fresh air.

It’s one of the greatest mobility scooter accessories that you can get for your power chair if you love spending time outside of your home. This accessory will ensure comfort and convenience, especially when you’re out at the park or if you’re just doing some errands outdoors.

Rechargeable Portable Clip-On Fan

Staying for long under the sun can be uncomfortable because of the heat. It’s even worse if you get stuck in traffic and the weather is humid. The good news is you can install this rechargeable portable clip-on fan that will give you a cooler feeling even under the sun.

This rechargeable portable clip-on fan has a 10000mAh battery that’s very safe to use and long lasting. In terms of performance, this clip-on fan comes in 4 speed settings, so you have the flexibility to set its intensity. The best part is that the price is extremely low, so you can get it with just a few bucks!

Mobility Scooter Cup Holder

Shopping and doing errands can be tiring, especially with hot weather. That's exactly why having a bottle of water with you at all times is important.

When going outdoors, you have to drink just as much water as when you’re at home. That’s exactly why all power chairs must come with a cup holder where you can securely store your water bottle.

With this cup holder, you can carry you water bottle or any kind of refreshment with you wherever you go. This cup holder fits most medical mobility equipment including standard walker, rollators, and of course, mobility scooters. It comes with a rubber lining to secure your bottle, especially when passing through bumpy roads.

Comfortable Large Seat Cushion

When riding a power chair, you should always be comfortable. To do this, you might want to check out this large seat cushion to provide you with complete comfort for long periods of sitting. This extra-large seat cushion is made of high-quality foam that’s durable and convenient, so it will not be flat even for long periods of sitting.

It has a firm form that gives you a good support without being too hard. Aside from using it for your mobility scooter, you can easily take it with you and use it for your work station or even at home.

It’s specially designed to help relieve back pains, numb buttocks, and all other discomfort brought about by long periods of sitting in an uncomfortable chair.  Save yourself from buttock pains when you get this cushion.

Universal Clip-On Light

Most mobility scooters come with a full LED lights, but to equip you with additional lighting when it gets really dark, try amplifying your night lights with this clip-on light.

With this clip-on light, you can ride even safer at night so you can effectively avoid road hazards and obstructions. Since its users are mostly seniors who may suffer from poor eyesight, having this clip-on light is already an essential and not a mere accessory.

Mobility Scooter Threshold Ramp 10" X 32"

Ever felt uneasy when going in and out of your home using a mobility scooter because there’s a step at the door? If yes, then this accessory is perfect for you. This threshold ramp will give you a smooth transition when going in and outside of your home.

It’s mainly designed for doorways and is made of aluminum frame with anti-slip traction tape for better safety. It comes in a lightweight form but it can withstand up to 600-lbs. of weight capacity, which is perfect for heavy-duty scooters.

Mobility Scooter Oxygen Cylinder Bag

Oxygen tanks are bulky and taking them with you outside can be such a hassle. But not when you get this oxygen cylinder bag.

For patients who suffer from a breathing disorder, it's a must that you get this oxygen cylinder bag. It’s one of the most essential mobility scooter accessories that you can get that’s perfect for patients who always require a concentrated amount of oxygen saturation.

This holder is perfect for an oxygen tank with a size of D, E, or other small tanks. This accessory securely holds your oxygen tank, so you can get your needed oxygen even when passing through bumpy or uneven terrain.

Comfort Seat Cushion For Electric Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters

If you’re looking for a seat cushion that offers better comfort and support, how about getting a memory foam seat cushion? This seat cushion is specially built for  scooters and electric wheelchairs, and is actually recommended even by orthopedists and doctors to help alleviate pressure.

This seat cushion will surely offer its users with maximum comfort and convenience in every sitting. This seat cushion comes with tons of benefits and features such as heat-responsiveness, and tailbone pain management among others.

7'' Adjustable Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter Telescoping Track Ramps

Unless you have a mobility scooter carrier, transporting your mobility scooter to curbs, steps, and putting it inside any kind of vehicle can be very challenging. The good news is that there’s this track ramps that you can get, which paves the way in going to elevated areas.

This track ramp is perfect for those who normally travel long distances and would love to take their mobility scooter with them inside the van or truck. It’s also perfect for curbs and steps. This ramp is capable of taking up to 600-lbs. of weight, so even bariatric users can benefit from it.

Foldable Walking Cane

For those who can still walk and would like to take a walk from time to time, perhaps it would also be best if you get this collapsible walking crane. This crane is perfect for seniors and those who need minimal assistance when taking a walk or when standing.

This foldable walking crane has a pivoting tip that stays flat in almost all surfaces to provide extra stability. It comes with five adjustable heights to give you the best fit. Plus, you can just keep it in the mobility scooter’s storage since it can easily be collapsed.

50-In-1 Sports Action Camera Complete Set

For better safety and documentation while on the road, it’s best if you equip your mobility scooter with an action camera. This camera will allow you to record everything in front while driving.

This accessory is very useful in case of any accident / unfortunate event since you can easily pin point who is at fault and in demanding damages from the other party. This action camera is waterproof and comes with a high-resolution imaging, so you can rely on it at all time when on the road.

Portable Mobility Scooter And Electric Wheelchair Fan

Another good accessory to add to your mobility is this portable fan. This portable fan will keep you cool even under the sun. It’s extremely small, which allows you to just take it with you wherever you go.

This portable fan has a safe and durable cover and high-quality ABS material for added safety. Like the other clip-on fan, this portable fan has three speed settings, so you can choose as you wish. This fan is extra powerful if you’ll look at its size alone.

Getting Your Mobility Scooter Accessories

If you have any questions before getting your Mobility Scooter Accessories, then let our customer agents guide you. Our team is equipped with the right skills and knowledge to advice you on the right choice that will certainly fit your needs and preferences to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

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